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    Still not working
  2. This is happening to me currently 05/09, I'm on directx 11 as well, tried both legacy 11 and normal.
  3. Oh i did not know this, thank you for the input, that works better than what i suggested.
  4. So i sniffed around in the WoW database searching for useful information which i could utilize here on epsilon and i found a pretty good file with all teleports. Keep in mind, these are taken from patch 9.1.5 so some of them might not work here on epsilon but i believe 80% of them will work. The file is linked below but i can also make a pastebin for convenience: https://pastebin.com/c8ezeeJ9 Also, in case you don't understand json syntax, it's the "name" value that you use as the .tele <name> wow_teleports.json
  5. So i'd like to suggest a few things that could be a dealbreaker for epsilon i believe. So i'll make a little list of suggestions i've had in mind. Be able to set custom teleports in game, i believe this is pretty simple to do really, just add a command that adds a tp location into the db table: whateverprefixyouhave.game_tele This could also be a patron exclusive feature as i haven't seen alot of unique features for it except for discord perks. And this exclusive permission feature is also pretty do-able as there is command permission levels inside of the command db tables. Overline reason: read comments. A control panel to add custom items, i know there's a forge in-game but a control panel on-site would be pretty convenient aswell. Same goes for custom NPC's, custom dialogues, etc. Basically for all phase management related stuff, this could also be relatively do-able as you've just had to update the db with new entries, most difficult part would probably be web related code in case there's no one with that sort of experience. Yes i know this sounds like it's taken from another community as idea, well yeah it is but it's extremely good features which i think would improve the UX significantly. I will update this thread whenever i think of something more.