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  1. Release Notes (Mini Patch 830 - "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!") We're bringing lots of gifts to go under the tree this update! From gift boxes, sweets and yummy treats to festive and elegant Solstice decor, we've got you covered this Winter Veil! Not feeling festive? That's alright, we've got all sorts of landscaping items to make a Wintery Wonderland right in your own phase! Remember to check the Epsilon Objects Mall in phase #94590 to see these items in game! Developer Credits - T, Slate, Gwetha, and Aigar For a full list of IDs, scroll to the bottom of the post or look here Release date: December 2022 Highlights 1. Solstice Decor! For every elegant Winter Veil party! (.look object eps_solstice) 2. Winter Wonderland of objects in the Winter Pack! A varied assortment of frosted trees, flowers and hedges with frozen caves and rock walls so you can walk in your very own Winter Wonderland! (.look object eps_winterpack) 3. Curbs! For keeping the borders of Winterveil contained, lest she cross the boundary into our realm! Varied Curb Designs! (.look object eps_curbmetal) 4. More Tintables! More tintable items from curtains to rugs to lights and balloons, we have you covered whatever kind of party you want to throw, year round! (.look object eps tint, eps coin) 5. Sweets! Sweeties for our sweeties! Everyone loves a treat now and then and now we have plenty of great objects for your stockings! The following screenshot is only a small representative of a much larger collection of items! 6. Assorted Festive Decor! Giftboxes, plushies, books and more in varied colors for your celebrations long after the season has passed! Credits T - winterpack objects, Solstice objects, curbs, caves, coin and snow piles more! Slate - cookies and muffins, dwarven books, tintable coins Gwetha - tintables, plushies, giftboxes & wagons and a special thank you to Aigar who makes all this possible! For a full list of IDs below or here
  2. The Epsi Horror Picture Show results are IN and if you're like us, all of the entries will make you howl with delight! The competition was stiff this year and not just because some of them are forsaken! We want to thank everyone who entered this competition and all of the judges as well! Our judges were Gwetha, Slate, Kitty and Mindscape! The winners this year receive the temporary title 'Spookster' in the Epsi discord and bragging rights that have no expiration! Judge Comments: Some random skeleton, hahaha! Very clever! I love how well put together it is! The nails, the expression, the text! W o w! Varian Wrynn's Ghost is a clever producer! What a perfect tribute. From funny credit texts to the visual finish that makes it look like a VHS wrapping, this has everything. IIt even looks like it was taken from a VHS tape, Varian Wrynn’s ghost should be proud! Judge Comments: Really love how true it is to the original poster! Like even the tire, and the mini men, and the fork the little guy is holding?! AND THE TOWER, TOO! The attention to detail is mindblowing!!! Detail-oriented, fun, with a great composition. Love it. Could this get any more perfect? When’s the show times? ? The contest criteria was so popular this Hallow's End that even staff members couldn't resist putting together some ghoulish creations! We had enough entries that we put together a panel of players to judge the results! A special thank you to Coda, Belethe, Corgi, and Sophie for being our judges! ? Judge Comments: This poster floored me because I went back and forth trying to figure out if the house was built like the rest of the scene. Amazing work and reference to the conjuring. 5 out of 5 on this one. Entirely produced using in-game assets, and yet it has the same color-grading and lighting as the original image. You even put in a bespoke recreation of the house from the poster. Incredibly well-done. OK this is brilliant. That's really all I can say about it. It's just good.
  3. Everything mentioned in the rules thread here, as well as on our channel on discord applies to public spaces in-game, including announce and our starting area.
