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  1. idek if this can be fixed but if you use .waypoint show it makes the waypoints visible to everyone in the phase, whether they're members or officers or guests i could have used the bug report format but im feeling rebellious today
  2. πŸ€” when we update to shadowlands, assuming the barbershop interface works, you could make presets using narcissus's 9.2.7 version i don't know whether we're going to be on patch 9.2.5 or 9.2.7 but Narcissus 1.2.6 and onwards have a barbershop preset system; whether it plays nice with epsilon's customizations is a different story but i guess we'll find out when it comes to that for what it's worth, there hasn't been any note in the changelog that refers to dracthyr-related bugfixes with its barbershop feature, and considering that adds a truckload of customization options and a few new and unique categories, i'm inclined to say it might JustWorkβ„’
  3. a command that could let us access spell visual kits without having to find some obtuse spell that might affect other people or have other unwanted visuals would be really cool i think it'd also help enhance other things like ArcSpell, allowing you to do things like use spell visual kits to make a proper custom pre-casting effect or something before doing other spell effects πŸ™‚
  4. hello this thread is no longer required because .phase forge npc healthexact 0 does exactly this KISS
  5. RAZMATAZ!!!!!!!!! This command has no explanation when I think it should. People who don't delve into phase forge NPCs won't know if you need a displayID as an argument or not. I think it needs a bit of explanation, something along the lines of: Syntax: .phase forge npc create [$DisplayID1] [$DisplayID2] [$DisplayID3] ... Initializes an NPC template. Leave blank to create an outfit. Add a $DisplayID to intialize a template with a set DisplayID. Add multiple $DisplayIDs to initialize a template with a randomly chosen $displayID between the given set. Not great wording but just an example. I'm sure you guys can come up with a better one πŸ™‚
  6. 😞 i just want the forums to stay i guess the suggestions subforum can go to the discord but i dont want everything else to move please pleapsle pleasep
  7. the forums are only laggy because they use hardware acceleration to function smoothly. there are forum frameworks that run unimaginably smooth and have more content on them than epsilon's do worse yet, discord is a black hole of information. sequestering every morsel of information away from an easily indexed website, where everything can be sought, archived, and looked at for years after it has been posted, is - in my opinion - one of the worst things you can do to a community focused on collaborative writing, sharing knowledge, and creative discourse sure, you might say "but they still have to join the discord for <function here>", but why should that discount the forums' use? i have been deeply involved in communities that use both a community discord and the forums, and those communities have functioned well because they separate the long-form discussion from the short-form talking. the only reason the forums of epsilon are not used commonly nowadays is because of a strange and in my opinion completely irrational aversion to forums in general that has absolutely no basis in reality. i've seen people say it's a vehicle for drama and nothing else, but it's absolutely foolish to think that simply removing a medium that isn't used otherwise will suddenly "kill the drama" -- whatever that "drama" is more pertinently, though, i think we should encourage the use of the forums and, if people really have widespread performance issues on them (i swear it's a hardware acceleration thing; i turned it on in my browser settings (i'm pretty sure its supposed to be on by default) and now they run smooth as butter), changing the forum's frontent framework should be considered instead. moving the forums onto discord might make it "more accessible" to players, but you will literally lose every scrap of information when the discord server is deleted sure, it might not happen now, but it will happen at one point. you cannot archive discord servers. you cannot archive discord forums. you can archive forums.
  8. part 2 continued from : CLASSIC MAPS DO NOT THE VAST MAJORITY KINDS OF PHASE SHIFTING Currently, the only thing you can shift in the relatively recently added classic zones are textures. Unfortunately, this makes them completely incompatible with virtually every other kind: Doodad shifting does not work, detaildoodad shifting does not work, and neither do zone/subzone name and audio (music, ambience) shifting. I'd like to suggest that the classic maps get data generated for themselves so we can do the above edits to the maps. It'd allow us to use the unrestricted plains of the Barrens for unique and new projects, or the Stonetalon mountains in a new manner and inventive fashion without worrying about the giant lava fissure at one end of it. I'm sure countless players would love to HD-ify the classic zones as well, as some of them have irreperable damage that simply can't be fixed by shifting the classic map on top of the old one. After all, doodad shifting the zone would still yield the doodadless cataclysm-era changes to the terrain.
  9. BUT HOW CAN I EMPTY CLASSIC BARRENS IF SHIFTING IT WILL REOPEN THE RAVINE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i WILL make this a suggestion