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Night Elf DH Gender selection flips to Blood Elf when selecting Male

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• Type of Bug: Mis-selection? Glitch

• Description:
Selecting a Night Elf Demon Hunter and flipping the Gender will result in the Male NE to be switched to a Male BE, switching between the two when selecting different genders.

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):

• Steps to reproduce:

1. Load onto any account

2. Open the Character Creation screen.

3. Select Night Elf > Demon Hunter

4. Select the Female Gender, Male, Female and back to Male.

5. Observe the sudden change in the race.

• Expected result:

- The Male Night Elf should be displayed when selecting between genders, without any glitch.

• Observed result:
- The Male Blood Elf will be displayed when switching from Male to Female and back to Male.

• Reproduction rate:

100% (5 times reproduced.)

• Additional information:

- None.

willy1.PNG2017-07-23 00.26.45.jpg

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Thanks for the report, the issue has been resolved on developmental clients now.

It was caused by incorrect logic in a new function whenever the client selected Demon Hunter as a class.

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