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Undead Models

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• Type of Bug: Animation, Model

• Description: I'm reporting two bugs here.  First is that both male and female Undead seem to have broken textures for their faces.  Slackjawed options have weird miscolored protrusions, missing jaws have no textures for tongues, metal jaws are absent, so on.

Secondly, female Undead have broken animations.  So far I have tested it with exclamations, questions, laughing, pointing, dancing and sitting, all of which have resulted in the model breaking when used.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):


• Steps to reproduce: For first bug, create any Undead character and go through their "features" section of character creation.  If you are familiar with what they normally are, several options are missing.

For second, morph into a female Undead or make a female Undead and perform any action which would result in a character animation.  As noted above, animations I've gotten to trigger it include the animations for yelling, laughing, pointing, dancing, sitting on a chair, flexing, shrugging, waving, saluting, and bowing - though I'm sure others might trigger it as well.

• Expected result: Full list of options for male and female Undead features, proper textures for facial features.  Also normal female Undead animations.

• Observed result: Incorrect textures on facial features.  Also the animation bugs pictured above.

• Reproduction rate: For the first one, 100% so far.

For the second, also seems to happen universally.  Easy to reproduce.  However, they seem to stop doing the animation altogether after the first one bugs out.  With a bit of testing, it seems that once the bug stops reoccurring, it will show up again if you restart the game.

• Additional information: None

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A few other creature displays have this/similar issues with messed up appearances.




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