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  1. uhhhh, i dont know how much itll help but: (this is pinned in eps general btw for ease of access) Cain03/09/2019 If anyone wanna look at the kul tiras objects in-game I created a sort of mall for it at .worldport 0 0 0 10526 in phase 2186. It's not perfectly made and a bit scattered but there is the first 5 pages of objects from 8hu_kultiras without the untextured ones great post though. informative for people improving their building skills or even beginners. solid work
  2. please come back into ur room i need help with the glue
  3. mavvo

    Doodads Remain

    "just because it doesnt happen to me.." doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others. this bug still is a bug. ive even found that collision remains (on an attempt to phase shift taldor) while objects "disappear" azarchius simply brushed it off as there being invis walls but i know the difference between an invisble wall and object collision.
  4. mavvo

    Doodads Remain

    player entered phase to find doodads seemingly unshifted. "ph shift doodads off" was ran. game printed out the message that the zone had already been shifted. command did not remove objects. both player and i have relogged, left and reentered phase. the result stayed the same. every zone but talador and tanaan jungle phase shift fine. i logged out and logged back in to each zone to see if objects previously phase shifted reappeared. i discovered they do not. i was able to replicate in my own phase
  5. mavvo

    Weapons Patch

    this post is dated march 2018. the patch will no longer work. .4 will bring better items. believe in the .4
  6. current syntax is: .gobject set visibility #sight_range example command: .gob set vis #guid/item id (maybe?) #sight_range another suggestion from ward
  7. unsure of where this would fit for npcs. probably under .npc cast? creds to zat n ward im just doing the footwork.
  8. the speak of dalaran does give me some ideas to play around with it. thanks
  9. link removed early - images still remain up. here is the download link (mega smells) https://imgur.com/a/1FmOOom here is the imgur A L B UM https://imgur.com/idxAuzr here are the TWO TILES i have replaced. i made these for a personal build (836790 for the rock tile, 838609 for the sand. i did not want to replace a very low res texture so i decided on something people don't often use. no, i will not change them but i will replace more tiles upon request only (.. or until i need more) unfortunately, since these buildings use different textures from houses that are in different locations you're going to end up with some buildings that look a little weird. i cant really do anything about this besides replacing the textures also used in that building as well. a good example of it would be spawning 830657. the westfall townhall how to put into game: step 1 find directory folder (for example mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\EpsilonStarter) step 2: extract .zip file step 3: drop file into directory step 4: sled fast, sniff glue, launch the game and u have profit. edit: tiles will be removed once upcoming patch drops i do not have any issues with these textures. i suggest backing up your client anyways.
  10. having glink helps a lot. (i cant tell if you do or not) my second key is gob del, so when i accidentally delete something im easily able to just scroll up, teleport, and respawn it again. it doesnt respawn in its same scale, but still a workaround.
  11. simple enough. does the same as .gps face <degree> but applied to objects you've selected.
  12. .chea fly on disables once you teleport from map to map. went from infi oceans to stormwind, stormwind to duskwood to test zone to zone, then back to infi flatlands.
  13. there arent any hd versions of these, but the closest thing to hd you can get to the chapel is 6hu townhall v1 (you can just search this without having to type it out exactly. the blessing of keyword searching.) do you want the blue garrison roof on these?
  14. i think the nozdormu textures are rlly good. (black one is my favorite) i hope to see the armor texture update when/if. also, i fixed the blps (sent em to volt) so you guys don't have all those black dots and whatnot on them. it ended up a little brighter, hopefully it helps.