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  1. this is currently not possible. light sources are not shiftable at this moment
  2. We never paid any heed to the ancient prophecies. Like fools, we clung to the old hatreds, and fought as we had for generations... ...Until the day the sky rained fire, and a new enemy came among us. We stand now upon the brink of destruction, for the Reign of Chaos has come, at last...
  3. Yeah I tried hosting a few phases that were completely and utterly dead-on-arrival that I can empathize with this sentiment. You could spend days, hours, or weeks theorycrafting what makes a public phase "good" or "interesting" to people, but the simple reality of it is that it's completely and utterly mysterious and subject to the whims of the collective playerbase at once. About three years ago, someone I know decided to put together a neutral public phase, set during the Cataclysm period. It didn't really have any particular rhyme or reason behind it besides serving as the backdrop for a guild he intended to host as well. Strahnbrad was a chaotic pigsty, designed from the ground up as a vile haven of scum and villainy of every sort, with whimsical and silly additions and in-jokes from over a decade past that generally only those in the in-group (our friends) would know. I wasn't really involved in its creation in any direct way, but the phase was an incredible success, once it hosted: People would spend upwards of eight hours in the place in one go, staying from ten in the evening to six or eight AM the next day. Besides that, the guild was also pretty successful, at least until it wasn't. Seeking to sort of recapture that momentum after the guild stopped hosting, I decided to build up the town of Dun Modr under a vaguely similar principle: A private entrepeneur and his mercenary group drive out the local Dark Iron dwarves in the town, kill their leader, and repurpose it as a border trading town under the flag of "we don't really care about the faction war". The clearing-out part was, actually, a public event, and a handful of people joined in, too. After that, though, when I began hosting the phase publically and intending to run a guild in its setting as well, nothing actually happened. Virtually no-one stuck around; most people joined, ran around at a high speed for a few moments, then left; ran around scaled down to explore the phase; or simply walked into town for about five seconds before losing interest. Even though I did intend to host events for the guild, the turnout -- being roundabout 4-6 people or something (it's been a while) -- wasn't particularly encouraging, especially when you have to juggle timezones as well to make sure most people can attend. Anyways, Blood in the Wetlands was an immediate flop. It had virtually all the hallmarks that Heirs of Perenolde's Strahnbrad did, sans the funnyhaha NPCs, but people just didn't care anymore I guess. I did this more or less off the back of another campaign guild that went nowhere, that one called Stormbrace. The general jist of it was that it was a guild with a storyline (and no public phase, per se) that I sought to recruit players for to play through a slightly altered just-pre-Vanilla setting. Judging from the way people joined the discord, I'd have considered it a success! Twenty-seven odd people joined that server. Eight joined the guild. Five were active. Four were friends. I persevered long enough to go through an entire storyline before I gave up on the guild, if not the concept in general. I have no idea why people decided to join the discord only to simply ghost everything. At least they could've done the courtesy of being up-front about their disinterest, right? Whatever. In the end, I tried a third time after Blood in the Wetlands. That guild was called Dusk of Dawn, and began as a sort of joke between myself and @cindy. The premise was simple: "Wouldn't it be funny if we hosted a guild where we appeal to the lowest common denominator (human paladin roleplayers) and then just kill them all a few events in?" Now, that was a funny idea, but less than a day later, we came up with the full storyline for the first act and did most (if not all) the preparation work since the events weren't really being hosted with full custom builds and whatnot. Dusk of Dawn has been, so far, one of my most successful guilds. It had ~8-12 active players. At the end of the first "act", a few members left because the player-group was set up and killed en-masse in an ambush. Of course, there were more people in the discord than in the in-game guild, but at least more than five people were active this time. I still have no idea why it was so popular. Anyways, the takeaway to all this is that when you've got an idea, and you REALLY want to host some stuff, with a story and all, don't bother looking for it. Most people are busy playing dollhouse in public phases. If you want to host a campaign, with characters, a progressing story, and so on, put some elbow grease into it. Some people might appreciate it even if most others won't.
  4. what???????????? i did this for dusk of dawn and nobody told me off
  5. Roleplay Coordinators were primarily there to drive public engagement back then, though, where everyone had a "hub" to go to (the Main Phase). While it's true there were public events trying to cater to large groups of people (the Grail of Thoradin events come to mind), a lot of these weren't a result of being a roleplay coordinator: Rise of the Horde and other guilds were creative endeavors made by people completely independently of their duties as RPCs; I'd say the most striking example of what the point of a roleplay coordinator back in the day was was moderating, coordinating, and promoting roleplay in the Main Phase: After all, that's what the "canon time and place" were, and the staff in turn had specific powers to deem something acknowledged or ignored in the main phase's canon (a character's involvement in something important, for example). I don't think you can do something like that on Epsilon, and not only because the main phase is kind of unworkable in its current state; I don't think the main playerbase would care that much, and virtually everything an RPC stands for can be done by a group of coordinated phase hosts collaborating together on their projects. The problem for that, of course, is that it's a logistical quagmire and will quickly devolve into something closer to work, rather than a hobby. Multiple different phase hosts will have multiple different interpretations of things and will most definitely disagree about things; doing this on a large scale, e.g. multiple zone-wide phase revamps being hosted in a "continuous universe", is -- in my opinion -- a recipe for disaster. I think that kind of thing, if it actually worked, would be incredibly stressful. If it worked. Ultimately the biggest and most egregious hurdle to all of this is organizing interest. People come and go to phases with no rhyme or reason. Strahnbrad was immensely popular while it was hosted; my phase Blood in the Wetlands was completely disregarded. Why? Who knows! Maybe it wasn't ironic enough. Maybe the spawn was slightly too far away. Why did Dusk of Dawn become so popular*? I have no idea. Why did people flock to the Tirisfal phase, but not Scars of Lordaeron? There simply isn't a formula for making something interesting, and even something as quasi-enticing as "your actions can have lasting consequences on ~the canon~ of the phase conglomerate" really doesn't mean anything unless you're good friends with the DM team(s). Even if a group of moderators (or a new group á la RPCs) came together to organize something like this, it might very well go absolutely nowhere and be dead on arrival.
