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  1. With the way character customization is set up at its core before Shadowlands, it is -- as far as I know -- completely impossible to fully separate the Worgen form customizations from the human form. Rest assured, though, by the time we upgrade expansions (whenever that'll happen), we'll not only have that, but more customization options to boot! A lot of the restrictions implanted upon character creation on Epsilon right now are really a product of pushing the back-end of all those systems almost to its limit.
  2. • Type of Bug: Addon(???) • Description: Assigned NPC greeting sounds will completely and utterly stop playing entirely for ALL NPCs if you select an NPC, and then open their gossip window. This also happens if you select an NPC with your sound off, then turn it on, and deselect them. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Videos below. • Steps to reproduce: Method 1 --------------------------------- Create a Phase Forged NPC. Enable their gossip window, and edit their sounds with the NPC Merchant addon functionality. Do not give them a Greeting sound. Click on the NPC to trigger the OnClick sound. Without de-selecting them, right-click them to enter the gossip window. NPC sounds should no longer play after this occurs. --------------------------------- Method 2 --------------------------------- Create a Phase Forged NPC. Enable their gossip window, and edit their sounds with the NPC Merchant addon functionality. Disable your sound. (Default: CTRL+S) Click on the NPC. Enable your sound. (Default: CTRL+S again) De-select the NPC. NPC sounds should no longer play after this occurs. • Expected result: NPC sounds should play. • Observed result: NPC sounds no longer play for ANY forged NPC that was given sounds with the addon. • Reproduction rate: 100%? • Additional information: https://streamable.com/h1qesd https://streamable.com/wkdlig
  3. OH i didnt even know that lmao thanks
  4. While the default, customized casting bar for Arcanum spells is nice and has an interesting flair on it with the shield decal, I think it'd be nice if you could pick between it and the stock WoW casting bar (or, potentially, other variants, if it's up MindScape's alley!). In some situations, I think the different visual design can help add a small layer of immersion onto the spell, particularly with things like sparks or otherwise-triggered ArcSpells. I wouldn't advocate for replacing it outright because I know there's people that will like the custom bar more, might appreciate the fact it helps differentiate an ArcSpell from an ordinary one, or might not care that much about it at all to think this is worth the effort, but I think in an addon that's already designed to supplement the process of adding flavor to roleplay, adding a bit more flavor wouldn't hurt, I think.
  5. sorry imgur is being a bitch so the images wont embed
  6. • Type of Bug: Command • Description: Gossip options will not change their icon if there is only one option available. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): below • Steps to reproduce: Enable Gossip Add one option Change the icon via .phase forge npc gossip option icon 0 <0-11> • Expected result: The icon should change. • Observed result: The icon only changes if there are more than one option available. • Reproduction rate: 10000000000000000000000000% • Additional information: Enabling the vendor system on an NPC's gossip window counts as another option.
  7. • Type of Bug: Command • Description: Phase texture tiling resets after entering a loading screen (e.g. .gpsing 3000 units), relogging, or restarting the game. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):Appended below (idk how to make streamable links embed) • Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to your phase and change the tiling of a texture. For example; DraenorNagrand 2. Use .gps up 3000/.gps down 3000 to enter a loading screen. 3. The texture tiling should now reset to its original. • Expected result: The tiling should stay. • Observed result: it doesnt • Reproduction rate: 100%? Has happened all the time for me now. • Additional information: I don't know if this is a clientside or serverside bug. This has occurred to me in Zuldazar, as well. https://streamable.com/v2p22f
  8. Erkor

    custom skyboxes???

    ok right so i had a brain blast just earlier a while ago, i recall being told that "as long as it has a db2, it can be edited/shifted". following this, my mind travelled to the lightning shifting, which involves us making our own lightning ID (in the thousands). so, i thought, while the work for it would likely be much more extensive, wouldn't it be really cool to have skybox shifting work in a similar way? like, creating a new skybox entry, setting each color band value individually, adjusting the ambient and sun light strength... as far as i know, the db2's associated to it are as available to edit as the lightning ones so i thought "might as well suggest it"
  10. While the current text objects absolutely have uses, they only shine in the form of informational texts or holographic (or magical) imagery. When planting them upon an ordinary sign, they look completely and utterly out of place; that's a consequence of the fact they're glowing. I think it'd be incredibly useful if we had more "solid" text objects, either with an embossed or etched effect, that would allow us to plant it on a signpost and make it appear--more or less--as if it were supposed to be there. Tinting the current text objects to darken them simply makes them more transparent, meaning it's impossible to even try something like that with the extant objects. Bonus points if it were using Friz Quadrata TT as a typeface for that added warcraft immersion 🤩
  11. idek if this can be fixed but if you use .waypoint show it makes the waypoints visible to everyone in the phase, whether they're members or officers or guests i could have used the bug report format but im feeling rebellious today
  12. 🤔 when we update to shadowlands, assuming the barbershop interface works, you could make presets using narcissus's 9.2.7 version i don't know whether we're going to be on patch 9.2.5 or 9.2.7 but Narcissus 1.2.6 and onwards have a barbershop preset system; whether it plays nice with epsilon's customizations is a different story but i guess we'll find out when it comes to that for what it's worth, there hasn't been any note in the changelog that refers to dracthyr-related bugfixes with its barbershop feature, and considering that adds a truckload of customization options and a few new and unique categories, i'm inclined to say it might JustWork™