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    Dream Panda

    Hey y'all, I've rehosted this in my drive (with permission) for now while Babywolf gets the link situation sorted out. Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MYgYj2AIOMF0dqJvB4I98hlrC63XPAi6/view?usp=drive_link
  2. Main problem with a Kyrian spirit healer would be that Kyrians have uh... issues with using their hover animation. It's unreliable for basically anything but an NPC that doesn't move. They can only seem to do it while standing on the ground. So if you're alright with a spirit healer replacement that doesn't hover, that could work, sure.
  3. This patch replaces robe_d_01 with its updated version from Dragonflight. This patch only affects the female version of the robe. (In retail, this robe is the same on both genders! Blizz has finally achieved gender equality!) Download the patch here and install with the launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HZ1wLPxQ9RJYDQP0DXPTbRKwsjLPfGBd/view?usp=drive_link All colors are included, here's just a few images:
  4. Now, here's the thing. There are individual buildings that Epsi has created that are higher resolution. They're great, they're cool. But a Stormwind City they do not make. Currently, anyone wanting to create an uprezzed version of Stormwind City faces a problem: the emptywmo versions of Stormwind City's wmos (the ones that construct the entire city itself) are bugged. Placing them breaks the sky. So while you can change a lot about Stormwind--you can change the ground textures, the detaildoodads, the default skybox, even turn off the map water and place oceantiles if you like--you cannot change the city itself. The only way to do so would be to use an actual upres patch, but even then you cannot change the placement of objects within the city. They are fixed within the doodad sets of the wmo. Therefore, would love to see a fixed set of Stormwind City wmos.
  5. Subzone indicator WMOs would be a great workaround for this, I agree. I don't know how possible shifting ADT names is; probably not very, but you never know. Still, from what I noticed with using the downported Shadowlands Goldshire inn, the trouble with shifting WMOs that aren't necessarily original to the game is that they aren't listed in ".lookup wmo." Probably just a matter of someone adding them to a database somewhere (in the inn's case, it's perpetually dead silent in there and can't be renamed) so that would need to be done. Having some kind of indicator of where the wmo is would be nice. As in, if the wmo's actual shape was a huge cylinder that could stretch far below the ground and have something like a checkerboard disc under the terrain so you could at least see where it was. Would love to see this implemented.
  6. It would be a huge project, but... 7az_aegwynnstower.wmo would be glorious to see with its textures. As would 7ne_nightelf_templelarge02.wmo. I don't know how well UV'd either of them are, though.
  7. Hey everyone, this is a patch that's still a bit incomplete, but it's still good to go for the most part. This patch adds the Warden armor to the game. And luckily, it doesn't really replace much, since there's a duplicate set of what it replaces. Win! Please note: This patch currently can't support Mechagnomes (will not change, unfortunately) and Worgen males. The set is currently broken for Worgen males, despite downporting the most recent version. Not sure when it will be fixed but if a fix comes up, I'll be sure to update the patch. Apologies. This patch includes both of the retail versions of the armor as well as a recolor, designed for my phase but free for others to use if they like. I've been told it looks like a Forsaken recolor, which sounds cool too! There's still one more recolor I need to get done (planned to be red and gold), but for now these three are available. Download the patch here and install with the launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10NJZCB6236_e42O4_fo3vNODEpjYkcIV/view?usp=drive_link For each set, use ".add <item id>" with the following ids: White: Green: Dark/Forsaken:
  8. Currencies are a great idea for phases and have the power to make adventure phases really shine, but currently can't really do so. Why? Because there's no way to actually control them. Let me explain. Forged items can be traded to other players regardless of the item's set permissions. So a DM at an event can award players with currencies. That's fine and functional. However, there's a problem: there's a lack of any amount of automation in this because this is where allowing players to pick up items stops without giving them full rights to copy items. A problem I've run into is this: I want to award players with an amount of tokens for completing events. No problem there. But I want to let them choose from a whole host of items that I've created from a vendor. Things like little certificates for adding an emoji to the phase discord, special weapons with flavor text that relate to the