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  1. installation guide: 1. extract file 2. create folder in epsilon directory called (world) 3. put extracted file into world done
  2. does what it says on the lid not my patch https://tinyurl.com/hdhumanpatch MADE BY ETHEREAL (persmisoon givne)
  3. Nice hair colours, good quality of life patch.
  4. Rogan


    the children are gone leave
  5. Carbot doesn't use the square/circle tool, so my advice to you is try use freehand more liberally - and invest in GIMP 2 for better lines. It's terrible for big portraits but for sketch-style stuff GIMP is what you're looking for. This is something I did in like, 2 minutes.
  6. I'm a strong supporter of Forum based roleplay, having been groomed there, and done it a lot, especially nation RP. It's super easy to get in and out of and I can really show my stuff if permitted there.
  7. Some of the formatting is a big janky (such as the switch between Characteristics and allegiances.) But otherwise, a good descriptor of the character!
  8. Correction; you can create a creature that either uses a static object displayid, or something that only displays text to MAKE it into a sign.
  9. hello there

    hello there.jpg

  10. Have you considered just using the GM tag instead? Otherwise, great to see a return of this, been advocating for Dev blogs, big or small, for a very long time. The dev-update bar on Discord isn't the same as it was in terms of promoting 'hey, we're out there', responses. MY primary concern is that Alleria set looks awfully similar to the set Alexa made, which exists as an RPH patch, iirc. Is this an accidental correlation or are we seeing one of the first big additions of player-created content on Epsilon? Asking because no one is actually credited for the content.
  11. I'm not gonna beg. I ain't begging you, bitch.

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      god i love banning 8 people with 1 clever erp.

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      you faded to black, guess evie was to old for your tastes?

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      LOL reported

  12. It resets everytime you log in/out, Tyler's only asking just to add a notificaion.