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Found 13 results

  1. I'm sure this has been already suggested (I've been searching, actually), but those are old topics from about 2-3 years ago and I'd like to just check on this, if it's a to-do thing yet, if it's an abandoned task, or whatever: The possibility of giving ??different permissions to each member/officer/anyone in a phase??. Extra: specifically, the possibility of giving ??different permissions to different gobs/grobs for a rank of mem/off in the phase, or a specific character??, etc. And even more, but I think this could be even easier than the above: ??separated permisssions from my other characters in the same account??. If I'm an officer with Blue Wyrd in a ph, I really don't like being automatically officer in the same ph with any other characters of mine (I use to separate my mod characters from my RP characters).
  2. Or perhaps ".command channel default $channel" A simple command that would make all, or perhaps all unassigned categories show up in a selected channel, without having to manually go through every category one by one. This allows you to receive pings for friends coming on and offline in a chat tab, without your chat tab being flooded with lookups and other feedback.
  3. Talked about this elsewhere, and was directed to here, but the idea was to create an addon to utilize the .npc and some of the .ph for npc commands in a UI, so that it would be easier for potential DMs to run events or manipulate NPCs in a scene in a much easier fashion.
  4. There are many spells I would like to work into my macros and spelllists that look visually amazing, but either apply a noisy debuff to anyone within range, or send nearby players flying, or aggro every nearby NPC. This is disruptive to roleplay and makes many, many spells unsafe for use. The ability to toggle my spells to being exclusively visual with no damage, knockback, or debuffs tied to them would be a fantastic boon to spell effect enthusiasts. Like ".cheat no_damage on" or something.
  5. Hello! First time posting here, buuut! So this is just a small list of things I wish there was for customization! I think I can say with a bit of confidence is that a lot of people would love (me included!) Zandalari trolls to have the skins and customizations of the base Trolls, so that people can choose between having a straight back or slouching, muscular or lean. Not sure if others agree but I would love also that Orcs could have the pale skins from the Shattered Hand of Warlords of Draenor expansion. And additionally, would love if there was a way to add the "Fresh Skin" customization from SL to Forsaken! And hopefully eye colors. Aside from that, would love to have the other customizations from Shadowlands in the game for the other Allied Races and Pandaren! Oh and one final note, red panda tails for male Pandaren would be great! Much like their female counterparts.
  6. Greetings, all! My apologies if this is not where this should go. I didn't see a specific thread for Discord suggestions. On one of the other Discord servers I frequent, they recently added a function which allows users to create a new voice chat channel when it is needed. As soon as everyone leaves that channel, it is deleted. I was thinking that it might eliminate the need for Lobby, Lobby 2, Lobby 3...etc. In the attached image, you can see the two voice channels (Create Faction Voice Channel and Create OPS Channel) which will spawn a new, custom channel with the appropriate permissions. Having said all this, please note that I have NO IDEA how they set this up. I just thought it might be a neat addition and make things a bit more tidy for voice channels. Thank you for your time and attention!
  7. As a building that often works with tiles, one of the worst part of tile builds is always well and truly doing the roof. Curved rooves are difficult, corners are impossible. Doing anything except a basic a-frame is a massive pain in the bum. And frankly, they won't look anywhere near as good as a blizz made asset. However, one of my favourite tile builds I've done, was one in the Kul'Tiran aesthetic, which has separated smallhouse_roof that you can just slap ontop of anything. And that's basically what my suggestion is, more standalone rooves of other aesthetics that people can just mash together ontop of their builds. Just slice them off the tops wmos! Thank you for your consideration.
  8. Hey! I don't know if this has been said before or not, but it's an unfortunate truth that some character models are severely outdated. Some harbor more interest than others, of course, but one group that I feel is lacking in this field especially are those of the undead. I know, many undead had been overhauled back in Legion(?) and other things, where we have better models for zombies, some skeletons, and abominations, as well as ghouls. Aside from that, however, other creatures, such as Liches (Both Kel'thuzad and the generic type) are seriously lacking in that regard, as well as the various skeleton mages. Outside of that, the cult of the damned necromancers, which have their own unique models separate from humans, also are lacking in any HD-ification. I am completely unsure as to how to do this, or even start, but I'd love it if this could be something to get made, and if I can learn at the same time, that's even better, I'd be happy to help work on this. Thank you for reading, and to contact me easier, go to the discord and find me at XyrrYai#9886
  9. Often trying to build over empty landscapes I come across the issue that tall-grass constantly clips into objects I place down. I recently found out the eps_terrain_cut.wmo removes a square of the ground but also the grass detail-doodads on top of it. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a doodad_cut.wmo that only removes the grass alone, without punching a hole in the terrain
  10. Hi! So I was just curious about whether or not it was possible to add a clickable link to join a phase being hosted via .eventann similarly to how we have it for .ph overview! As small as that is I think it would get a lot of positive feedback. Another one I can think of is maybe a command for bags! I personally always fill my bags with thousands of things because I love to have multiple transmogs, but sometimes I end up wanting to get rid of ALOT of things that I don't need or use anymore. Maybe if there was a bag command that removed things in a specific bag slot? The default bags we're given are the 36 slot bags and we have 5 bags total including our backpack, so maybe something like .bag remove all 2 (for the second bag or something). I'm extremely clueless when it comes to this stuff so if this isn't possible then I understand! (Or maybe an organize button/let the "Clean up Bags" work so that it sorts everything by the item type. Whatever is more convenient!) The only other thing I can think of is not really quality of life? Maybe it is? I've always wanted the ability to be able to tint armor pieces so that if we find a piece we like we don't have to scour mogit for specific matching pieces and we can just tint any piece to match the mog we want to make. I'm not sure if that's possible or not, but if it is I would absolutely adore that option. ❤️ I know that you guys are super busy and working really hard to bring us awesome things, but I hope that someday we get to see something like this in the game! Thanks in advance, you guys. ^^
  11. Is it at ALL possible, to Update/Edit the animations used by certain mounts, Such as the Heart of the Aspects or the Cloudserpent mounts? I personally think their animations are 100% garbage and could use a rework. I know it would be time consuming but it could be nice to have.
  12. How difficult would it be to make a custom Pandaren skin like this or implement the ones added as well as the option to enable tails for both genders regardless of fur color?
  13. For RP purposes, it would be great if we could have like designated areas within a phase where someone is allowed to build/spawn. For example, being able to designate an house and/or around an house by example a plot designated to a 'limited builder' number. At the same time it would be great if those designated plots could as well be handed out by a npc, from which a player needs to talk to, to specify which from available plots they want to build. This would be great to expand 24/7 and/or active RP's/guild RP's. Couple of examples: Town/kingdom RP Design the inside of your home. Design garden/porch etc. Shop keepers designing and updating visual inventory during calm moments Governors (appointees) having bigger build ratio plot or access to all plots in set area ... Guild RP phases Design the inside of your home. Build up defences if getting stationed somewhere Assigning officers to build up outposts with a platoon (as well builders) Inviting other guild to partake in guild wars, build up defences prior to battle Spawning enemy/friendly npc's prior to battle ... Adventure/GM RP Set designated rest locations, upon arrival make rest location more comfy Upon clearing a location/level of enemies, being able to build/spawn Builders RP/Contest Assign plot to builders to either build their location or show off their skills Potential features: Objects whitelist/blacklist NPC's whitelist/blacklist Object/npc build limit Plot License timer option NPC giving out build licence to plots With taken plots being removed or greyed/red out of list Phase officers giving out build/spawn licence to plots Combined plot area section license I'm sure some of you can think as well of even more features and use case for this.