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  1. Hello! To clear gobs made by a spell, use ".phase cleartemp #radius". This clears temporary objects that have a GUID of 0.
  2. Late reply; We'll be looking at updating what addons are included with the launch of SL and alternative ways to offer optional addons as well.
  3. Your best place for help is going to be on our discord, in the #tech-support channel, so we can help in real time. This issue can sometimes be that the game is launching and just still downloading content it needs to fully open, and is going slow. You can check this in Task Manager and make sure there’s a WoW.exe background process (may be a sub-process of Epsilon.exe).
  4. Your best place for support is in Discord, in the #tech-support channel. Frequent solutions to clicking Play and it just says "Launching" and then opens in the task manager but doesn't fully open: Patience. This happens on the first time launching the game because it's downloading files in the background that it needs to open. If it's taking too long, try using Cloudflare's with WARP, especially if you're not in Europe. Ensure your Epsilon folder is not set to Read-Only (right-click folder, click Properties, remove Read Only; you only need to do this once, the properties menu will always return to saying that Read Only is enabled when it's opened again). Ensure you have all the Epsilon pre-requisites downloaded - These are all Microsoft pre-reqs for software & games, just download & run to install: - DirectX 11: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 - .NET Framework 4.7.2: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net472 - VC Redist: https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/VC_redist.x64.exe
  5. You can trigger standard looking cast bars already by using the Show Castbar action, like so: Just make sure to do false for both the icon & shield. You can also use a TRP3e controlled Castbar that follows the stock cast bar style also: Side note: The shield is actually retail-style also, for certain abilities, supposedly? Idk, those are all Stock WoW Assets I am using for the castbar still lol
  6. I can't speak on behalf of the Merchant addon & it's author, they may be interested in adding this. I'll pass it along. In the meantime: You can replicate this using Gossip & Arcanum spells! TL;DR is: you would create an ArcSpell that checks if you have the required crafting items, removes them, and then adds your final item. Then you can add this spell to an NPC gossip with some flavor text (i.e., "Craft a Sword" or whatever). Longer version: Create an ArcSpell with the Name, Description, and CommID you want. See the Arcanum User Guide for more info/help here. Make the first action a "Stop This ArcSpell If..." with a delay of 0, and set the input script as... if (GetItemCount(itemID1) >= #numberRequired and GetItemCount(itemID2) >= #numberRequired) then return false; else print("You don't have the required items to craft this."); return true; end Make sure to add in your item ID's and the number of each you need to craft. If you need more than two items, just add another "and GetItemCount(itemID) >= #numberRequired" after the last one in the script above [ but before that last closing parenthesis, ), after the numberRequired ]. Feel free to adjust the print message to be more specific or worded how you want - this is just to clarify that the spell didn't 'fail' to cast because of some other issue, just that they didn't have the needed items. Add new actions now at 0.1 delay to remove each item and the quantity of that item. Add a final action for adding your crafted item. Optional: Add an action to show a message that they successfully crafted the item.
  7. No longer need the 2nd idea for Arc buttons (which became Sparks)- but the idea is still there for being able to make trigger points in phases that can do way more.
  8. Late reply, but responding in case anyone else is looking for the answer too; You can chat in the global player chat using the ".ann" command. Do note that you will need to verify your discord first before being able to chat in ".ann" however. This can be done from the account tools page: https://epsilonwow.net/account/profile/ and DM'ing the @Epsilon Chatbot in discord with the !VERIFY code given there.
  9. Introducing... Kinesis (kinesis - latin, greek: to move, motion, movement) Kinesis brings two common features from Sandbox & RPG games: 'Creative Mode' style flight toggle controls (i.e., Minecraft style double-jump to fly), and Shift-Sprinting. Kinesis is your one-stop shop for all things movement! Customise your sprint, fly and swim speeds! Append spells and arcanums to your sprint or flight! Quickly toggle sprint by hitting shift like all of your favourite RPGs, and toggle flight like you're playing in a true creative mode. All this and more, quickly and all with keybinds - instead of filling your macro slots. Features: Shift to Sprint! Ditch the macros & stop typing '.mod speed'! Tap or Hold SHIFT to start sprinting! Customize your Sprint to anything from a simple run, to an ominous hover, complete with Aura & Arcanum functionality. Set your speeds for ground, flight and swim separately, & switch between hold and toggle options! TL;DR: Tap or Hold SHIFT to start sprinting! Use '/kn' to configure Sprint Speeds & Spells! Hit that Spacebar, let's fly! Double or triple Jump to enable/disable fly mode, also complete with Aura/Arcanum functionality! Complete with auto-land to disable flying, you can customize how long it takes before auto-land takes effect - or disable it entirely! Customize how fast your double/triple jumps will need to connect to enable/disable flight. TL;DR: Double/Triple Jump to Fly, Double Jump again to land! Use '/kn' to configure Flight Toggle customization options & Spells! You can toggle spells when you start flying and/or start sprinting, and then toggle them again when you stop; these can be default spells, or an Arcanum Spell! And integration goes both ways: Arcanum also includes loads of Kinesis actions to allow you to make adjustments on the fly* (for example: A Dragonform spell that also changes your Flight & Sprint spells to include different spells than your humanoid [elf.. it's an elf, let's be real] form)! We also included lots of options to change how the controls work and function to make sure it felt comfortable to everyone! You can also toggle it completely off if you really hate it! There's no Mini-Map button or other intrusive UI added to your game; access all settings either in the Interface -> AddOns section of your Game Menu, or using "/kinesis" or "/kn" in chat. If you experience any issues, have any feedback or suggestions, or anything else, please reply below, or feel free to reach out on Discord to @mindscape Preview of Kinesis in Action (Thanks to 'T'!) https://i.imgur.com/99If9w5.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/J18Xcux.mp4
  10. Add support for linking spells, cast BY the NPC onto the player, when they click that Gossip option. Arcanum already allows you to link those type spells to an NPC Gossip option, but you can't make an NPC cast a spell onto the player without officer permissions, so not feasible for most cases where someone wants the NPC to actually cast the spell on the character. Other ideas when doing this include adding options also for triggering ".npc say/yell/textemote/follow/stop" and ".npc cast area/creature" subcommands.
