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  1. Hi there. I usually RP along with some friends and folks from Epsilon, and we're trying to find some new friends to help expand the group. If you're interested, give me a poke on Discord! Mine is Celes#8743.
  2. Well, just looking for fellow players and people interested in forming fun-oriented, healthy RP groups, hopefully with at little drama as possible. Friendly folks, open-minded people and respectful fellas are welcome. No story or anything set yet, this is simply a little advertisement to encourage the potential creation of a small group of likeminded people gathering around to have fun on their chars, do an event here and there, that kind of stuff. Leave a message here with your Discord or ingame name, or poke me on my own Discord, Celes#8743, if interested.
  3. Eh, posting some drawings I've made of my chars in the past. Don't judge too harshly please. Celes, in her more "casual" garments. She's a Technomage. Celes' usual combat gear. More magitech. That's the stuff under the armor. Minerva, in her usual armor. Though she's been wearing a different set lately and I still gotta draw it. Mirae, she's a Highborne. Older version of Mirae's drawing. That's Meeia. Dragon wearing a Gnome's disguise, etcetera. Well, that's Katherine. She's a wandering Paladin and stuff. Selenis. She dances and stuff. Melodalia (AKA Melody). Smells like squid and fruits. And Koko. She's a Druidess and a hippie.
  4. Celes

    New place?

    Hello, it's me, Celes. Some of you know me (and probably dislike me a lot), others don't, but I'm at least eager to meet some new faces. I used to play on Paragon but left after some of the behavior there drove me away. Given I don't have WoW, I figured I'd give a try here, so, hello there folks. I play a few chars. Celes, Mirae, Katherine, Koko, Selenis, and so on. I draw art of them too (some of it being somewhat skimpy), but that's about it. Here goes nothing.