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  1. I feel bad that no one replied as most of our community interacts through Discord and ingame these days rather than the forums, so let me say, welcome aboard!
  2. We've addressed a major issue. Can you confirm that your error was resolved?
  3. Seems like the button wasn't in the toolbar. I've added it now--it looks like an eye.
  4. Thanks anyway. x)
  5. fdkjsgfhgjkfgls
  6. I didn't actually think of having items tied to a phase, so that officers exclusively can distribute, say, passes, or coins. Yeah. When I make the item forge, this is definitely going to be an aspect of it.
  7. Great idea. I'm specifically thinking of two things: One that displays a regular system message, kind of like how you're told "You are now rested" when you enter a rested area, and another that displays a popup just like the teleportation system for more elaborate messages. So that approaching a locked door will have a dialogue pop up (with no options, just text), such as "the ornate bronze door is streaked with blood." Flavour stuff.
  8. Like Ross said, if you're looking for these kinds of in-the-works updates that's what #dev-updates is for. If you keep up-to-date with it, you'll notice these features as they are being worked on and implemented.
  9. This is .gobject visibility permanent, the very command we implemented this very patch mate... Edit: Wait this was posted two days before the patch came out, I'll give you a pass on this.
  10. Changelog (Patch 735.2) (20-12-2018) (Release date) Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. New Features .announce Players are now unable to use .announce unless they have linked their account up with Discord. To link your account to Discord, login and type .discord link $DiscordName Example: .discord link Name#1337 Once done, you will get a message telling you to message our Epsilon Chatbot on Discord with a verification code. Remember to be online in-game while doing so. After doing so, your account and Discord are linked. .char rename It is now possible to use previously banned words in your character's name. Example: Your character can now be named Bob the Builder if you so wish. .gobject visibility permanent You're now able to set an object's visibility to permanent, meaning it will not disappear when you go beyond 533 yards away if your visibility is set to 'far'. There is currently a cap of 200 per phase. If this cap is reached, request an increase. .lookup filters You're now able to filter results when you use the .lookup command! Simply add keywords with spaces between them. Example: ".lookup item vrykul mail helm" will give results using those words while items such as "shoulder_plate_vrykul" will be ignored. This works for the following commands: .lookup item, object, creature, spell, title, map & tele Currently does not work for skyboxes, as it works differently. .waypoint It is now possible to give NPCs waypoints. Available subcommands: .waypoint add - Adds a waypoint to the selected NPC. .waypoint delete - Removes a selected waypoint. .waypoint modify [cast/chance/chat/delay/movetype/playsound/position/activate/emote] .waypoint modify chat [say/yell/emote] .waypoint show [on/off] - Shows the waypoints of a selected NPC. Needs to be toggled on to delete waypoints. .waypoint start/stop - Either starts or stops the selected NPC's waypoint. .waypoint info - Shows info based on the modifiers used on a selected waypoint. Remember; you can always use .help <command> in-game to get clarification on a command or its subcommands. Example: .help waypoint modify chance We will also eventually have an explanation of how this command as well as its subcommands work over at the Epsilon Command Guide. New & Changed Commands Gobjects .gobject tele add Now defaults to selected gobject. .gobject tele setactive Now works with having only one object. In the past, two objects were needed to be assigned to one another for this command to work, what it does is play an animation when the teleport is activated. For example, it can make a door open or a teleportation pad cast a spell effect to appear as if it is teleporting you. The object does not need to be an actual teleporter, but can instead be a static object playing an animation when approached by a player. An example would be making doors open up as you approach, to simulate a mage walking through doors that magically open. "It means my character can approach doors like a royal and they'll open before her unaided." - Tia It could also be used to have lamps illuminate as you walk past them. .toggle .toggle event Turns off event announcements separately. .toggle guild Turns off guild announcements separately. We heard people did not like announcements, rejoice, you can now turn off all kinds of announcements. Phases .phase forge npc .phase forge npc create Maximum limit of custom NPCs per phase has been increased from 400 to 800. If this cap is reached, request an increase. .phase forge npc weapons New command format. .phase forge npc weapons $ItemEntry $ItemSlot $[BonusID] ItemSlot dictates in what hand the given item is held. 0 = Mainhand, 1 = Offhand, 2 = Ranged. To unequip an item from an NPC type: .phase forge npc weapons 0 [0,1,2] .phase set .phase set time [off] Will revert the time of