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Mortemholme [1686]

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This is my project: Mortemholme, the Plagued City of Death. It served its purpose well in the metaphorical past, when the Forbidden ran strong. We are dead now and I don't see us coming back. I do want to however complete this project, maybe even host it one day, I dunno. Hostings gonna require a staff team I don't have. You are free to enter phase 1686 and explore it at your leisure, just note that it's still highly unfinished. I have a lot to do.

Brief history: Mortemholme was the first city Nimorrax ever successfully assaulted and took over. Since then, it has been the Capital of the Forbidden and resting place of the mighty Voltanaras, the first and only necropolis the Forbidden ever wrested from the unstoppable Undead Scourge. Mortemholme was ultimately destroyed by powerful forces beyond their wildest comprehensions. Though Mortemholme was lost, the Forbidden was not. This would mark their first major loss and begin their campaign against the rest of the world. In order to exist in this world, they must slaughter for it, for nobody would understand nor accept them for who or what they are. They were Forbidden.

https://imgur.com/a/LQyBcyq - Link to gallery








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