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Stellar's Smol Elf Edits *New Additions!*

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Hi friends! This is a relatively small personal project I'd like to work on. Essentially to create small edits to faces for female Blood Elves (currently) and in the future possibly extend this to Humans, Night Elves, Void Elves, Draenei/Lightforged, and Nightborne. At the moment there are nine edits within this patch. However I will be making more over time and adding them to this patch.

Installation is fairly simple, just extract the folder to your patches folder and activate it within the launcher, same as any other patch.

If you'd like to contact me about possibly having me do a small personal edit for you my discord is Stellar#5459

I'm not really an artist so I'd keep the requests pretty simple, lips, eyeshadow, freckles, small piercings, beauty marks, and possibly a very simple tattoo (no promises).

This might get a little too big at some point, but for now, to find these edits, here is a guide:

Black Lipstick w/ Pierced Lip & Eyeshadow - Skin Option 3, Face Option 4

Pink Lipstick w/ Freckles & Eyeshadow - Skin Option 3, Face Option 6

Purple Lipstick w/ Eyeshadow - Skin Option 5, Face Option 5

Pink Lips w/ Eyeshadow - Skin Option 6 (Or 7), Face Option 7

Peach Lips w/ Brown Eyeshadow & Freckles - Skin Option 6, Face Option 3 (Requested by Loni <3)

Burgundy Lips w/ Eyeshadow & Beauty Mark - Skin Option 1, Face Option 5 (For Hex!)

Yellow Lipstick w/ Eyeshadow & Beauty Mark Skin Option 9, Face Option 4

Red Lipstick w/ Eyeshadow, Freckles & Rose Tattoo - Skin Option 1, Face Option 3








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