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  1. Often do I find myself building and trying out different objects to fit the theme what I'm building or simply use Gob-Copy to keep the two objects on the same X/Y/Z grid but want to use a different slightly different version like Bush a01 to b01. I think it would be a very handy feature to add a [Replace with Entry] feature to lists when .gob lookup or .gob near is used. Or could be added to the Spawn/Move window under the GetID button to have a Replace button since that window already is superhandy to copy other values such as turning on Auto Update on Tint and Rotation only to turn it off and apply those to other Objects
  2. This patch is great but it makes Nightborne npcs sound like Dwarves or Humans for some reason for me.
  3. Type of Bug: Interface-related(?) • Description: ObjectMover's tint panel's Auto-Update incorrectly setting up Saturation values. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: Selecting an object without any Saturation while the Tint-Panel is set to "Auto-update" • Expected result: Saturation to display it's number. • Observed result: When a Gob doesn't have any Saturation value, the ObjectMover will show it to be 100, making any further Tint-changes update the Gob and saturate it. • Reproduction rate: 100% when an object is selected. • Additional information: It does not automatically Saturate objects, it merely displays the wrong value, however when the window is being used, it will Saturate things properly using the slider.
  4. Often trying to build over empty landscapes I come across the issue that tall-grass constantly clips into objects I place down. I recently found out the eps_terrain_cut.wmo removes a square of the ground but also the grass detail-doodads on top of it. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a doodad_cut.wmo that only removes the grass alone, without punching a hole in the terrain
  5. The pants are standard .add epic from Antorus. The waist and chest slot is an Epsi armor and the request was simply to have epsi-tmogs that are short cuts with transparent texture below that line where the pants would properly start. Sorry if this caused confusion and apologies if I am the one not understanding it properly.
  6. Been trying to piece together transmogs with the Antorus Mage set's overextending-shirt but it's kinda awkward that all the waist-textures extends Downwards from belly button to almost knee-level or Upwards from the same point to just below the chest. Makes pants look strange or stitched because the Waist Slot always overrides whatever the Pants Slot has. I don't know if there is a limitation to it but it would be both a nice change to have shorter Waist-slots textures that doesn't include 'trousers'. Sounds like the same amount of work as the mid-torso texture-cuts, meaning a lot, but it would be definitely welcome if it would be added at some point. (Exaggerated example below) ((Slots that are relevant: Chest, Waist, legs))