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  1. Finally I decided to just put all of my patches together. I was kind of tired of looking at my own mess lol. I'm not sure how often ill be adding things to this page, but its where any edits I make will be if I decide to post them. Its not a perfect page by any means but it gets the job done. I've tested each patch on a brand new client, one at a time. I haven't ran into any issues. However if you have an issue of your own, think something is messed up or it very clearly is, do not hesitate to directly message me on discord. You will get a response much faster than on the forums. Riley#6000 If you get a #132 error immediately after using one of these patches, remove the folder you downloaded from your client and message me. I am not responsible for other patches that break your client. (If need, you can compare the patch you downloaded to what is in your folders to delete them) Item: Shadowlands skins WMO texture changes Character World
  2. people worried about the coat patch but nothing happened. if staff asks you to take it down, then obviously take it down. otherwise its fine.
  3. this 100% i would definitely use these and have in the past but can't anymore.
  4. mavvo

    character delete bug

    i think my inability to read correctly is the true bug here. woops /sweat. thanks folks
  5. can't delete a character how to replicate: find a character you want to delete click "delete character" type in characters name exactly "bobby bob" the "Okay" button is grayed out regardless if exact or not if its not an engine feature, it might be good altogether to remove the name typing step, and just have a "are you sure you want to delete" prompt. similar to the recycling bin we all have on our computers.
  6. mavvo

    Eye Glow Removal

    o frk i thought i set it up as extract n drop, but if you go into the character folder just delete the race you don't want affected. there were some races (like tauren/hm, troll/zanda) i couldn't affect without a model change so they were not included.
  7. while not being somebody who actively rps, i would enjoy these maps to use for personal builds. i also would love to see what you and many others will cook up if these do get added.
  8. welcom to epsilon ! my in game name is Mom if you need to ask something ? if i don't happen to be on, lots of questions can be answered in game, using announce or the game-support channel in discord and with a little bit of time n practice you can build your own thrift shop
  9. Why not have 80 night elf males running around start in the female valentines day dresses? ? Jokes aside, thank you for your explanation. I hope these are added in a future update/bfa update.
  10. Currently, the items under cloth_a_11 that appear as shawls, are invisible for females. They only apply on males. Its easily obtained via patching using the male texture, but nobody really likes people having a patch others can't see. If this was changed, there could be even *more* of a variety of armor to choose from. ie, human female has demon hunter chest piece textures, even some of the vrykul tattoos. My suggestion is simply making them appear for females, thats all.
  11. currently, we have 23 rockarches. all of them are from legion and previous expansions. the server needs more versions of rockarches, especially in bfa variants. also since wmo rotating is coming soon this could be an extra layer of content /shrug as well as "7sr_cragrockwmo_ph_" .m2s. there are six versions of the .m2, all different shapes and are insanely versatile. (default texture path) m2 texture 1253909 world/expansion06/doodads/suramar/7sr_rock04_1024.blp i tried to keep it to a minimal lol specific texture suggestions for rockarches specific texture suggestions for 7sr_cragrockwmo_ph_
  12. mavvo

    disp crea via ID

    +1 i cant actually like the post itself but this is good too
  13. hello and good day Obi Staff Wan, could an ID search be implemented come the next update? ie: .lo disp crea 77277 - in turn would bring up "creature/bloodtrollfemale_melee/bloodtrollfemale_meleegreen.blp" thank you for reading, rate and subscribe
  14. hello and good day Obi Wan Azarchius, could we please have a phase show shifted command that lists zones you have phase shifted previously? thank you for reading, rate and subscribe
  15. uhhhh, i dont know how much itll help but: (this is pinned in eps general btw for ease of access) Cain03/09/2019 If anyone wanna look at the kul tiras objects in-game I created a sort of mall for it at .worldport 0 0 0 10526 in phase 2186. It's not perfectly made and a bit scattered but there is the first 5 pages of objects from 8hu_kultiras without the untextured ones great post though. informative for people improving their building skills or even beginners. solid work