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  1. Rogan

    Chasing the Dawn

    Updated the event ledger with event 2.
  2. Rogan

    Chasing the Dawn

    Event Ledger I. 'Homecoming' Upon arrival, a small party would be assembled made up of the Argent Dawn's veterans, joined by a small force of Horde expeditionary forces under the leadership of Blood Guard Gruz. Given a map and some limited information as the status of the fortress was wholly unknown, the scouting force ventured forth, only to be surprised when they were stopped by an undead sentry guarding the former town of Avalon. Further discovery revealed that the undead of the town had in fact resisted the call of the Scourge, or the soon-to-be revealed Crusaders and declared steadfast neutrality, under the terse (if contested) leadership of an innkeep by the name of Maxwell. While nothing significant occurred after this apparent revelation, the Argents would learn of three things; that the Risen (a force of former Scarlets under the sway of a sinister influence) have taken control of the fortress, sealing the gates and pointing cannons at Avalon, that the neutral undead are not alone, but in fact also joined by supposed survivors scattered around the ruins of the Enclave, namely the former court mage of Avalon, who'd sealed himself in the town hall, and lastly that the undead are open to cooperating with the Argent Dawn. Through tact diplomacy, the Argent Dawn has secured a forward outpost within Avalon and may now strike out into the Enclave from there. As Orik Trueheart and the bulk of the vanguard arrives to establish themselves, the fleet is only several weeks away. Attendees Gruz (Gavinlad) Dunval (Biggrouse) Toraman (Odo) Zudyn (Xingshi) MINI-I. 'Vestiges' As the Brotherhood of the Light found itself well-established and cemented in Avalon, a number of challenges had become apparent to the stability of the region as reinforcements flooded in from Northrend. Though Eligor (now Crusade Commander) promised a significant surge of Argent forces to Orik and Rogan, it'd become apparent that they first had to root out the immediate threats, namely the undead-held lands of Havenshire, chief among those threats being a Cult of the Damned remnant holding a plague cauldron just north of Avalon. Under the recommendation of the elusive mayor of Avalon, a party would be sent to scout out - and ideally destroy - the enemy. Unsurprisingly, the enemy was far more insignificant than thought, a single necromancer trapped in the Enclave who had claimed to have destroyed another band of Crusaders prior to the Dawn's arrival, who pitifully threw ghouls at the party before being simply overwhelmed and destroyed. Attendees Dunval (Biggrouse) Iolana (Erkor) Toscanu (Redoul) MINI-II. 'Faith' The question had been presented; what would be the fates of those who still remained devout yet were gripped by the necromantic powers of the Lich King? The answer would become revealed after a brief distraction when a band of drunkard dwarven deserters stopped the party sent by Orik Trueheart south. Ruined farmland, though otherwise empty surrounded them as it became apparent the darkness of the Ebon Blade haunted this region moreso than any other. The tragic destruction inflicted by the prime agents of the Lich King brought about savage destruction on those prisoners of the Scarlet Crusade who were not fortunate enough to be used for slave labour to build the Onslaught's fleet. Many Argents died in those holding cells, slain by the Ebon Blade, and it had remained a source of animosity for some time. The encounter proved surprising, nonetheless, as a conclave of light-worshipping undead were discovered having made their own haven within the chapel, sleeping in makeshift wooden coffins and preaching the word of one 'Saint Anethion', claimed to be a priest slain by Arthas at the Culling of Stratholme. These priests, though neutral, were understandably cautious towards the Argent Dawn, decrying Tirion Fordring as a heretic and believing that the Dawn had become tainted with the same residue of the Scarlets. Needless to say, after much debate and reflection, it would appear that the Argent Dawn was found wanting, and the temple of the condemned burned. Attendees Dunval (Biggrouse)† Gruz (Gavinlad) Jareth (Durff) II. 'Requisition' With their surroundings seemly secure, the Brotherhood of the Light set about securing the one thing that they lacked; heavy artillery. Namely, the cannons of the Scarlet fleet, which were believed to have been abandoned by the Onslaught as they departed for Northrend under attack at the hands of the Ebon Blade. Informed they'll be reinforced by a member of the Blade, a Death Knight soon joined the organization, one who'd previously fought as a member of the Ashen Verdict and a powerful individual. Though it became apparent that perhaps this great power was not entirely needed as they came upon the artillery depot turned watch tower with the sounds of battle heralding their arrival. A band of Scarlets, no less from the Onslaught, had somehow made their way from Northrend to Lordaeron, shipwrecking on the coast and taking shelter in the tower, though as the remaining undead were defeated it was apparent they were not entirely free of the harrowing marks of the Scourge as their leader, a Scarlet knight, was dying as he stood of the Plague, his body quite literally falling apart as he attempted to protect his subjects. Managing to encourage some of the Onslaught to defect and flee to the relative safety of the Dawn, the knight and his remaining loyalists were put down, and the cannons secured. Carrying onto the beaches, they found themselves facing the real horrors of the Ebon Blade and Onslaught. A thick fog had settled over the coastline, concealing all but the echoing cries of agony espoused by hundreds of fallen souls lost to her. As they ventured deeper into the mists, they'd be exposed to the one enemy that convention could not defeat; a death knight of the Scarlet Onslaught, unhinged from the raven priests and no longer held in restraint by Barean Westwind. This was the full power of a champion of the Scourge unleashed on the party, and they were struggling, as the lashed remnants of dozens of humans attacked them in droves, leaving many wounded, and the death knight himself was no slacker either, striking out and managing to wound several Argents before being ultimately brought down as chains of ice and powerful spell-crafting overwhelmed his minions, leaving only this vaunted champion of the Scarlet Onslaught. A fierce melee followed as everything was used to bring him down, with the kill going to Ger'thanis Eversun and Toraman, impaling him before driving a lance of magic through his head, bringing the great giant down with the help of Iolana and Gruz, their powerful melee attacks keeping the death knight still. The siege began to approach once again. Attendees Gerthanis (Biggrouse) Toraman (Odo) Gruz (Gavinlad) Iolana (Erkor) Logad (Titiantree) Toscanu (Redoul)
  3. Chasing the Dawn Synopsis The Lich King is dead, and Bolvar Fordragon died with him. The world sighs a breath of relief, and the time for joy has come as many celebrate their triumph over the monstrous Undead Scourge, however, not all are so fortunate as to have a home to return to, or a chance to return at all, but of all the orders and factions to participate in the war against the Lich King, none have bled as much as the Brotherhood of the Light. Now, as the might of the Alliance and Horde turn to their homelands, and the thunder of war rises once again in Tirisfal, one of the last few threats to the rising dawn must be destroyed; the Risen of Tyr’s Hand. With the Onslaught doomed to destroy itself, the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade are all that is left to stand as a threat to the Argent Crusade, hiding behind the fortress walls of Tyr’s Hand, slaves to their sinister master. It is a kind mercy to end these damned souls. The storyline of Chasing the Dawn takes place after the fall of the Lich King, following the Brotherhood of the Light in their battle against the final remnants of the Scarlet Crusade in the form of the Risen. Characters will take the role of the Brotherhood’s vanguard in capturing the fortress-city back from the dead, and to grant them peace in the name of the Light. While combat may be the easiest option, it is not the only one, and as revealed in the first event 'Homecoming', it has become apparent that things are not as simple as one may have originally hoped. While not my first rodeo, it's most likely the simplest one as rather than creating an ornate guild the tag <Chasing the Dawn> will be used for all members, along with being given a relevant role on the Discord. While not mandatory, it is recommended you join it if you want to know when and what is going on. Character Creation & Joining Rather than creating new characters, I will generally accept any pre-Wrath characters that can justifiably ‘WotLK-ify’ themselves, including a set that features BotL colours and a general aesthetic that applies to the era. The aesthetic of the NPCs will generally be patch 3.3.5a and downwards. There aren't any particular races or class limitations, however I would like to do a man-to-man interview prior to a person joining under the following affiliation or class: Death Knight, Ebon Blade, (ex-)Scarlet. This is the case at the moment, however new limitations may be put in place depending on the makeup of the guild as time goes on. https://discord.gg/Qta4gbUBPA To actually join, simply log in and hop into the phase when we're RPing and get accustomed to the characters.

