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  1. The Rosalia patch, or Leffy patch, is a collection of pieces edited by a couple people for the customisation of my main character, the smol goth vampyr waifu, Rosalia/Lia/Rose/Rosa/Leffy. It includes an edited skin to replace the Whitemane skin that was taken from a Void Elf skin and painstakingly converted to the human model, desaturated, and coloured in such a way as to suit the vampiric aesthetics required. This was done by Ethereal, and they had also edited the Death Knight Eyeglow (which can be used universally by putting it into a separate race/sex folder. I.E. character/bloodelf/female. This changes the blue glow to a vermillion for the Death Knight of that specific race and sex.) It also includes a hair conversion from the Void Elf hair model to the female human that was done by none other than Valiyah! It will replace the 5th option in the character creation menu, as can be seen in the following screenshots. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/czddy18a1erra8v/Leffy_Patch%21.zip/file SCREENSHOTS:
  2. During my time building on the server, I've since begun to make far more complex shapes with gardens, platforms, and other such spaces which, inevitably due to their custom shapes, require the use of buildingtiles. Now for many of these projects, square tiles are sufficient, however there are instances in which I require a more rounded shape or triangular one or a rectangular variant, even plank-like. I am reminded of some functionalities of building blocks and so forth in other games which have the same pattern of a square tile shared with planks, triangles, discs, spheres, rectangles, and cubes, and so it is in circumstances such as these that I face the need for the same form of building block in my phases. For certain gardens I require discs, for some corners I require triangles, and sometimes along perfectly flat surfaces I require planks or rectangles to evenly accommodate certain spaces whilst preserving the overall scale and visual integrity of the terrain, paving, or the like. The possibilities this sort of variety would offer would make the flow of phase aesthetics much smoother while also giving far greater options in construction, and that means greater immersion for those appreciating phases that take advantage of such constructive, and creative, capacity. Limitless potential, which our server must strive for, to ensure that the artistic license, that RP servers such as this are meant to indulge, is fully realized and encouraged...
  3. As others have surely noticed, and bemoaned, the m2s that we place in our phases lack shadows. Now this is a purely aesthetic issue that really serves no further purpose than to make our structures and such appear more... Concrete, part of the worldscape, but for those of us that take great pride in the appearance of our work in the phases and a desire to make what we build feel like a natural part of the world of Warcraft, that is still very important. Personally, I find it a great deal dysphoric to be walking around phases with shadows working on wmos and the natural, built-in structures of the game and for the m2s placed by players to have such a lacking, as though the objects are hollow ghosts of what should be there. If it's at all possible, it would be most appealing to find that our m2s and other objects take on the same properties as the objects already in the world, such properties which tell the client to render shadows for such objects which, sadly, our own objects lack the capacity at present. Among many other concepts, this would surely be one that would have a remarkable impact on the appearance of the client to the player base and give a more... Official look, a polish, to the creations of the players.
  4. Presently typing this out on my phone, so there won't be screenshots, but another zone currently not covered by phaseshifting is the death knight starting zone, the Scarlet Enclave. I've tried phase shifting in every corner of the map, as well as every zone within the area. It does not register such as a known zone. I've tried doing the command ".ph shi doo unknown off" as it suggested, but to no avail.
  5. Yes. The North Sea is doodadless.
  6. The Amani regions of the Ghostlands, particularly Zul Aman itself, along with the Amani Pass, seem to lack the ability to be removed. Even with every other region of Quel'thalas (eversong and the ghostlands) being removed, the region of Zul Aman remains with its structures and trees. I discovered this when I had already phased out all of the ghostlands and eversong, only to discover that Zul Aman remained in its entirety. using the .ph shift doodad unknown on/off equally hasn't had an effect.