the phase back to server time if it has been changed. .phase toggle .phase toggle silence [on/off] Allows/disallows spells to be cast within the phase, including the use of .cast. .lookup skybox .lookup skybox #id Allows you to search for a skybox ID to see what zone(s) the given skybox is used in. Can be useful for finding the name and/or alternatives if you found a skybox you like through random numbers. .mod native .mod native off Should return you to your original race and gender if .mod native has been used. .npc .npc aura/unaura Has been moved to a subcommand under .npc set. New format is: .npc set aura #SpellID .npc set unaura #SpellID/All .npc move New subcommand. .npc move [$direction] [#distance] Accepted directions are: forwards, left, backwards, right, upwards, downwards (Full word is not required) .npc set New subcommands. .npc set flyable Allows the targeted NPC to fly, useful in conjunction with waypoints. .npc set autohover [off/dynamic/always] Allows the targeted NPC to fly in place, works best with NPCs that have a flying animation. Dynamic - If paired with .npc set flyable, an NPC is able to fly in the air and stand on the ground when .npc cometome is used in the air or on the ground respectively. Always - Unlike Dynamic, if always is toggled on, the NPC will continue to fly on the ground. Bug Fixes Gobjects .gobject near Should no longer return a "0 found" message and should display the correct amount of nearby objects. .gobject set state .gob set state 5 0 should no longer crash the server. Apparently someone was trying to turn non-destructible objects into destructibles. We do not condone destructive behaviour like this. Stay safe, kiddos. .gobject teleporter add Should now be able to default to a selected object. No need to input the GUID of an object now, simply select an object and add a teleporter to it. Missing gobjects Objects that were previously missing have been found and returned to the server where they belong. Many of these objects were part of Argus and the 7.3 patch. List of all previously missing objects: .lookup creature Should no longer result in a crash after executing a specific set of commands. Phases .phase forge npc outfit equip Should no longer return a "invalid input" error when trying to equip an NPC with custom items. .phase forge npc outfit & weapons It is now possible to assign BonusID to items given to NPCs. This means you can assign items that look like the LFR/Heroic/Mythic variants of an item to a custom NPC. .phase set time Should no longer be set to a random time after a server restart. Joining a phase using server time directly from a phase with a custom time should now result in time being set to server time. .possess The base spell for the .possess command should no longer work on other players. We get some people are possessive, but possessing other people is just too much okay. NPCs .npc set aura If multiple auras have been applied to an NPC, all of them should now persist after a server restart. .npc go Should once more allow a selected NPC to be the valid target, rather than having to input the GUID. .npc near Should no longer return a "0 found" message and should display the correct amount of nearby NPCs. .npc move Fixed once more. NPCs falling through objects NPCs should no longer fall through objects. However if they do, they should resynch and appear back to where they were spawned. Unnecessary Spells Many characters have had their spellbooks clogged up with unnecessary spells, next time you login, you should find them gone from your characters' spellbook. Learning a spell from a class should no longer add the entire class' kit to your spellbook. Removed Commands .zonexy Removed for being nothing but useless and crashing everyone. Trashâ„¢
  11. To be honest, nobody among the staff who knows how to work with and create videos isn't currently swamped with work. (I should say, **always** swamped with work) If someone would like to step forward and make these videos, we'd be happy to help in any way we can, and furthermore host it on Epsilon's official channel. I do strongly agree as well that a tutorial is very much needed. The Command Guide is fantastic documentation, but we do need some kind of introduction to commands for people who have no idea what commands are or what is even possible. We can't make this a conclusive video that addresses all commands or even half the commands. That's what the Command Guide is for. But I think a tutorial is strongly required to familiarize players with the very concept of the server, a phase, commands, and how you operate them (exactly what is gobject selection, what are XYZO, some examples of npc and gobject commands, a POV of someone say building a house, etc.)
  12. Launched an investigation into this. Apparently, my script was a little too smart--it was double-checking to make sure there are no duplicates in the display info table. These objects are all objects that were already defined in the displayid table by Blizzard themselves, so they were not added (and so no corresponding object template was created). As 735 didn't come with a TDB, it means that these were missed. These objects, along with all gobject versions of items, are being added in 735.1
  13. Welcome aboard!
  14. Can you check if this is still a problem?