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  1. nelkael

    please enable npc

    Yes, I already learned by the ".learn + id" of the mount and I already have several mounts, but even if I have, I do not let me use certain mounts because it is necessary for obligation to have complete X or Y mission.
  2. nelkael

    please enable npc

    Or create a kind of farm, with all the beasts more exotic and visually more striking to be able to domesticate them. Enclosed in a kind of stable. To see the most beautiful can find them on the page www.wow-petopia.com among those would be nice to have (Thok the Bloodthirsty) who is a boss. And the other npc is not necessary to enable them, I just want to try some special mounts but it tells me that I can use them but if I have completed a certain mission or quest, but I do not know how to complete the quest since the npc that gives it start, This is disabled and you simply can not start the quest. It would be nice to enable a command to complete missions and get to use the mounts. As for example (Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker). Which is very striking.
  3. Please enable npc, I would like to complete missions, enter dungeons, kill bosses, tame beasts as hunter and all that being a god.
  4. nelkael


    Wait a long time that the server was online, enter and for the first time I thought I had reached heaven with my hands, but what I would like the server would be to feel like a god, and when I wanted to start my adventure, I realize that everyone The NPC are disabled and with the character that I like most is a hunter, I can not if I want to tame beasts because they simply do not exist, I imagined going into a dungeon and finish with all the bosses me and my pet, but that guy is I finish, and if the server is just to create things or make a park or a better house I'm going to minecraft.
  5. If this again offline should be logical, because now I get this other error: "you have been disconnected. (WOW51900328)"
  6. At the moment of connecting, I get the error "WOW51900328"

    1. alexandra


      The servers down 

  7. I get the following error when you want to connect: "we couldn't you in with what you just entered. please try again. (BLZ51900003)" Please can you help me, I really want to try the server and so far I have not been able to.