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Recolor, object maker

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Is there a newer version of these buildings?


Abbey - Blacksmith -.PNG            chapel.PNG


Blacksmith: 846651

Abbey: 846572

Guildhousea: 846626 (There's also a guildhouseb but the cellar isn't accessible)

Chapel: 829969

Or could I trouble you for a recoloring the abbey, chapel and guildhouseb with blue roof?


Added: 18/04/2019

An object maker that lets us create signpost and portals with names of our choice.


You're doing good job so far!


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Added second suggestion, Object Maker
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there arent any hd versions of these, but the closest thing to hd you can get to the chapel is 6hu townhall v1 (you can just search this without having to type it out exactly. the blessing of keyword searching.) do you want the blue garrison roof on these?

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