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Worgen Customization (Male)

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So, just this morning, I was messing around with the character customization a bit, and had to hop off the game before I could get my first character made. Now, this is more of a complaint than a suggestion. With that in mind, I'd like to make it clear I'm actually quite impressed by the customization more than anything, both the human and worgen custom options are VERY well done and I appreciate them a ton, but I do have one gripe that really got to me. This would be the fact that human and worgen appearances are linked in certain aspects. For example, I can't change the hair of my human form without it changing something in my worgen form that I don't want, and vice versa. Same goes for hair color,¬†facial hair, and a few other things I forget. I also noticed a fur color missing that's been in retail since around SL, which was when I made my main with it, but I'm pretty sure that's just an issue with the game version Epsilon runs on or something. I don't have much knowledge on private servers or how they operate. Again, just some complaints, but in the end I'm loving it so far, and can't wait to get home and start playing ūüėĄ

To show my appreciation, here's some stuff I liked. 

Human beards: There's literally a gandalf beard. 'nuff said. 

Human Hair: I think the only one that I remember was a cool looking rogue-ish ponytail. Don't see enough of those. 

Worgen features: Longer claws, fangs, and tail options make those extra feral or more tame types of characters. 

Worgen MANES: Okay, that's just duckin' awesome. I've always loved the idea of having the option to choose how much body fur you could have, and this is damn near close to it. 

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With the way character customization is set up at its core before Shadowlands, it is -- as far as I know -- completely impossible to fully separate the Worgen form customizations from the human form. Rest assured, though, by the time we upgrade expansions (whenever that'll happen), we'll not only have that, but more customization options to boot! A lot of the restrictions implanted upon character creation on Epsilon right now are really a product of pushing the back-end of all those systems almost to its limit.

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