  6. at the moment it's impossible to change your level but i believe there's some issues related to crashing that would make it unappealing as a feature (i don't remember the specifics of this unfortunately) as for starting zones, you can easily teleport to any of them with the .teleport command; if there's one that doesn't exist, you might need to try and see if you can teleport to the zone itself to find your way to it (e.g. .tele kezan, then going to the Bilgewater HQ) to answer your question proper, though, there's no way to simply spawn at your race's spawn location. maybe that'll be a thing to pick in Shadowlands, though? who knows!
  7. • Type of Bug: command • Description: .damage does not seem to recognize phase officers anymore • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: select an npc in a phase you are an officer or the owner of .damage #value • Expected result: the command bends to my supreme authority as phase officer/owner • Observed result: the command blindly defies my will • Reproduction rate: 100% • Additional information: this used to work so i have no idea when it broke
  8. • Type of Bug: Command • Description: .phase forge npc healthexact does not change the health's exact value under 10, and instead behaves like .phase forge npc health. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): see below • Steps to reproduce: make forged npc set healthexact to any value from 1-9 behold! • Expected result: the NPC's health would be set to a value of 1-9 • Observed result: it is multiplied by 1-9; any value above (e.g. 10+) sets the health to that value • Reproduction rate: like 9 billion % i guess • Additional information: https://streamable.com/rcnedp
  9. able to soft-confirm this? i got the lua error after the following: Got gloves Entered phase Went to location Took gloves off Deleted gloves crash incredibly odd... putting them on or adding them doesn't seem to crash me on its own, but it happens a short time after
  10. Considering the development team was able to influence scarcely-documented databases like the Lightning table and the CelestialBody table, my poor grasp on WoW's data systems makes me think that this might be possible and I hope that it is. The suggestion .phase forge reputation A way to phase forge new reputation factions into your phase and manipulate players' standing with those factions within the phase. The Use Case Of course, the primary use case people will consider when seeing this as an idea is to add a custom header to the tooltip, but I think that's a reductive mindset. Of course, creating a new reputation faction called something like 'The Invisible Hand' that's neutral to all is one thing, but what if you wanted to host a roleplay guild or phase with reactive reputation? Horde, Alliance, and other miscellaneous reputations (e.g. Sporeggar; Kurenai; Mag'har) can work, but there are no amenities -- at the moment -- to let a DM change a player's reputation standing with a given faction. As such, the only way you could semi-reliably grant or revoke another player's reputation with a faction is if you got them to utilize a macro, Arcanum spell, or Arcanum spark to that end. If it's not possible to do this without breaking things, then that's obviously fine! It'd be disappointing in a general sense, but it is what it is. I do think, however, that there's a valid use case to this that wouldn't invalidate something like .phase forge npc displayfaction, as the two wouldn't need to be mutually exclusive; a custom faction could be hidden in a similar way for reasons ranging from immersion to story pacing.
  11. With the way character customization is set up at its core before Shadowlands, it is -- as far as I know -- completely impossible to fully separate the Worgen form customizations from the human form. Rest assured, though, by the time we upgrade expansions (whenever that'll happen), we'll not only have that, but more customization options to boot! A lot of the restrictions implanted upon character creation on Epsilon right now are really a product of pushing the back-end of all those systems almost to its limit.
  12. • Type of Bug: Addon(???) • Description: Assigned NPC greeting sounds will completely and utterly stop playing entirely for ALL NPCs if you select an NPC, and then open their gossip window. This also happens if you select an NPC with your sound off, then turn it on, and deselect them. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Videos below. • Steps to reproduce: Method 1 --------------------------------- Create a Phase Forged NPC. Enable their gossip window, and edit their sounds with the NPC Merchant addon functionality. Do not give them a Greeting sound. Click on the NPC to trigger the OnClick sound. Without de-selecting them, right-click them to enter the gossip window. NPC sounds should no longer play after this occurs. --------------------------------- Method 2 --------------------------------- Create a Phase Forged NPC. Enable their gossip window, and edit their sounds with the NPC Merchant addon functionality. Disable your sound. (Default: CTRL+S) Click on the NPC. Enable your sound. (Default: CTRL+S again) De-select the NPC. NPC sounds should no longer play after this occurs. • Expected result: NPC sounds should play. • Observed result: NPC sounds no longer play for ANY forged NPC that was given sounds with the addon. • Reproduction rate: 100%? • Additional information: https://streamable.com/h1qesd https://streamable.com/wkdlig
  13. OH i didnt even know that lmao thanks
  14. While the default, customized casting bar for Arcanum spells is nice and has an interesting flair on it with the shield decal, I think it'd be nice if you could pick between it and the stock WoW casting bar (or, potentially, other variants, if it's up MindScape's alley!). In some situations, I think the different visual design can help add a small layer of immersion onto the spell, particularly with things like sparks or otherwise-triggered ArcSpells. I wouldn't advocate for replacing it outright because I know there's people that will like the custom bar more, might appreciate the fact it helps differentiate an ArcSpell from an ordinary one, or might not care that much about it at all to think this is worth the effort, but I think in an addon that's already designed to supplement the process of adding flavor to roleplay, adding a bit more flavor wouldn't hurt, I think.