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  1. I like to keep my chat tabs a little more orderly. So especially while I'm still learning all the commands and such, it would be great if I could stick the global chat in another tab so that it doesn't scroll a mile a minute while a friend tries to help me with figuring stuff out.
  2. Kawafwen

    Error 132

    So the weird thing is that I still get Error 132 popping up whenever I open the launcher, but the game opens just fine. Everything but Azarchius' Land is offline, but the game doesn't seem to be soft locked or anything. I can log in and everything, I just can't get into the game or get rid of the error window. Closing it or hitting "OK" closes the game.
  3. Kawafwen

    Error 132

    Okay! Well! An update. After that progress bar up in the corner finished... after about half an hour or so... the game just started on its own.
  4. Kawafwen

    Error 132

    Starting the game for the first time after finally getting the firewall and everything else to accept it and I got this error as well, (#132, 0x85100084, process ID 1560 thread ID 976, instruction at 0x00007ff826548673 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000000), then after leaving that error window open for a while, WoW suddenly popped up another saying "World of Warcraft is performing initial setup of required data files." I also torrented the whole thing, so I don't know what this is about. Launcher says 8.3.0 build 34963.