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    Hiya folks!

    'Sup folks, Cagi here! I've come from RPH after having a rather extensive talk with some of the others, and this new server is looking extremely promising! People may recognise me from Rosehearth for playing Bafaeti and Girtas Silverwine as bartenders for the Honington Meadery, and I'll be super jazzed about getting to know this new community!
  2. All 'bout dat Pirris.
  3. Well for mine, I have a few: Pirris Starshifter: An arcane-based engineer who busted out of Shen'dralar (Dire Maul for you uncultured plebeians) after the death of the False Prince. She advanced in her trade from ancient arcane studies to modernised arcane studies as well as engineering, making a combination of the two as a examples in order to flaunt a superior intellect. With her ungodly ego comes a hatred for the kaldorei for holding a grudge for a crime she herself was not born early enough to help commit, as well as a joint hatred for her people that allow themselves to remain subjugated within Darnassus under strict regulation. Bafaeti Silverwine: Bafaeti comes from a line of working class servants who work in various forms of hospitality, such as restaurants, bartending and even soup kitchens for the needy. While a non-combatant, Bafaeti carries a lifetime's worth of experience for a younger member of her generation, even learning how to place herself on equal footing with various members of the Horde, whom she used to serve on a daily basis. If her diplomacy fails, a well-trained fighting style would have always been welcome, but this diminutive figure knows how to throw a punch! Bama Hammerwrench: (Yes, I am going there) Bama is a cynical gnomish siege engineer with a penchant for being used as a projectile by people. As a result, she's got a VERY thick skull and an even stronger level of stubbornness when it comes to her trade. Girtas Silverwine: Brother of Bafaeti Silverwine, Girtas diverted from the family trade of serving and served in the military as a Spellbreaker. With his knowledge of the arcane, he built himself a set of runic armour and a blade reinforced by fortification and fire runes before leaving the military to become a roaming adventurer. He's a raging ham and generally acts like a fairy tale knight.