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  1. We are currently hard at work accomodating Russian and Spanish localizations of Epsilon. We already have translated DB2s so that localized clients work on Epsilon. If a German community develops, please don't hesitate to agree on a representative so that we can make the community feel right at home. Welcome!
  2. "Not having the newer allied races implemented"? You can already create Zandalari from the character create screen. Just Vulpera and Mechagnome are missing.
  3. Azarchius


    Welcome aboard!
  4. Azarchius


    Welcome aboard!
  5. You're going to need to provide more details, like what error message you were getting when you were experiencing high amounts of disconnects.
  6. The limit is 6 in 8300, and the limit will hopefully be removed by 8301.
  7. Fair enough. Made a task on Phabricator for it.
  8. Any phase that has decided to set itself as 'listed', will be shown in phase overview so long as there is at last one person in the phase. I'm unfamiliar with Divinity-X. By roleplay announce, you mean something like .eventannounce, or something more elaborate?
  9. How would you define 'currently hosted'? We currently have a 'listed' system, whereby you list your phase, and it's automatically delisted from phase overview if there is no one in the phase. You shouldn't be able to see empty phases in .phase overview. Is the issue that there are phases in phase overview that are not hosting?
  10. But what's that road? Looks like actual textures from high up at least. Edit: Oh, it's Andorhal lol, of course. It has actually green textures in the western half. Didn't realize it was Andorhal.
  11. Definitely has terrain texture patch at a minimum. That, or he phaseshifted some map other than the EK continent.
  12. Azarchius

    .NPC set Helm

    Not possible.
  13. Excruciatingly difficult. M2s have 'dynamic skins' of sorts, which the client does not know how to deal with unless they're bound to a player. This is why all the items have no skin (are white). This can be surpassed by making a new m2 object for every item in the game, but that's... a lot of files. Like, a LOT of files. The issue isn't time, I can make them in an afternoon, the issue is that it's hundreds of thosands of files, meaning another 10+ CDN servers. Or a single untouchable, statically spawned items server, which may lead to slow load times for the items. It will require a considerable amount of reverse engineering to deal with effectively using existing files--but it's not impossible. And it's something I realy, really want to do, the ability to spawn items for the purposes of displays, mannequins, warfronts, etc.