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[Patch] Foxtail

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This patch changes buckle_cloth_challengewarlock_d_01 into a fun fox tail. There are three colors: grey, white, and gold. Should look reasonably good on nearly all races.

Grey: .additem 7112296
White: .additem 7161274
Gold: .additem 7143874

This patch uses the Shadowlands fox model. The patch has been prepared for Shadowlands and should still function after it releases. If it doesn't, I'll be at work fixing it.

Download here and install with the launcher: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WSk2V5OXuRY8FWpc632GsteDVQ3lOxdF/view?usp=drive_link




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Oh gosh this is amazing! Only one little problem tho, gold and while work perfect but the one that I needed, the gray (that am making black), still has an ugly waist appearing on the character :< could it be fixed?

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You should make a addon with lion tails and/or cat tails! :))

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