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Found 9 results

  1. This patch replaces the avengingangel.m2 (the guardian of ancient kings, the paladin spell) with a male armored Kyrian! The model is not normally transparent and can be achieved with spells, such as Transparency 25% (id 37801) and extra glow with spells like Simulated Life (232365). This model can do most of the Kyrian animations, though hasn't been able to do the very newest ones. (sorry, no chokehold carry for this guy) It also has trouble with the same things Val'kyr have trouble with, like... hovering. Not sure on that one, comment if you know how to fix that. Download here and extract the zip directly into the patches folder at Epsilon8300_retail_\Patches https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ihoygzlFmkhX81IUU7nZ94GXcUWeXRt-/view?usp=share_link Please note: when Shadowlands arrives, this patch will likely be updated to fix issues that I'm sure will come up.
  2. "No one is all too sure where the Scourge came from, they had been hunted and chased down to near extinction by the Forces of Azeroth. And yet...on the faithful day of January 1st, 50 ADP, 5 Years after the 4th War. Sylvanas with a retinue of Scourge Knights brought a massive legion down upon Icecrown. The fragmented Ebon Blade defence shattered before their sudden and violent assault. The brave 120 Death knights led by Dread Commander Roselli Frostwither was overwhelmed by the New Darkness and destroyed. So quickly did the Lich King's armies fall to the command of the Banshee Queen..." "Most...disturbing of all is that when she reach her way to the top slaughtering the last of the Defenders with such casual and almost pleased leisure, she fought the Lich king Bolvar and atop of Ice Crown, the Lich King Sat, mind assailed by misunderstood and unknown forces. Fell quickly before the Banshee Queen. On that terrible day she claimed the helm of Domination and rather then claim its epic near godlike power, she shattered it and with it split the sky open..." "It didn't take long, the Veil had been lifted and the Scourge, once a vanquished threat suddenly and viscerally tore their way through every major city, every town, every little village and every corner. We survived, but the world that emerged without its heroes and leaders was forever changed. We are the Last Line of Defence, whether you are a Farmer, A Warrior or a Scholar, it is now up to you to take the mantle and Fight for Azeroth or fall before the Ascendent Scourge, and it's treacherous Overlords from beyond the Veil." Shadowfrost is a simulation of events taking place on Azeroth that restores the spirit of Warcraft 3, The Heroes of Azeroth were either kidnapped, slain or still walk among us albeit very few in number. Heroes such as King Anduin has been removed from his world and in his stead, desperate new heroes have risen and so has such happened across the world. You will experience the terrible and violent fate Arthas had died preventing, a feral Scourge wielded by a shadowy Overlord only known to most as 'The Dark Lord'. Watch as the world evolves and changes around your choices, whether you come to slay a monster or try to set up your own towny, your choices matter and will define the fate of Azeroth in this most desperate and seemingly endless Struggle. Whether you wish to remain among the Brave and unsung or raise yourself in the ranks and join side by side with the likes of Calia Menethil or Lilian Voss, there is a story for you or perhaps you wish to join the Scourge and try to seize the ever shifting and chaotic fate of Azeroth. Explore many zones, from the Scorched remains of Stranglethorn or to distant Drustvar, Find yourself a story and tell it with the help of the DMs~! https://discord.gg/V9mADzUUYk What is Needed? Dungeon Masters: We are looking for people to help DM the ever shifting and complicated story, Multiple Zones means multiple Events and sometimes people are caught up in a myriad of other things. We are looking for decently well experienced DMs and offer lessons to master and understand our fairly simple systems. Our focus is on Narrative and not so much trying to win, this is necessary because the Maw is a powerful faction and needs to be handled properly. Builders: As is to be expected for a project like this, there is huge demand for builders as the slow crawl of RP opens up new areas and sometimes old areas must be updated. Builders will experience a steady stream of Work, and can leave any time. Players: We have many faction DMs but few players for zones, so if you are just looking to play on Shadowfrost with no Ranks or anything, that is certainly an option. What to Expect? 