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  1. That's quite interesting! I'm rather doubtful we'd get much tract by posting there, but it definitely wouldn't hurt. Nice catch. Our launch thread some three years ago was deleted, so we hadn't done any there since.
  2. Ah, I misread. For the record, our thread was purged form /r/wowroleplay when we launched, so I doubt that's a feasible location.
  3. I agree with the sentiment. However, I disagree with advertising Epsilon as a brand new server--it really isn't. We have already advertised ourselves to /r/wowservers in the past, and we are even mentioned in its sticky and have an entry in the associated dkp website, which is how several people have found us. I think it's a good idea if we make a thread to time with the release of 735.4, but I'm not sure which locations are proper other than /r/wowservers. I also don't see Argent Dawn and Moonguard as threats--a lot of people who join Epsilon come from there, as I ask each and every single person how they found us and what community they hail from. It appears our name circulates across multiple guilds and communities in both servers, and that's pretty much all we can hope for in that regard beyond making WoW accounts and starting to advertise in Pornshire (no thank you). I also second the subject of welcoming new players. It is a very difficult transition to make if you've never played on this type of server before, and many roleplayers who have heard of phase-based servers lambast it as a ridiculous premise. Our primary objective should be to educate players on the differences that can be found between streamlined narrative RP servers, whether GM or not, and phase-based RP servers. Our server is more like Reddit, a place to host private servers (phases) that each act as more like a campaign with a central theme, so that each can coexist. Much of people's annoyance with streamlined RP servers is that characters are developed for years and people refuse to part with them, even under epic circumstances, or try to bring them back. It is less common here as characters are, inherently, throwaway, and are more similar to a D&D campaign rather than some kind of personification you must protect at all costs.
  4. There is no perm parameter for waypoint emotes. I've replicated the bug however in our development environment. This will be fixed for 735.4
  5. Azarchius


    Welcome aboard.
  6. Timespan will probably be up to six hours.
  7. It's much more likely an .npc announce say/yell/emote $text #interval_in_seconds will be coming instead. That way, you can also make actual conversations or emotes take place every so long. And if you want to make some chat that is rather benign, such as a guard scratching his ass on patrol, if you make the interval not the same length as the patrol, he'll always scratch his ass at a different place.
  8. Oh, you don't want a patrol, you want an announcer. I'll have to investigate what's the least resource intensive way of doing this. Maybe the answer _is_ waypoints but I'm not so sure.
  9. Won't happen. Sorry. Random character section bytes is freakishly annoying to do.
  10. Excellent suggestion. I won't be able to investigate this for 7354, but I'll be looking into it for the next patch.
  11. You'd need to use the command hundreds of times to move even modest builds, which will cause lag. Use phase import requests if you want a phase moved to another, I'll be doing it myself.
  12. We already crossed into Blizzard IDs. The NPC template debacle happened because I was not aware we crossed into Blizzard NPC territory. It will not happen again; there is no need to worry.
  13. You need an npc to stand at a specific location for **30 minutes** as part of its patrol? Could you explain your reasoning? The limit can be raised, of course, but I'd rather hear some justification first.