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Found 4 results

  1. A collection of twenty-four banners containing the human kingdoms & more. AFK as a guard in style. Represent your nation AND kill while doing it! TO INSTALL: Download here. Open the .zip Drag folder within to Your Epsilon Folder/_retail_/patches Enable it on the launcher. Q & A What does this replace? Ugly vanilla spears. Read the info.txt file in the folder or click here for an in-browser view of item IDs. Why aren't some banners included, like Tauren? It didn't make sense, thematically, for them. I don't like one of the banner colors, will you change it? no Should I look forward to updates to this patch? No; it's done. What's next? I said HD Judgement and already took a detour. Who knows at this point Example images:
  2. VoyagedFlight, Dragonflight, whatever flight. Contains but is not limited to: HD Scalemail remake of vanilla gear, HD ironforge guard itemsets, various 10.1 items with custom recolors by myself and a host of upscaled textures because it's criminal for Blizzard to condense their work into 256x256 in current year. I can be reached on Discord @ Homelander#6842 for any inquiries. TO INSTALL: Download here. Open the .zip Drag folder within to your Epsilon/_retail_/patches folder Enable it on the launcher Q & A What does this replace? Read the info.txt file in the patch folder or navigate here for an in-browser list. What all races/genders do these items work on? All of them. I don't like one of the recolors, can you change it? no I don't like one of the replaced items, can you change it? no Will this patch be updated? Probably not. It's meant to serve as a one-and-done. Some items have buggy textures. Why's that? I ran out of ideas and interest for recolors barring the main selection. You can add more yourself and re-upload amongst your buddies if you want. What's next? The fabled HD Judgement patch will make a comeback. Example images below. Doesn't include everything by any means.
  3. Both patches done by Voyagercreates. Link to his website ---> https://voyagercreates.carrd.co/ Incubus patch 2.0. Introduces Incubi models. Also adds wingederedar animations. Includes talk anim, combat, wing animations, hover, tail gravity physics, etc. This is a standalone to his first Incubus patch so you can remove the previous version when downloading this one. DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SNzy94CW_mv7ozHJiBP3RLT-iGwiDRXV/view?usp=sharing Morph 71592, hovering morph 71593, landing from jump Succubus Elf bloodelf female DK skin replacer. Replaces 3 DK skins on belf females with custom red colours. Also replaces golden eye option with green goat pupil styled eyes. DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SM1--JPenONscr9AP2cjbEZ9mVuSKa1t/view?usp=sharing Skin 17, face 21 Skin 18, face 22 Skin 19, face 23 Have fun with these, and hit Voyager up when his comms are open because hot damn can this man create some cool stuff. Have fun roleplaying demons!
  4. FEMALE SETHRAK PATCH: First and foremost, I wish to give a HUGE thank you to Voyager, he worked so hard making this patch and bringing it to fruition. He did such a lovely freakin' job and I look forward to seeing everyone else enjoy his work. Now, with that in order, I want to explain a few things about the patch. There are a total of TWELVE female Sethrak models added within this mod that Voyager placed together with tidbits of help from me here and there. They replace the low definition human models from Vanilla WoW and therefore, that's what people without the patch will be seeing. I do wish to stress that installing this patch is imperative if you want to be able to enjoy what everyone else is seeing! Installing the patch is fairly easy, and the instructions below require: WinRAR, Epsilon Launcher, and the Patch folder. Download Here Instructions: -- Model IDs: QUESTIONS & CONCERNS: Q. Is this patch public or just for the guild? This patch was intended for the Sethralia phase+guild, but it is open to be used by the public so feel free to share with your friends! Q. Are special requests able to be made to update the patch? While not guaranteed, we will take in requests as considerations for the future, but if you would like to have a custom order for yourself, please message my boyfriend Voyager, he takes in commissions! Q. Will there be more reskins added in the near future? Very likely! So stay tuned! Credits go to: Voyager Creates