1. Custom Lore Obviously when it comes to remixing an entire expansion's story and shifting focus to Azeroth and covering the effects of what happened in the Shadowlands Story, there is bound to be a lot of differences. There is also player caused drift, since decisions matter. You'll find custom results and new alliances and possibilities being explored and unlocked fairly often. There is also a general expansion of lore in various places, whether it is being able to explore new subzones or purchasing in-world products for RP there is quite a lot of unique flavor and story to uncover and learn. 2. Consistent Dungeon Mastering The Phases may be inactive at times but don't worry, we're not dead. We do things in depth, whether it is covering the story of Duskwood or steadily defeating the Drust. Wars are very realistic here so as a player its encouraged to develop your own types of RP, whether it is going out and exploring places or maybe getting a job within the world. 3. Diverse RP Situations There is a lot of thought put into the logistics of surviving and maybe even thriving in a Post-Helm Azeroth. Some Zones are far harder to survive in then in others. Within Redridge Mountains you could lead an idyllic existence building something new after the fall. Maybe you live within Badlands, continuing the 4th War past its end and fight old grudges while fighting and dying over the most mere of scraps for water and food. Maybe you stalk the haunted Woods of Duskwood, exploring decayed vast depths and ruins or exploring where civilization has yet to touch and maybe, ambitiously, trying to settle it yourself. Perhaps you are an Army person, fighting in the frigid North against unending horrors or maybe you are starving, Hungry and under supplied remnant of the Old World, fighting in the sands of Silithus. Perhaps you are a Shattrath Vindicator or Broken Rangeri exploring the regrown black Morass to fight the Botani Infestation and truly understand and learn about the Dark Portal. Any situation and increasingly anywhere is possible for RP with a team of people strangely fixated on Wow eager to tell the story with you. Whatever it is you are looking for, there is a good chance you'll find it here and if not right now? Tomorrow is always a possibility. 4. Pro LGBTIQ+ Staff, Community and Setting. Here's where we get serious, Shadowfrost has various members that align either leftward or more Centre but we all agree that LGBTIQ+ People matter and are valid. If you do not believe this, you won't last long here, if I am honest. That said, if you are someone who enjoys diversity in story, and or enjoy classical RPG and RP experiences you shall not be excluded or looked down upon. Simeone's people just wanna RP a band of merry brothers exploring the woods. This isn't about controlling you, its about finding a Community to have fun in. 5. Dynamic hosting times Most events will be within 3-5 AM AEST as the Phase Owner is within that Timezone but as the Team grows and timezones diversify there maybe be events at any time. From hosting the phase to proper events. Many hosting sessions do end up becoming some form of event. As such if you end up missing something, don't fret. There is always something more goin on. Screenshots
  3. This patch replaces dragonhawks with the noodly foxes/wolves from Shadowlands. (I know Shadowlands should be here soon but I love these things and I couldn't wait) Download here and extract the zip directly into the patches folder at Epsilon8300_retail_\Patches https://drive.google.com/file/d/14HGS_Vfr2Dtbfho9wR8WZddkvuwiLXGC/view?usp=share_link
  4. The last coals of the Fourth War have died out, armies of the Alliance and Horde prepare for another war! Knowing that their goals have not been met, but peace is maintained for the time being. A small recurring conflict threatens that tenuous peace, Alterac Valley. Cold hatreds rouse again through the conflict of the Stormpike Clan and Frostwolf Clan! Meanwhile other nefarious forces lay in the dark waiting to spring their plans… Shadows of Lordamere is a warfront phase between Horde and Alliance along with other neutral-hostile factions. The phase will include a RPG-lite system inspired heavily from DnD 5e, a super simplified ruleset for ease of combat. Allowing a quick 10 minute read to get one’s bearings. Elegance is the name of the game! Emergent depth with simple mechanics! The phase will include all of Lordaeron and Quel’thalas, but will start out with Alterac Valley