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  1. This is an issue with your client. Visit #support for assistance.
  2. This appears to be an oversight. This has been fixed for 735.4
  3. Stage 3 of Epsilon Development begins in Patch 735.4, all missing items will be inserted in 735.5.
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    Vhelcome aboard!
  5. Azarchius


    Welcome aboard!
  6. Unfortunately, we need an interface to do this. Until we have a lua developer who is willing to finish the Phase Manager, this will not be possible. Unless you want to try your luck at managing a branching hierarchy of ranks with several hundred possible commands each. Simply trying to list the commands in your chatbox will flood it beyond the maximum.
  7. We will not add to the CDN any files taken from anything that isn't a live release. Additionally, Classic/vanilla ADTs are a relatively complicated addition, because it involves downporting various models that have been changed since vanilla to the present (fore example--Stormwind has no collision). Various lamp-posts in Tirisfal Glades have been replaced, etcetera. Until we find a way to automatically detect and update these files, Classic maps will not be added.
  8. This will not be possible until we update to a patch equal or greater to 8.1
  9. We have learned serious lessons from our rather hasty downport of 7354. We will not start any downport procedure for any PTR or beta patch.
  10. Characters in 7354 will no longer learn all of their class spells.
  11. I regret I'm unable to understand the nature of your suggestion. I understand you're asking for a command called '.phase history', but I do not understand 'name and ID of the said phases from all characters [...] on the same account.'
  12. This is a great suggestion. I am not sure if I can fit it in time for 7354.