  11. This should hopefully be fixed once we move to Shadowlands, as the implementation for our Editor has been changed to kindly share graphics access instead of requiring full control. In the mean time: If you're on Windows 11: No current solution. If you are on Windows 10: you may have a program interfering in the background, such as an overlay or monitor program. Disabling those should allow the editor to function in the mean time.
  12. lol - utter lies - aight. As I mentioned before, discord is the best place for support vs the forums. Someone is much more likely to assist there, and can help troubleshoot what issues you are having.
  13. Did it work previously for you? Perhaps you need to install the VC_Redist again. This & more can be found in the Discord's #tech-support channel, but I'll link the download for the newest VC_Redist from microsoft too: https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/VC_redist.x64.exe
  14. We haven't been able to pinpoint what in Win11 is causing this, and it's not for everyone either so it's even harder to find.
  15. From skylar via discord: - separate .phase toggle teleport setting for .phase teleport vs .teleport it would be beneficial if players could tp to defined locations instead of getting into inaccessible areas
  16. Command request: ".gob freezeanim" which is just a shortcut to ".gob anim 141" - apparently this is a really useful thing for people to freeze an object that has animation so it's not moving (and also silences the object), but no one really knows about it or knows about that specific anim ID, so having it with a dedicated command may make it more accessible for people.
  17. Currently a Gob Tele can apply a spell/aura on a player when you get within range of it, but it cannot remove that spell/aura when you leave. A new command to 'remove aura when leaving tele range' would be really useful, or just a flag on '.gob tele setsp #id [removeafter]'. Note: I don't think it should remove a spell/aura by default though, only if explicitly set to do so with the separate command or flag, because a lot of players use gob teles to apply auras that they would not want removed when they leave the tele range (i.e., to apply auras when entering a phase at the phase start point).
  18. a new command or feature to allow you to set an object to disappear if you get within a certain range of it. For example, you have a wall object, and you want the object to disappear if you get within 5 meters/yards/wow-units of it. No idea on the best way to implement this, either via a new 'gob vis' type command, or gob tele triggers - I leave that for core devs to decide because I do not entirely understand how those work.
  19. Temporary Gob commands that revert what they did after a delay. Example: .go temp spell 1234 100 -> would apply spell 1234 that then undoes itself after 100ms Same for other commands like gob & gob group move/tint/overlay/activate/spell/maybe some others?
  20. 1) Expand Gob Tele's to support full Gossip menus just like NPC Gossip, regardless of Teleport additions. (Doesn't even need to be tele, I guess, but considering tele's use gossip menus for multi-option teleporting, I figured it might be best integrated? idk). This would allow better usage of objects for things like doors that have text (i.e., riddles) or such, if they don't have a creature model to use instead, or you need collision still. 2) Gob Tele AddOn Message option (i.e., .gob tele setenteraddonmessage $prefixNoSpaces $msg text with spaces). When the tele is triggered, it sends the addon message to the player triggering it. (Reason for AddOn message is we can use it directly without having to use gossip or anything at all, saving on having to handle that, and we can do something like: .gob tele setenteraddonmessage ARC_OPT_CAST myArcSpell, which the addon watches for ARC_OPT_CAST messages and handles them, ie., showing a pop-up button of "Click here to cast this Arcanum Spell!" (Plus it brings more options later for expanding tele's to interact with addons too)) I am not sure how the server tracks tele's and if it tracks when you leave a tele's range - It might be neat to also allow it to send an addonmessage when you leave the range too, like: .gob tele setenteraddonmessage $prefix $msg .gob tele setleaveaddonmessage $prefix $msg addon message should also include the object's phase@guid preferably in the reply, probably just appended to the start of the message with a char(31) separator (so we can identify and track the messages with their appropriate object, incase you trigger two together)
  21. Discord has the solution for this in #tech-faq channel. Basically you need either A) Delete the "Epsilon/_retail_/Tools" folder every launch, or download the fixed Tools folder from that post in discord and replace your current Tools folder, because that Tools folder does not work.
  22. Basically suggestion a new command that allows you to change your current character's features on the fly. For examples, ".char set hair 1" to change your hair to whatever hair 1 is, just like with NPC forge. Maybe allow multiple in a row also to save spamming commands if you want to change quite a few at a time, ex: ".char set hair 1 haircolor 2" Couple this with macros/addons and you could set up quick character presets on one character to change between.
  23. If you have a gossip-enabled NPC targeted, and trigger a GOb Tele with multiple options, it will show the Gossip Menu from the targeted NPC, not the GOb tele menu.
  24. Examples Spells you can Import! This uses the ARC:API Slash Commands to make a single spell that can toggle holding a torch on, or off. This is a simple combination of Aura, Cast, and Cast Trig actions, with Reverts, to create a 3-stage spell, channeling Holy Light in increasing power until it explodes at the end.