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  1. Sounds quite interesting. I do hope the staff can help you get something like this working. If it ever pans out, hopefully you can post a guide for it.
  2. I need details. Are you using WinRAR, 7Zip, or some other program? I need a screenshot of the error you're receiving. Can't help you fix a problem when I don't know every step you're taking to get this error.
  3. I'm sure you're misunderstanding me. I'm sure this would be restricted to phase owner only (if it's implemented at all). some phase owners might use .ph del and change their mind later, hence having the ability to restore the objects and NPCs within 24 hours
  4. That's all well and good, but we know how moody some people can be. If this is done, i'd suggest having an option to restore the deleted phase within 24 hours.
  5. I'm around in the discord more than not. Waiting on 7.3 to get back in-game
  6. This rarely fixes it. 9/10 the person was banned by warden. Only solution to that is asking GMs for an unban in DMs on the forums or through the discord (which is alot faster)
  7. you my friend need to calm down. Forums are for discussion, so you will obviously get responses which hold someone else's opinion on the matter. I for one completely disagree, because all it would take is one moment of doubting what you're doing and you can irreversibly delete hours, days, or weeks of work. it's a fix for laziness, which isn't what we should be worrying about, in my opinion.
  8. I fixed the download link, which was broken. I do not know what problem you're facing, so please explain and maybe I can try to fix it.
  9. mhmm fixed now. thank you for pointing that out i forgot i moved the file on the ftp server a while back so some things were nested in the proper place. (cant say i did too good a job at it.) Guess I missed updating this link.
  10. will check it immediately. thanks for letting me know.
  11. i'd honestly suggest just setting standstate to fighting animations if you really want a "fighting experience"
  12. sorry to be slow about saying this, but this project is kinda halted for the moment. I need lighting gobs, which aren't likely to be added any time soon. More to the point, I've had zero interest in rp in the past few months
  13. I might be able to look at doing nation marking variants of the sails and whatnot alone. I can't handle readding the windows and sails though.
  14. the only problem with this; hairstyles and other things are linked directly to their worgen form counterpart (would honestly be better if we could just separate them from each other, but that's not how character creation works to my knowledge)
  15. not saying it wasn't, I'm simply pointing out that the addon only fixed whispering, last I checked. and Chase has even said, .whisper <spaced name> should already cover what his addon was supposed to do