as the center of conflict and the phase will slowly expand outwards. Player-driven DMing with a couple of planned events for intersecting storylines. ✦ Timeline: Prior to the start of Shadowlands Timeline! ✦ Faction Grand Strategy RP, but neutral-hostiles are welcome! ✦ Post-4th War! ✦ Player housing is available! ✦ Redone & Lore Updated Alterac Valley with HD models! ✦ Prestige characters allowed /w approved application! ✦ Phase timescale is x4 real time. 1 real hour = 4 hours in phase-hours! ✦ An item economy /w simple mechanics for item crafting! ✦ Phase members may self-DM character progression and spoutenous Currently, I have been working on the Alterac Valley and Northern EK portion of the phase for 6 months in earnest. I have some of the big building things out of the way, making everything look HD, I need help with decorating large buildings and creating NPCs mainly before we can launch. **DMs and Builders wanted!** But future players can get an early head start and join too! Phase Discord: https://discord.gg/mCChZX4
  5. Hello! Recently, a friend of mine had given me the files required to import Kel'thuzad from the Shadowlands into our current generation of WoW; His name is Taldor, and you may know him. He gave me permission to upload this, and also showed me how to do some basic patchwerk. Below are some screenshots to show you how the new Kel'thuzad skin looks, as well as the patch itself. To install it, do the following: First, download the .zip file. Next, extract the files here: C:(or whatever drive you use)/ ... /Epsilon (Or whatever you have the game folder named)/_retail_/Patches It should look something like Epsilon/_retail_/Patches/kelthuzad with the files Finally, you need to activate the patch. Simply go to your epsilon launcher, and click the 'Patches' button on the right. It should allow you to then check off the patch... And boom! You're good to go! There we go. Hope this is helpful to you guys! ______________________________________________________ Oh, and additionally, I called it v1.0! I should give a bit of insight on that! I noticed a glaring issue or two with the skin to keep in mind. First, there are no frost effects like the original has (and I'd like to fix that for the future), And second, there is no dialogue animation like the original has (which I don't know if I'll get a chance to fix) But yeah, there you have it! kelthuzad.zip
  6. Hey, there. This patch adds in pretty much all of the Shadowlands weapons we've seen so far through datamining-- with a few exceptions, as there's only a finite amount of replaceable weapons in the game. Everything from hammers (even Bolvar's) to swords to staves to those sweet, sweet harps are in this patch. To install the patch, simply download the patch, and extract the Item folder inside into your root WoW folder (where the .exe is and all that jazz). If there's any weapons you think should be added to the patch, don't hesitate to PM me. If you come across any bugs or glitches with the weapons, please inform me! Provide an explanation and a picture and I'll address it ASAP. Download (item names are in the galleries below) Shadowlands Weapons - Swords Shadowlands Weapons - Fist Weapons Shadowlands Weapons - Staves Shadowlands Weapons - Polearms Shadowlands Weapons - Daggers Shadowlands Weapons - Ranged Shadowlands Weapons - Maces Shadowlands Weapons - Shields Shadowlands Weapons - Axes Shadowlands Weapons - Miscellaneous
  7. just a simple downport from retail extract the character folder and install as you would any patch ? before: after: SLBelfBlackHair.rar
  8. Hello, so this is just a small patch that adds the following 3 hairstyles as shown from the shadowlands alpha. Eventually I will get round to doing the males and adding the other female hairs but for now, you can enjoy this ? You will notice that with the first one, I had to cut off the original ponytail and replace it with a pre-existing one due to the hair not being properly rigged at the moment. https://mega.nz/folder/KAgB3QzC#IlPVN60B2_tDnGUUalI4Ig
  9. I downported 3 of the new male Orc skins from the Alpha, they replace 3 of the Mag'har skins for regular Orcs. I decided to replace these because we have playable Mag'har, so the ones on the regular Orcs are easy choices to replace. To install simply extract the Character folder into your Epsilon directory (where the EpsilonWoW.exe is). I plan to do females as well, maybe the Worgen ones, and DEFINITELY the black Blood Elves when I find their files. Note: This does not include the tattoos, JUST the skin colours. OrcMaleShadowlandsSkins.rar