phase, vouchers for building things in the phase itself, and more. But players cannot buy these things unless I give them permission to add the reward items. What this also means is that if someone wants to, they can just use [.additem <item id>] to get the item regardless of currency, making the currency ultimately meaningless. This is the specific problem for my phase, but it means other phases that want to do anything similar or even just involving currency of any kind will have the same problem. They can't have NPCs that use phase currency for buying phase items because you can just add them. And there's no point in having phase currency if all you're buying with it is just regular retail items. You can always just use [.additem] for those. I did try using Arcanum and spark spells to attempt to force items into a player's inventory, but this didn't work either. A friend and I tested this. I was hoping by doing this, I could require currency of a certain amount in the inventory in order to grant an item. But no dice. A fix for this problem would be very appreciated and would open up a lot of possibilities.
  9. Hey everyone. Long time no post, apologies for that. I keep up well on the Discord for the patch but kind of neglect the forum post here. Sorry about that! As always, these patches can be found inside the patch folder linked here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/188YMc2OpxPrMdBeykFJCLAKit9vn6bq3?usp=drive_link Download patch zips individually and load them using the launcher. Lemme just make sure I get everything rounded up here. Maybe not everything, but we'll just get October updates. October has seen updates for the following: BeefyDracthyr (the zip has been fixed so that it can be loaded by the launcher) DragonmashDragons DragonmashDrakes Dragonmash Humanoids Dragonflight Eggs, a side patch, has been changed into Dragonmash Eggs. Some object assignments have changed and more eggs have been added, such as proto dragon eggs and a white tintable egg. These can be found in the Yardsale area of the mall. (.ph en 101627 | .ph tele morph) The eggs are also in the Dragonmash Yardsale patch, so if you use that patch, you won't need Dragonmash Eggs. But if you just want the eggs, grab just the eggs. Dragonmash Primals is a new patch for primal dragons and everyone associated. Raszageth hasn't been moved to this patch yet, but she will eventually. DragonmashWearables has gotten an update with more horns for more races, check out the vendors in the mall for more info on that. Helm models exist on a per-race-per-gender basis and have to be created individually on that basis, so check each NPC's dialogue for the list of races and genders that can buy horns from them. Dragonmash Yardsale has been updated with more objects, terrain textures, and skyboxes There's also a preview patch for an early version of an updated Nefarian model. This model won't be used to replace classic Nefarian--how could we ever?--but will be used for recolors and variety. Remember, this is still an early version and there are bugs to be worked out. That about covers it for the updates in October. Thank you all for enjoying the patches and happy Halloween!
  10. After way too long, I discovered an oversight: Nefarian and Onyxia's severed heads. They have been added to this patch and will now display correctly. All but one of these objects require the correct animation settings to display properly. alliancehangingnefariantrophy (no special requirement) alliancehangingonyxiatrophy (.gob anim 148) hordenefarianpost (.gob anim 148) hordeonyxiatrophypost (.gob anim 148) The patch can be installed using the launcher now! Thank you for being patient with me. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YfljGaHoD9U2RoMXTmGy6lLXaJR3PLe8/view?usp=drive_link
  11. Kawafwen

    [Patch] Nymue

    A small patch that adds Nymue, replacing the nagafemale_low01 model. The displayid is 37312. Download here and install with the launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LhH2xa9gdSWw8DP4qzGK070vbokpwlNX/view?usp=drive_link
  12. For anyone curious: Between the DragonMash patches and BeefyDracthyr, there are 357 morphs. (Stuff crossed out in black is not altered by the patch or is part of a non-dragon patch)
  13. Hi everyone, an update to both DragonmashDragons and DragonmashDrakes. You will need to update both patches for them to be compatible! Sorry, had to rearrange some things this time! Both are updated to version 19 and can be downloaded from this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/188YMc2OpxPrMdBeykFJCLAKit9vn6bq3 First, take a look at the changes made to DragonmashDrakes: Next, new morphs added to DragonmashDragons: Enjoy!
  14. This patch updates the Druid of the Flame cat form to Dragonflight's updated version. Use [ .lookup display creature fandralfirecatnoarmor ] to find this display in game. Download here and install with the launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dCvwTYpz46e972FPejuHaIpsq1h_2-Kf/view?usp=drive_link