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  1. currently, we have 23 rockarches. all of them are from legion and previous expansions. the server needs more versions of rockarches, especially in bfa variants. also since wmo rotating is coming soon this could be an extra layer of content /shrug as well as "7sr_cragrockwmo_ph_" .m2s. there are six versions of the .m2, all different shapes and are insanely versatile. (default texture path) m2 texture 1253909 world/expansion06/doodads/suramar/7sr_rock04_1024.blp i tried to keep it to a minimal lol specific texture suggestions for rockarches specific texture suggestions for 7sr_cragrockwmo_ph_
  2. mavvo

    disp crea via ID

    +1 i cant actually like the post itself but this is good too
  3. hello and good day Obi Staff Wan, could an ID search be implemented come the next update? ie: .lo disp crea 77277 - in turn would bring up "creature/bloodtrollfemale_melee/bloodtrollfemale_meleegreen.blp" thank you for reading, rate and subscribe
  4. mavvo


    not quite the rainbow, but almost there. quality of life patch. does not replace natural textures, or any textures from building. it replaces solid colors, as well as the unfinished tile included in the waycrest set. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CLIENT. image: https://imgur.com/DJDu6of HOW TO DOWNLOAD. 1. click download link, then hit the blue download button 2. extract zip file using winrar or other similar program 3. drop "dungeons" and "tileset" into directory 4. launch game LINK: https://tinyurl.com/RAINCREST like rate subscribe
  5. hello and good day Obi Wan Azarchius, could we please have a phase show shifted command that lists zones you have phase shifted previously? thank you for reading, rate and subscribe
  6. mavvo


    WARFRONT TEXTURES. essentially a quality of life patch. replaces existing ground textures. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CLIENT. images: https://imgur.com/a/4XPHEo0 HOW TO DOWNLOAD. 1. click download link, then hit the blue download button 2. extract zip file using winrar or other similar program 3. drop "tileset" into directory and delete those jpg images (unless you want em or whatever) 4. launch game - by any stroke of unluck, and you have problems, my discord is Mav n' Cheese#9696 dont hesitate. LINK: https://tinyurl.com/HDWARFRONT i havent replaced the detail doodads. (tbh it doesnt look too bad without but..)i have the files and textures if you want to do the replacing yourself. ill admit i keep doing it wrong. someday there will be a detail god. its 4am as of writing this. screw u blizz
  7. uhhhh, i dont know how much itll help but: (this is pinned in eps general btw for ease of access) Cain03/09/2019 If anyone wanna look at the kul tiras objects in-game I created a sort of mall for it at .worldport 0 0 0 10526 in phase 2186. It's not perfectly made and a bit scattered but there is the first 5 pages of objects from 8hu_kultiras without the untextured ones great post though. informative for people improving their building skills or even beginners. solid work
  8. please come back into ur room i need help with the glue
  9. mavvo

    Doodads Remain

    "just because it doesnt happen to me.." doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others. this bug still is a bug. ive even found that collision remains (on an attempt to phase shift taldor) while objects "disappear" azarchius simply brushed it off as there being invis walls but i know the difference between an invisble wall and object collision.
  10. mavvo

    Doodads Remain

    player entered phase to find doodads seemingly unshifted. "ph shift doodads off" was ran. game printed out the message that the zone had already been shifted. command did not remove objects. both player and i have relogged, left and reentered phase. the result stayed the same. every zone but talador and tanaan jungle phase shift fine. i logged out and logged back in to each zone to see if objects previously phase shifted reappeared. i discovered they do not. i was able to replicate in my own phase
  11. mavvo

    Weapons Patch

    this post is dated march 2018. the patch will no longer work. .4 will bring better items. believe in the .4
  12. current syntax is: .gobject set visibility #sight_range example command: .gob set vis #guid/item id (maybe?) #sight_range another suggestion from ward
  13. unsure of where this would fit for npcs. probably under .npc cast? creds to zat n ward im just doing the footwork.