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Tutorial: Building With Modules

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Building with modules

NOTE: My modules are made with the intent of placement through items made with TRP3:E items. If you do not have it or TRP3:E breaks for the current Epsilon version, be reasonable and don't expect me to magically fix things.


First an important message, each of my modules have and will continue to be made in different ways until I found a way that simply works best when it comes to the TRP:E items and the blueprints, be it naming conventions or how they're spawned in terms of location. I make no promises of going back to old builds to bring them up2date to how I make them in the current point in time. If you have questions or want things changed, feel free to leave a post or dm me on Discord (Setuaro) but I am in no way whatsoever obliged to do what is asked of me. If I have time and it's a reasonable request, I will consider and do it. If not then I will tell you.


Method: I will list every type of blueprints separately and add upon the list as I go, make changes where needed and put additional important info at the top of each category. (MAY be at the modules in question if it's best to do it that way)

Hedge Tunnel


By far the simplest of my modules, there's not really anything worth saying about them. They are all moved in increments of 4 and are currently meant to be used horizontally, may expand upon it, may not.




I'd be putting up pictures right now if the forum wasn't being annoying about me putting up media, for now I'll just keep it to a simple explanation.

These modules are intended to be placed with a TRP3:E item you receive from the NPC out front of the plot, if you decide to place them by hand and complain to me, you've been warned and I'm not responsible for your inability to be reasonable if you start breaking things.

Just as the Hedge Tunnel modules, these move in increments of 4 and can link up quite perfectly with one another, there is one exception where you may need to jam in a [Straight Ring] Module to fill a gap (I'm afraid that I can't fix that with arcanum magic so I had to be creative and find a work-around, it's fine though, you hardly notice it... right?)

If you want to change some colors around, you can do so by doing .gob mass tint, thankfully the borders use different boxes so you can have neat accents.
10000976(gold) & 10000977(gray) respectively.


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Eh. Still no pictures :(

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