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    Two ideas, depending on how much more work it would take to make one vs the other. The main idea - A new command that allows phases to create 'sequences' of prepared commands, which can then be triggered to run by teleporters or gossips, bypassing the permissions checks usually on the command. For instance, say you want an NPC gossip on-click to trigger apply a spell effect onto a group of objects, but that requires member/officer permissions. A sequence could be created using '.go group sel #id' and then '.go group spell #spell'. Preferred if they can be put on delays too per command, so that it can do something like "after 1 second, also then '.go group move down 100' to effectively hide the group." Command idea would be: phase forge sequence - create $name // name may be redundant, but I thought it might be better to call things by name instead of ID if possible since if you delete a sequence and all the ID's shift, your teleporters & gossip menus all need updated (i.e., gossip uses sequence 2, but you delete sequence 1 and now sequence 2 doens't exist, or is now what sequence 3 was before, so your gossip / teleporters do the wrong thing..) - delete #id - info #id - list // list all sequences by Name & ID - run $name // runs the sequence - useful for testing or running them outside of gossip/teleporters if needed (i.e., for DM's) - requireofficer #id // toggles if the sequence requires officer to run from '.phase forge sequence run' command. All sequences can be run from gossip/tele despite this. - condition - add $condition_type ... (specify options for that condition type) - condition_type's example: [hasitem: #itemID #num !shouldRemove (bool)] - remove #cond_id - list - step .. - add #sequenceID #delay $command - remove #sequenceID #stepID - modify #id #delay $command // may not need this - just tell them to remove the step & re-add it Second Idea is just a much simpler version without delays & without steps, just prepared commands that can be made, and then Arcanum could be used to automate them also.. IMO tho, sequences are the more secure version, because handling the sequence on the server means it can be ran from a single gossip click, so your sequences could still be set to require officer for running, unlike thru arcanum which would have to use the 'run' command, which would require it to have open permissions. .phase forge preparedcommand - create $name $command - delete #id - list - requireofficer #id - run $name - condition - add $condition_type ... (specify options for that condition type) - condition_type's example: [hasitem: #itemID #num !shouldRemove (bool)] - remove #cond_id - list Also adding commands for a gossip options & teleporter triggers to run a sequence/preparedcommand when clicked/activated also ? Basically, end goal is being able to 'script' gossip & teleporter triggers to make things happen, or make phase DM's more equipped to more quickly run some commands together. (i.e., imagine being able to remake this: https://youtu.be/392THJV0Lwg?t=28)