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Found 4 results

  1. Short: This Forged NPC List is exactly what it says on the tin (+ A bit extra), adding a working NPC list to the NPC Forge tab that shows all the forged NPCs in the phase. It's divided into a phase level and a GUID level, allowing you to see a list of all the forged NPCs in the phase, or specifically all the spawns of a specific NPC. It includes filtering, spawning & deleting. Screenshots: A few more images, including a small guide on all the functionality can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/RmDA45p Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mCYj4tWTy9XAhpUOLT4FUBY5pHU-VaUF/ Installation: Download the zip from the link above, open the zip & drag the Epsilon_Forge_NPCList folder inside into your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/ folder for Epsilon, start the game & it should now show up in your Epsilon addon list. Full Functionality: A list of all forged NPCs in a phase The ability to spawn any NPC from this list The ability to delete any NPC from this list (Will completely delete the NPC, including any spawn points!) A secondary list of each GUID found within your phase (Or a message to show that this NPC hasn't been spawned anywhere in your phase) The ability to teleport directly to each GUID The ability to spawn the NPC from this list The ability to delete any specific GUID from this list, deleting only this spawn Filter options for the primary forged list, for both ID & name. 787413 Stormwind Infantry can be found by typing in "741", "Stormwind", "stormwind", & "rMwiND iNF". Whatever your liking! A manual refresh button, so you can hand refresh whenever you or other members of your phase create new NPCs.
  2. Hello there, yes it's me again. I'm just reposting an addon that I haven't been able to find at all on the forums anymore for some reason. I would ask the creator of it for permission but sadly I have no idea who made it to begin with so I have to go ahead with this, and if the creator sees this and wishes for me to take it down, please let me know immediatly and I will. Without further ado... Download below! Extract & simply place in Interface > addons! Epsilon_Tool.7z
  3. GobSel Small AddOn that lets you select game-objects the old way. If you're not used to the new syntax of selecting objects requiring you to pad your select term in quotes, then hopefully this will help. Installation Extract GobSel folder to the following directory: Epsilon\interface\Addons Usage Active whenever using the .gobject select command in-game. Download will pretty the post up later. Contact me on Discord Gardener#9456 or in-game if you encounter any troubles.
  4. NewChar Source: https://github.com/iplantplants/NewChar Last Updated: 15/09/2019 Current Release Version 0.1.5 Features • Automatically cleans action bars, bags and gear from newly created characters. • Commands added to make life easier when emptying bags, action bars and equipment. Bug Fixes • Fixed issue where old characters were seen as new. • Changed clash command from /nc clean to /clean Installation • Extract NewChar folder from NewChar.zip to your EpsilonWoW\interface\addons directory. Usage /nc help - will display all available commands in-game. /nc clear bags/gear/bars - clears those, respectively. Changelog Download