  4. A few of our entries with comments from the expert panel: I love the use of natural materials. It makes these set pieces look like they were really built by hand! A clever and much-needed blueprint! I know I’ll be using this as a new staple for one of my own characters Belves with cats! It’s a match made in heaven! This piece is immediately readable as a goblin’s vanity. The style and proportions are great - it looks like it came right out of the game files! A simple and sturdy shelf design that looks like it can get great mileage out of a wide variety of builds I really dig this overgrown look! Belf druids when? This is such a gorgeous little detail piece, perfect in any glass or jewelry shop Major props to the amount of work which must have gone into this clock! These assets all have incredible harmony with eachother Sizing this wmo down to be a cage is so clever! The colors are bright and peppy and they feel like they belong in a summery build This is INCREDIBLE! From the shapes, colors, and distinct goblin flavor! It has a strong Warcraft-style silhouette without sacrificing believability and function. Who would have thought to make a troll xylophone? This gets major points for originality, and it pulls off the concept in a way that’s solidly constructed and fun! WOW. The love that must have gone into this one! It’s got dramatic scale for days and that, as well as everything else about it, is SO Forsaken you might as well be an official designer. This is a gold standard for simple, clean, and effective construction. It’s not every day you see a tauren playing the hurdy gurdy, but I hope with this build we’ll be seeing a lot more! I really love the goth vibe here, especially that “potted plant”! Clever use of those chains, too! The quintessential orc camp! The devil is in the details -- like these roses growing right through the eye sockets! It adds an extra sense of macabre and even though it might seem less impressive than the other bits in the set, this small facet is something I really love. --but of course I also had to mention the confession booth, which functions as wonderfully as it looks. I knew what this was immediately as I looked at it! Honorable mention to the little ring basket as well! Had a good chuckle at this! I have to put it on my orc grandma’s bedside table This fits in perfectly in any goblin build. I’ve had many of my own pots end up looking like this! Points for believability!
  5. Congratulations to Jacktheman, who won making a troll xylophone! We have received a great amount of entries and all of them were amazing! We're working on showcasing them all to you soon, so many thanks to everyone who submitted their creations and continue to share them with the whole community. Thanks for helping others bring their vision to life, to inspire and for sharing the love of building new things.
  6. Throm’ka, architects! The Horde needs your skills to expand our range of faction-styled blueprints! Ever thought orcs might need accessories for a sauna room? Maybe a lifeguard chair for a troll, a vanity for a forsaken, or a motorcycle for a tauren? Put an aesthetic spin on any item to make it worthy to join the mighty hoard! Blueprints must be styled around one of the aesthetics of the base Horde races (orc, tauren, troll, forsaken, blood elf, goblin). Feel free to make as many as you like. You can even group them to form a set of blueprint props. Rules/conditions: The competition will accept furniture and prop entries, no structures Blueprints need to be newly made Blueprints need to be made public and their ID shared to Aigar on discord Entries can be sent in until August 8 (23:59 CET) Reward: Temporary “Architect” title for the winner. Entered blueprints will be periodically showed off in phase 26000 and may be featured on the Epsilon twitter feed unless you indicate you don't want yours to be displayed there.
  7. Welcome to Epsilon, if you have any queries about the game, or how to use our various commands, please feel free to join our Discord ?
  8. Hello, and welcome to Epsilon. The solution to this issue is in the #faq channel in our Discord.
  9. Hello and welcome to Epsilon ? To answer your questions: 1. Try looking up a faction override spell: .lookup spell faction override 2. To stop global/announce chat do .toggle announce
  10. Thank you for the report. However, this will be fixed with the 8.3.0 update so there is currently no reason for us to diverge development time to fix this issue on 7.3.5. I'm afraid it'll have to wait a bit but it will be fixed.
