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  1. Erkor

    hello there!

    night elf satyrs? my creation.. my child... kori gave it life... bless
  2. can i see the gibberish letter again pls
  3. That's exactly what I mean, although I doubt any of my friends would like the idea of "you'll have to download this or that to hear the music I'm playing" when it comes to addons. I'm not sure if there's any other alternative, e.g. making a bunch of empty sound kit IDs that people can use with patches the same way Azarchius did with displayIDs.
  4. I don't know if this is planned or eschewed until we potentially move to BFA as a whole but porting down BFA music would be a great addition for events that need music. BFA has a lot of really good tracks that fit a lot of certain combat scenarios and can break the constant repeat of the same X soundtracks for, say, combat, or large scale battles, or a dramatic stinger for a visual reveal. If this is planned, great; if it's not going to be pursued, it'll be a shame, but I'm sure everyone (including me) can live with that.
  5. alright hear me out There's countless new spell objects in BFA that are usable only sparingly without a game-object animation command (which I've been told is underway, but that's not the focus of this topic), and some are so situational that they're not particularly useful in any static environment. I want to know if it could be possible -- or plausible -- to create a sort-of "spell-forge" in which you can assign sound, object and animation to a new ID in order to create, in essence, a new spell. While it's visuals only, it could open a lot of avenues with new albeit unusable magic effects like the newly-added death, decay, and necromancy-based spell objects.
  6. Erkor

    .ch dur

    something like .cheat infinitecasttime or whatever would be great i think
  7. The title is a bit ambiguous, but there's only one way to showcase what I mean. Setting the skybox (perhaps only in a map that isn't part of a normal map, e.g. dungeon maps such as Court of Stars's instanced part of the Broken Isles) too many times can turn the entire map pitch-black. Resetting the skybox cycles either through all previous skyboxes or sets it to something completely random. In case this sounds like insane rambling, here's a visual representation of what I mean: https://streamable.com/o1l9b (can I embed streamable? i dont know) I'm not sure what causes this, but it seems to happen after either setting it too many times or resetting it after a large amount of changes.
  8. I want to suggest a command to add portrait flair to NPCs created with the NPC forge, e.g. elite or rare-elite dragons around them. The syntax from my point of view should be something like: .ph forge npc portraitflair <type> Type being ether numbers or words (like Rare, Elite, Rare-elite, et cetera), and the command subsequently would give the NPC the aforementioned type on the portrait.
  9. I think I made a thread about this in the past (it might have been elsewhere!) but I'll keep this suggestion short either way. There's a lot of objects that have animations not accessible with .gob activate nor .gob set state, but still have a great amount of animations. Objects that come to mind are primarily spell objects, but can also be creature or playermodel objects (e.g. 7fx_nightborne_shield_state.m2 as a spell; algalontheobserver.m2 as an NPC object). These kinds of objects usually either spawn with the animation ID 0 (usually stand for NPCs; the 'Birth' sequence for spells) and are uncheangeable in that regard. However, in some cases, spell objects might be a necessary thing to use where spells don't cut it or there simply isn't a spell corresponding to the object (an example is 6sm_nerzhulritual_state.m2). These kinds of objects constantly repeat their 'birth' sequence and do something like this. I'd embed this if I knew how. To put it in words: the spell does its fade-in sequence over and over again, and never enters its fully active state. .gob activate is known to not work in this regard, and neither is .gob set state in the case of most if not all spell objects. (I'm not sure if something like 7bs_brokenshore_icebridge would count.) I think it'd be a nice addition to have a command that behaves similar to .npc emote in the sense that you can force the object to play a specific ID (the most common ones for spells, for example, are 0, Stand; 158, hold; 159, decay. This would allow for people to use objects as great visual effect guides when spells can't do at all.