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  1. • Race: Human • Sex (Male/Female?): Female • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): Mesh • Description: Sleeves on human females are not two-sided. • Evidence (Screenshot):
  2. partially for posterity and for notification in case my tech support mention went unnoticed: Classic maps (EK, Kalimdor) do not support any shifting beyond texture shifting. Doodads cannot be shifted, names cannot be shifted, celestial bodies cannot be shifted in, and spell skyboxes cannot be shifted in either. I imagine part of the problem is connected to the same issue that the Infinite Flatlands have with being unable to add celestial bodies(? razmataz mentioned this earlier today iirc)
  3. This was phaseid 89482. i helped build on it so i know
  4. 🤷‍♀️i mean it sounds cool and would make transitioning into a dungeon map a bit easier i'd make a stronger case for it if i knew about any retail dungeons that didn't have a teleport for them
  5. after a conversation i had with some friends of mine, i heard that it might be possible to give players anim kits to change or edit their animations. i think that would be cool for roleplay 🙂
  6. but that worked for me what the hell
  7. hello............. i just want to know if this was seen......................................... npc casting not working makes me cry................ edit: edited observed result of npc cast player because i discovered something
  8. if you're downloading the game through the launcher, it's going to take time dependent on your internet connection if you've waited for 6 hours, though, that seems concerning; what's your internet speed like? maybe it's taking a long time to download files for the client to launch properly because of that?