  11. Release date: 23/05/2020 Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. You may have noticed some of these fixes were already implemented before this patch - we're just including them in this changelog as we didn't feel each fix needed an individual announcement. Bug Fixes The crash causing the guild tab opening to disconnect a player has been resolved! The loyalty of joining a guild is no longer rewarded with the chance of an instant disconnection! We have fixed many of the downported or otherwise models that were broken on the server - with hopefully only a few remaining broken. You can find a list of the fixed models here. .gobject move with no parameters would move an object to your position, but not update rotation - this has now been fixed. .gobject move would fail if any of the player coordinates was 0 or was facing north. This has now been fixed. New Commands and Features .gobject New subcommand added. .gobject face #direction or $north/south/east/west When used, makes the object turn to face either a direction (degrees) or one of the cardinal directions, New feature added. Blueprints can now be shared to a public respository using .gobject blueprint share [$name] public To find public blueprints, use .look blueprintpublic [$name], where you can now find a repository of community blueprints for your builds! Blueprints can now be spawned directly from the public repository. .npc New subcommands added. .npc turn #degrees Similar to .gobject turn. When used, makes the npc turn clockwise or counter clockwise. .npc face #direction or $north/south/east/west Similar to newly added command .gobject face. Used to make an NPC face a certain direction (degrees) or one of the cardinal directions. .phase New subcommands added. .phase show gobjects Displays map locations with information on how many gameobjects are spawned on them. .phase show npcs Displays map locations with information on how many creatures are spawned on them. Miscellaneous We've been making a constant effort to monitor the server for any suspicious lagspikes, and so far we are satisfied that the server latency has improved a lot recently! In amongst all of the core changes to the server, we've been working with members of the community on something to freshen up the start zone a little! I introduce you to Dranosh Valley: An Adventurer's Dream. A special thanks to Miles for the lore, Valyona, Rishladir and Rokki for their help with building and NPCs, and various members of the community for helping us fps test this and optimise it. Dranosh Valley may be looking a little strange - the spiritual fields were once a sacred ancestral home to the peaceful and welcoming Dranosh tribe, but they have now become something different entirely. As tales of a fragmented rift in the skies above Icecrown travel from village to village, and the cosmic scales tip out of balance; the mirage between otherwise undiscovered planes becomes blurry at it's thinnest - and the rolling hills of Dranosh have become a destination of pilgrimage for a group now defined as 'dreamwalkers', those wishing to partake in a ritual sleep, and walk lucidly amongst the dreaming fields. A select few dreamwalkers will be able to commune with the mirage in a meditative state, travelling to a mysterious utopia of mismatched locales seemingly living in harmony, in a space no bigger than a small town. The Valley in its altered state is now the image of the dreams of its many inhabitants, and an accomodating breath of fresh air to most of Azeroth's intelligent life. But to create a perfect world, there must be a balance - and while positive dreams can contribute towards building a paradise, the nightmares of said inhabitants can also manifest and twist under the illusive outer walls of the valley, ready to strike at a moment's notice. The new start zone is intended to be a foundation for further exploration when it comes to server events or the possibility of main phase roleplay. Please, give us your feedback on the kinds of avenues you think that we should approach with this, we know the lack of roleplay has been a topic of discussion for some time amongst the community. There are a couple of developer notes to add to this and necessary announcements will be made on Discord, but it will help massively if alongside that, the community comes together to help spread these messages to anyone appearing to have these issues in start. They are temporary. As the Valley depends on a few scaled and tilted wmos, it's important to note; you may have noticed a bug on the server currently that means when you enter or exit a phase without teleporting to another map, wmos that are usually scaled or tilted will explode back to their original scale. This will be fixed in a future update but for now it can very easily be fixed by teleporting quickly to another map and back. Voila! The Valley may be fps heavy for some people, but worry not - the essential structures like the land, the surrounding boulders and buildings have been optimised to appear from any distance - meaning that you can enable .vis ultralow and you'll see barely any visible difference but a dramatic increase in fps. Because the detail objects here are heavy, with vis ultralow on they will only appear to you from no longer than a 100 yard distance, which in this landscape is enough to be blocked out by trees or rocks anyway. As the zone is intended to be enjoyed on land, the difference is even less noticeable and it gives players who have higher end PCs or don't mind a small fps drop to experience the detail too if they so choose. Here are some comparisons in images to explain my point: BEFORE and AFTER using .vis ultralow to reduce viewdistance.
  12. Hello, We've decided to make a public survey in regards to what kind of content our players would like to see us focus on for the next update. Information about the survey: You may vote on multiple choices. Each option has been assigned a "time-consumption" rating, meaning if "8.3 item downports" and "8.3 map downports" are the two options with the highest votes, we may combine them into a single 7/10 consumption-rated update. Try to refrain from voting on all options, consider the "time-consumption" rating and add them together. Note that this is a survey and there is no guarantee we will go with the top 1-2 results, we do however want to know how our playerbase feels. The survey will automatically close at the end of Sunday.
