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  1. there's no way i can't spell out the issue in the title sorry but .phase forge npc outfit feature 2 1 doesn't do anything when you use it on an orc, when it should (to my knowledge) make them straightbacked, as feature 0 is for tusks and feature 1 for accessories
  2. the patch is 2 years old my friend
  3. -1 is a radius; by using -1, you're setting it to be infinite. it isn't locked by zone, but by a distance from your character you'll have to use a reasonably high import radius instead
  4. issue: .way stop stops the waypoint, but after an amount of time (usually a couple minutes? idk) the NPC starts on their waypoint again, without being prompted to. steps to reproduce: make waypoint system .way start .way stop after a hot minute or something wait reproduction rate: ???%
  5. hey miss u

  6. It'd be nice if there was a command to turn you invisible to players while DMing (e.g. .ph dm invis, or something like that) without needing to use a morph. While it's the simplest choice, I think it'd be nice to be invisible to RPers while still seeing yourself -- it makes spawning and moving NPCs to certain locations much easier. More of a QoL suggestion than something that needs to exist.
  7. On .WMOs you spawn, .npc walk and .npc run will make the NPC fall through the ground unless you use .npc fly (in which case they will swim). I can't be bothered doing the form for this.
  8. oh shit if you can do that do it PLEAS PLEAS PLZ PLZLPZZLZZ
  9. • Race: night elf • Sex (Male/Female?): male • Type (Animation/Mesh/Texture/Interface?): mesh • Description: da male demon hunter got no legs da hell 😳 This fixes itself if you wear leg-geoset-changing pants (e.g. the demon hunter start pants). • Evidence (Screenshot):
  10. hi this is probably not happening or completely nebulous in whatever eta i could potentially give you i'd rather wait until devs like kori are less swamped with bugfixing and other additions and stuff before i make a female satyr model that needs to get rigged and added to the cdn and all that stuff
  11. while the current functionality of .mod anim is really cool in my opinion i think it should be consolidated into .mod stand (or maybe both should be turned into something like .mod emote my reasoning for this is that i feel .mod anim would be very interesting if it actually let your character perform an animation ID instead of the emote ID from the Emotes list, exactly how .gob anim works but on players, and maybe a variant for NPCs in .npc anim it's only through that way we can access things like the artifact holding animations (e.g. ArtMainLoop, ArtOffLoop, et cetera) and a lot of the animations for spellcasting that are either only bound to some spells that can't be used without a target, or don't function period e.g., you could use .mod anim 1330, and subsequently make your character stand like this: forgive the character model, but it's the only way i can show this off without opening a program like WMV. .gob anim functions the exact way i envision this idea, but the lynchpin there is that it only works on objects thank you