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  1. Granted, you spend all of that time on that one character sitting in start. I wish I wasn't so sleepy. :zzz:
  2. are you on the roof

    1. Fiddler


      im the fiddler im the fiddler im the fiddler on the deck

  3. onyxian armored nightmare dragon morph lets gooooooo
  4. Fiddler


    wtf valo is that you
  5. Fiddler

    Dark of the Moon

    Oh my, wot's dis?
  6. Yoooo, m’boi Lucien back at it again. Can’t wait to see some new folks jumping in.
  7. Granted, but you can only eat disgusting liquid food. I wish 8.0 would come instead of 7.3
  8. Granted, but a random douchebag eats all of it before you and it ends up being poisonous, killing the guy. I wish someone gave me early access to all of the E3 games I'm hyped for.
  9. Granted, but it will only be inhabited by mindless children of the ages 5-12. I wish for more patches pls
  10. Hey, welcome! Doin' good, hope you enjoy your stay in Pepsilon. Try out the cool shit like phase building and whatever
  11. Granted, but the whole toxic waste pool of retail RP godmodders are the ones that enter Epsilon. I wish to become a master of animating and turn RP events and scenarios into animations
  12. can i smoke any of you peoples intestines pls

    1. Romeo


      Sure! Go right ahead! Yes! Thank you!

    2. Fiddler


      Ah, thanks Romeo, you're the best.

      Anyways, how was that tobacco flavoured coffee

    3. Romeo


      It was great! Thanks for asking!

  13. Ooh, this sounds pretty cool. Thanks ya elven hag