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  1. Its a pain spawning groups of similar NPCs, for example. Spawning 1 captain and 9 footmen, add them to a formation and have them patroling. Can there be like a .npc formation blueprint new "Footman Company." and when you spawn the blueprint, it spawns the NPCs and puts them into formation already for you? It would cut down a lot of work with formation stuff. It would speed up encounter design for DMing by alot. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
  2. The last coals of the Fourth War have died out, armies of the Alliance and Horde prepare for another war! Knowing that their goals have not been met, but peace is maintained for the time being. A small recurring conflict threatens that tenuous peace, Alterac Valley. Cold hatreds rouse again through the conflict of the Stormpike Clan and Frostwolf Clan! Meanwhile other nefarious forces lay in the dark waiting to spring their plans… Shadows of Lordamere is a warfront phase between Horde and Alliance along with other neutral-hostile factions. The phase will include a RPG-lite system inspired heavily from DnD 5e, a super simplified ruleset for ease of combat. Allowing a quick 10 minute read to get one’s bearings. Elegance is the name of the game! Emergent depth with simple mechanics! The phase will include all of Lordaeron and Quel’thalas, but will start out with Alterac Valley as the center of conflict and the phase will slowly expand outwards. Player-driven DMing with a couple of planned events for intersecting storylines. ✦ Timeline: Prior to the start of Shadowlands Timeline! ✦ Faction Grand Strategy RP, but neutral-hostiles are welcome! ✦ Post-4th War! ✦ Player housing is available! ✦ Redone & Lore Updated Alterac Valley with HD models! ✦ Prestige characters allowed /w approved application! ✦ Phase timescale is x4 real time. 1 real hour = 4 hours in phase-hours! ✦ An item economy /w simple mechanics for item crafting! ✦ Phase members may self-DM character progression and spoutenous Currently, I have been working on the Alterac Valley and Northern EK portion of the phase for 6 months in earnest. I have some of the big building things out of the way, making everything look HD, I need help with decorating large buildings and creating NPCs mainly before we can launch. **DMs and Builders wanted!** But future players can get an early head start and join too! Phase Discord: https://discord.gg/mCChZX4
  3. As a new player! I love it, gonna use it for all my characters now.