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    • Type of Bug: Building (.gob rotate + .gob move) • Description: Rotated objects occasionally change their positioning when using .gob move • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Don't really have any, but when on announce, i was told this is something that occurs. Nimorrax also managed to replicate the process • Steps to reproduce: Simply moving around an object that has been affected by the .gob rotate. • Expected result: Moving it simply to another spot to line up with another tile • Observed result: Tile moves, but also changes its orientation, forcing you to have to re rotate it back to its original position (Affects the Z axis from what I've noticed, .gob rot X Y Z) • Reproduction rate: Random as far as I can see, sometimes it did it instantly, sometimes it took a few times of the .gob move command while doing fine-tuning. • Additional information: Unsure if it's objects that are rotated prior to server restart or if it's all of them This hasn't happened to me until today, so i think it's a new bug.