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  7. I think you should flesh out this concept more before presenting it wholesale. Lovecraftian by definition is an incredibly difficult setting to portray and write about (you can't really just spam "OOOOOOOO HEADACHES PURPLE GLOW!!!!!!") without having an actual standard base to set up. The reason why his work, well, works so well is that it has a base and foundation as to what it can and cannot do - you really need a grounded setting to actually portray helplessness, because otherwise what happens is you're just playing a soap drama. What is the hook, the power, the plantation, so to speak that we as a playerbase would need to push off from to combat the sensation of nothingness?
  8. good suggestion, i support it!
  9. hey nimm, glad to see you're writing something that isn't an appeal! this looks pretty good. i'm glad you are fitting in so well, have fun 😉
  10. hey, hanach424. that's very cool! keep itu p, and improve constantly! plus ultra!
  11. hi, sorry for the late response, arryn! try pathfinders society, they have their officers in the main epsilon discord. ping them and they can hook you up.
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    Hira's Pastels

    very cool and epic, thank you for this. i don't think they're very pastel like however? could you try making a slightly less desaturated variant in the future thank you 🙂
  13. hey . there is an issue right now on the game that when you make a guild in a phase, or open the guild tab in a phase game will crash. try to make it outside the phase (phase 1) and say what happens .
  14. installation guide: 1. extract file 2. create folder in epsilon directory called (world) 3. put extracted file into world done