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  1. Azarchius

    .NPC set Helm

    Not possible.
  2. Excruciatingly difficult. M2s have 'dynamic skins' of sorts, which the client does not know how to deal with unless they're bound to a player. This is why all the items have no skin (are white). This can be surpassed by making a new m2 object for every item in the game, but that's... a lot of files. Like, a LOT of files. The issue isn't time, I can make them in an afternoon, the issue is that it's hundreds of thosands of files, meaning another 10+ CDN servers. Or a single untouchable, statically spawned items server, which may lead to slow load times for the items. It will require a considerable amount of reverse engineering to deal with effectively using existing files--but it's not impossible. And it's something I realy, really want to do, the ability to spawn items for the purposes of displays, mannequins, warfronts, etc.
  3. Please do not brigade Suggestion Box threads. Thanks.
  4. We will be looking to downport all 8.3 content in 7356.
  5. It doesn't make sense for it to be limited to owners, indeed. This will be in for 7355.
  6. I'm currently looking to get this done (with phaseshifting, of course) for 7356.
  7. We are strongly wary of such mechanisms, but we may rethink this if the community debates the merit and demerits of such information being broadcasted and convinces us. On the one hand, it will make it harder to advertise a new phase--on the other, when a phase actually has a few people inside, players may be more incentivized to join when they know there's already people there. I'd say make a thread in Meredil and link it in the Discord to people.
  8. A very reasonable request for an oversight. In for 7355.
  9. Regrettably, what you describe is an undertaking far more monumental that it appears. To create a spell, a number of tables need to be edited--which can reach up to 10-15 or so. Additionally, spells are stored client side--in db2 tables, rather than in server code, so it will require streaming updates. So first, I'd like to get a clarification on whether what you *really* want is a spell forge. What does this mean? Why can't you make use of these spell objects already? Is the problem that you want to 'shoot' them at someone? Is the issue that you need them to perform their animations, which when spawned normally, they do not? Or?
  10. .lookup displayid creature on 7355 will try and locate the contents of your search in either the m2 filepath or the in the texture path.
  11. On second thought, we will be looking into this as we will not be updating to BFA anytime soon. Moved back to the main forum.
  12. Azarchius


    Hail traveler. Wait you're not new
  13. You're asking for something pretty huge. Fortunately for you, I think this is possible. I cannot promise it anytime soon.