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EmoteHelper - comfy say/emotes panel!

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EmoteHelper - comfy say/emotes panel!


This addon adds keybindings with which you can call two panels. One for Say and one for Emote.

The advantage of this panel over the usual chat in the form of a large (resizeable) window, with the ability to enter text there. In addition to the fact that you can see all the text you have entered, so you can put it away for later, just by closing the window (cross in the corner or Escape).
When you open the window again, it will be filled with unsent text, and will also remember its location and size (at least until you reload the interface).

Also this addon is compatible with ChatBubble and takes into account its settings.



Video & Image



Download this and move "EmoteHelper" folder from archive to YourWowFolder\_retail_\Interface\AddOns. Start game, go to Keybindings and set keys. 





In fact, I think I used to play with the usual chat, but then, after leaving WoW for a couple of years, I found a more pleasant solution in the game SS13 on Byond, and when I came back I found this inconvenience, so this addon appeared, and frankly speaking I hope that it will be useful to someone.



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