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    Welcome aboard, mate!
  2. @Razmataz the problem is the client is crashing because we are force-loading enGB/enUS db2s, we need to change those db2s to be universal-type db2s, and override a bunch of other db2s like class db2s with the locale-specific stuff. It mostly means changing the locale flag on our primary Epsilon-esque db2s, and then trying to load a non-English locale and seeing one by one which db2s it QQs about
  3. Welcome aboard mate!
  4. I do think that, to a certain extent, a well-built phase has a core 'home team' audience that it appeals to--some community or Discord, the 'clique' as some call it. I do like Valo's way of describing the situation: you are a guest in someone else's house. Completely come-as-you-go, free-for-all public phase RP has very little you could possibly do if it's not a campaign. You've brought a character to someone else's phase, and it is essentially an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other and see if they want to permanently join. I don't find it strange at all to host 'private RP' in what is otherwise a public phase, for when quality control is important. I feel like a true private phase is a phase that was entirely built for a predetermined group of friends, with maybe a friend-of-a-friend sometimes joining. Whereas public phase RP would be the idea that anyone can come in and check it out and maybe join the phase. But having a truly 'public' phase is next to impossible to manage without dedicated DMs managing the situation, and really that's not very fun. It seems like an OK situation. So long as phases accept public people--either by just joining and checking it out on the surface, or through advertisements--the situation seems pretty acceptable. What's important, I feel, is that a person doesn't come online and ask 'where do I go for RP?' and can't get an answer. At least surface-level RP where they can probe whether they wish to make a certain phase their home, rather than just sit in start all day talking with people until someone thinks they're cool and invites them to their clique.
  5. We are currently hard at work accomodating Russian and Spanish localizations of Epsilon. We already have translated DB2s so that localized clients work on Epsilon. If a German community develops, please don't hesitate to agree on a representative so that we can make the community feel right at home. Welcome!
  6. "Not having the newer allied races implemented"? You can already create Zandalari from the character create screen. Just Vulpera and Mechagnome are missing.
  7. Azarchius


    Welcome aboard!
  8. You're going to need to provide more details, like what error message you were getting when you were experiencing high amounts of disconnects.
  9. The limit is 6 in 8300, and the limit will hopefully be removed by 8301.
  10. Fair enough. Made a task on Phabricator for it.
  11. Any phase that has decided to set itself as 'listed', will be shown in phase overview so long as there is at last one person in the phase. I'm unfamiliar with Divinity-X. By roleplay announce, you mean something like .eventannounce, or something more elaborate?
  12. How would you define 'currently hosted'? We currently have a 'listed' system, whereby you list your phase, and it's automatically delisted from phase overview if there is no one in the phase. You shouldn't be able to see empty phases in .phase overview. Is the issue that there are phases in phase overview that are not hosting?