  13. Installing Addons Add-Ons are client-side scripts that are capable of adding enhancements to the World of Warcraft interface. These Add-Ons can achieve a variety of things, such as providing a framework for RolePlay, e.g. Total RP3, or to enable you to bypass the 255 character limit when sending messages e.g. UnlimitedChatMessage. Note: While Add-Ons are less likely to crash your game than patches, faulty Add-Ons can affect portions of the World of Warcraft interface and limit what you can do, e.g. Disabling the escape interface menu, or causing chat messages to disappear. Please report these bugs to the Add-On author. Installation: Recommended Software: 7zip. Step 1. Once you've downloaded an addon you wish to install, locate the downloaded Add-On archive from within Windows Explorer. Note: Downloaded files are downloaded to your Downloads directory by default. Example 1: Where your downloaded add-on should be located. Step 2. Right click the .rar, .zip or .7z archive and select: open archive. Note: The right click context menu may look different for you depending on what archiving software you have installed. Use the screenshot below for guidance. Example 2: Top: Example 7-zip context menu. Bottom: WinRAR context menu. Example 3: The opened .zip archive. Step 3. Once the archive has been opened, open a new instance of Windows Explorer and navigate to your Epsilon directory. Example 4: Your Epsilon directory Step 4. Enter the following directory: Interface\AddOns\ Note: your directory may contain a number of different folders. Example 5: AddOns directory Step 5. Switch back to your opened zip archive and arrange the window so it is situated next to your opened addon directory, as shown below. Example 6 Left: AddOn directory in Windows Explorer. Right: AddOn .zip archive opened in 7-zip. Step 6. Click on the AddOn folder inside the .zip, or .rar archive. Whilst holding down the left mouse button, drag it across to your opened AddOn directory then release, as illustrated below. Note: Before dragging and dropping the folder, go into the addon's directory and make sure there is a .TOC file present, then go up and proceed to install as instructed. Step 7. Launch your Epsilon client and make sure to enable your brand new AddOn. You can do this from the character select screen by clicking on the AddOns button in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Make sure the AddOn is checked, then click Okay. That concludes this short guide on how to install Add-Ons.
  14. Installing Custom Content This post will be divided into two sections, one section will detail the installation of custom patches, the second section will be reserved as a guide for installing Add-Ons. Contents: Installing patches Installing addons Note: Installing Custom Patches and Add-Ons runs the risk of damaging your client or causing you to crash. If you encounter a problematic patch or Add-On, get in touch with the author of the patch/add-on. Installing Patches Recommended Software: 7-zip Installing patches isn't overly difficult; but it can be a bit confusing on where to extract patch folders/files to. When downloading patches, be sure to look out for any readme .text files or install instructions on the patch download page for any special instructions laid out by the author. Step 1. Once you have downloaded a patch from the internet, navigate to the directory on your computer where it got downloaded to. Note: This is most commonly your downloads directory, located in Windows Explorer's Quick Access menu as shown below: Step 2. Once in your downloads directory, locate the downloaded file. This file could have any of the following file extensions: .zip, .rar, .7z, as displayed below: Example Patch Download Location Step 3. Right click on the downloaded file and in the context menu that appears, select: Open, or if you have 7zip installed, 7-zip->Open archive. Context menu for opening compressed archives. Step 4. Once you've clicked open or open with 7-zip you should find yourself inside the compressed archive, Take note of what folders are present within the archive. Left: Opening the .zip file within Windows Explorer. Right: Opening the .zip file with 7-zip. Within the opened archive should be folders with any of the following names: Character, Creature, Item, World, Spell, TILESET, dungeon, etc. If there is only one folder present within the archive and it does NOT match any of the folder names mentioned earlier, go into it and you should find the patch related folders there. Step 5. Keeping the archive open, open a new instance windows explorer, and navigate to where your EpsilonWoW directory is. e.g: C:\Games\EpsilonWoW, E:\Games\EpsilonWoW. Example Epsilon Directory Step 6. Position your EpsilonWoW directory, and the .zip or .rar archive window side-by-side, and highlight all the folders in the patch archive, Step 7. Drag the highlighted folders by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse across to your Epsilon directory. Once your mouse is within your EpsilonWoW directory, let go of the left mouse button. Note: Alternatively, with the folders highlighted, you can right click any of the highlighted folders->click copy, and paste into your root Epsilon directory as you would any other file. The folders will be copied to your Epsilon directory. When done, your Epsilon directory should contain patch folders such as: character, creature, item, world, tilesets, dungeon, sound etc. Example of a patched Epsilon directory. That's it, you can now launch your newly patched game.