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  1. I post this patch on behalf of X'un! Full credits go to him! The set replaces the Legion Plate set of the Chosen Dead! Simply .additem 143518 this gives the Ensemble: Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead The skirt/legs item is the legion shaman set: .additem 8153849 THIS IS AN EPSI ITEM! IMPORTANT NOTE: THE ARMOR SET IS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE EPSI ITEMS! YOU HAVE TO ADD THE BLIZZARD ITEMS TO USE IT! Note 2: After you added the ensemble. Make sure to use the EPIC items of the set so you got the correct 2D textures of the Judgement Set aswell! Simply add all items: [EXAMPLE] .add Waistplate of the Chosen Dead 1 567 That way, you will get the correct items along the 2D textures. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15JSbGIauJPS8ejpOp2RXPvYzm5fNmVzO/view Credits go also to: TOMKEK who allows to make use of his 3D art from patreon. (The forums wont allow me to upload the zip so download it from this drive.) Enjoy!
  2. How do i start this thing here? I really dont know. Forgive my bad writing sometimes, not native english. But uhh lets begin as i have some things to say. I myself, joined Epsilon back in 2018. Shortly after RPH died. Before i came to epsilon, i only knew it as RPH's Competition, a "worse" place than RPH was back then or in general became. I saw recently criticism was openly said against Epsilon wich..well i for myself. Find interesting. I remember very clearly, that if you sometime's said something that you didnt like agree or anything for that matter, is getting strikes warned or the worst part: Banned for. As the title says. Thoughts thoughts and more thoughts. Im here to discuss, and not start a fight or anything of that matter. Some know me, some dont. But i like to voice my opinions, because they are my opinions. I dont say you have to accept it 🔫. Not at all, you can disagree. Since i am on Epsilon, i do had very good times, i had good RP. I had good character progression. But you know i wonder one crucial thing: Why do i have to accept everything? What do i mean? Well...for the sake of not getting banned by zealot people, i wont mention it. Make your own idea up to what i mean. You might experienced them yourself? Who knows. Overall i can say that my time the last two years on this server became...dry. Bland. I KNOW, SL is highly anticipated, and highly sought after since we got the little teases. The drought was expected. But you know...i question if my comfort for RP is not as important as others. I got warned a few days ago, for having something my about. Wich said the following: Female+ and Fetish characters stay away. I was asked to remove said thing, wich i did because i have no other choice. Whats Female+? Well, i will assume that 95% know what this term means, as it is something for another word, wich im not allowed to write at all out of fear probably getting send on holidays for a week or more. But im sure most of you understand. While im...not entirely against adult topics, i think some...the last few years have gotten out of hand. And also, getting more and more focus. Progression, Story, and such themes, are loosing more and more interest. And what remains is..... Campfire? Tavern? [REDACTED] ? I mean, what happened? I observed a flood...an "obsession" with...more darker themes as of late. While...lets say "normal rp" or...i dont know "Conflict" rp loose more and more interest. Specially when it comes to progression. How does it.....occur that....sitting somewhere..doing the [Redacted] offers MORE Roleplay in general the last years, as perhaps doing something as a group? Having a group of friends to roleplay and doing something fun has lost so much meaning. LONG TERM Rp specially these days means nothing at all. You share interest, start your progression rp or story for that matter, and perhaps in a few days, or weeks, the person or people are gone. Without explanation, or worse: Ghosting you. And im just wondering...why is that happening? You want rp? What do people say? Ding ding ding, correct: "Do your own phase, stop crying". Oh im sorry, ok. I will do that. You put effort into a project, you build you prepare perhaps a cool awesome story. And nobody, and i mean -NOBODY- shows up. Im just wondering, why. You ask for rp: Do make your own. YOU offer RP that is perhaps conflict story oriented, NOBODY is showing up? While a non meaning place gets 30+ people, where you do nothing but...talking and talking and talking...and well. Talking? I dont know, maybe im just some...Lore RP nerd. Wich also...apparently is something bad? Something i really dont understand. Why am i a bad person when i follow the Lore? Or LIKE Old Lore for that matter?? I really dont understand these things. MAYBE I do come off sometimes like some..angry person. Well, im not? Should i think about myself when im getting told: "I really was fearful towards you, because on your view on Lore. And people who do custom lore." Am i a bad person? Do your custom lore, please. If it has good things to offer, why the hell not? But why am i a bad person for not RP custom lore, OR NOT wanting to? Am i forced to do so? I dont know. I dont think many will read this, as the forums have become rather empty these days. As i said in the title, these are thoughts i have regarding epsilon since a few years. And i thought i may share them. Maybe i just made myself the biggest idiot for posting this. Who knows.
  3. Nothing new. Its a sickness. Hence i really try to make no friends at all on this server and refuse any longterm. Its just not worth yourt ime.
  4. https://wow.tools/mv/?buildconfig=32c71f38347865e5fe5c7d92dc79a1d8&cdnconfig=d537a68fd2d78369b9a6f897c46b29be&filedataid=202362&type=m2 Ich empfehle dir mal diese seite, damit kannst du ALLE objecte für WoW finden. Vielleicht hilft das.
  5. As far as i saw it, Nortwin continues shitting on RPH but ehm helps that your server? I would say not, you are he is destroying your REP even more and more. And tell me, what is your goal? Tell me Epsilon, tell me. You praise with your big incoming patch but you know what? Other patches will take it, and make it working for RPH and then? Well i would say you achive nothing here, only people sitting in your start zone, private phases, nothing going on your server, and you tell us that RPH is dying? Are you serious Nortwin? Ban me if you want just that you know what your wonderful preacher is doing. By this posts you do all day on RPH you just show how much of a loser you are wasting your life sitting on your PC writing like a little kid shitpost you keyboard warrior. Get a life.
  6. i dont find it, it said incorrect item value