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Adjustments needed to forged item permissions

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Currencies are a great idea for phases and have the power to make adventure phases really shine, but currently can't really do so. Why? Because there's no way to actually control them. Let me explain.

Forged items can be traded to other players regardless of the item's set permissions. So a DM at an event can award players with currencies. That's fine and functional. However, there's a problem: there's a lack of any amount of automation in this because this is where allowing players to pick up items stops without giving them full rights to copy items.

A problem I've run into is this: I want to award players with an amount of tokens for completing events. No problem there. But I want to let them choose from a whole host of items that I've created from a vendor. Things like little certificates for adding an emoji to the phase discord, special weapons with flavor text that relate to the phase, vouchers for building things in the phase itself, and more. But players cannot buy these things unless I give them permission to add the reward items. What this also means is that if someone wants to, they can just use [.additem <item id>] to get the item regardless of currency, making the currency ultimately meaningless.

This is the specific problem for my phase, but it means other phases that want to do anything similar or even just involving currency of any kind will have the same problem. They can't have NPCs that use phase currency for buying phase items because you can just add them. And there's no point in having phase currency if all you're buying with it is just regular retail items. You can always just use [.additem] for those.

I did try using Arcanum and spark spells to attempt to force items into a player's inventory, but this didn't work either. A friend and I tested this. I was hoping by doing this, I could require currency of a certain amount in the inventory in order to grant an item. But no dice.

A fix for this problem would be very appreciated and would open up a lot of possibilities.

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