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  1. It appears to be something to do with BFA emotes. I have wiped all emotes from all NPCs in your phase. Please try again after a server restart.
  2. I am confused. All BFA buildingtiles are already in.
  3. Excellent suggestion. Will look into it when I can.
  4. I'm afraid not. There are no map files available for 7.3.5 for this map.
  5. Gnomes and taurens were resized in 8.1 or 8.2, I'm not sure which--only 3d armour introduced in those patches works on them. We will be applying a fix very soon, but it will break 8.1+ 3d armour on them in turn.
  6. Azarchius

    HD Draenei Totems

    They are already ingame. 7dr shaman totem m2s.
  7. Not dynamically. Archived.
  8. Not possible to perform dynamically, and relatively pointless as RP cannot be performed in-flight and the movement is completely outside of your control (and if two people talk at the same time, they will overlap unless some code forces a delay, etc etc). Not very useful for roleplaying. Your second line, however, seems to espouse something entirely different. What, an NPC that automatically mounts and set speeds a player with a specific mount? What if you're getting on horses, everyone's gonna get the same colour horse? It gets quite complicated fast to both set up and execute when you can just do .npc info on one of the mounts and then .mod mount into it. Or perhaps just allowing players to literally mount on top of NPCs by turning them into vehicles (which come with customizable speeds, too.) Archived.
  9. Azarchius

    Missing Gear

    Every single BFA item up to and including 8.2.0 items is in the game, @Alec. Please give me a wowhead link to an item that's missing, since as far as I know, we are missing absolutely none. Models worn by NPCs that don't have an item in BFA are not items at the moment.
  10. It's already on the agenda. I know how to replicate it.
  11. This is an issue with your client. Visit #support for assistance.
  12. This appears to be an oversight. This has been fixed for 735.4
  13. Stage 3 of Epsilon Development begins in Patch 735.4, all missing items will be inserted in 735.5.