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  1. And maybe recolors to match Blood Elf, High Elf, Void Elf, etc etc etc for Suramar/Nightborne assets?
  2. The common scenario I found is that someone tried to join IC, the characters react to it IC, said person attempting to join then takes it personally OOC and storms off. People just see chances to be a part of something, but then bail out the moment someone else or group of people seem a little off-put at first. The chance always remains, they just think they're being turned away OOC.
  3. cape models are part of the human model, unfortunately. I would also love to have it separated.
  4. Didn't help that TES and Fable stuff was also involved...
  5. Not even patches that replace terrain textures?
  6. Could you please (re)unlock the pitch black transmog player skins? They ones that are usually at the very bottom of the list and used by the transmog menu on retail? They could be recolored and used for other purposes, like how I am using for the Lightforged Draenei in this patch. Some of us still have found a use for them, and patchers would replace them with functional textures to customize their characters, add additional skins, and otherwise post to the public. Not all races have these skins for hairs. Examples of said skins;
  7. Some creature models still remain a victim to the censorship the Chinese client blesses us with. The meat wagon, introduced in BfA as a Warcraft 3 Reforged pre-purchase reward was one of them. BEFORE: AFTER: Install this patch by extracting the Creature folder into the directory, where your EpsilonWoW.exe will be. DOWNLOAD
  8. This patch is meant to temporarily fix the Undead textures. Adds some unlife back into your undead, such as "missing" features as well as correcting the finger and toe tips. Undead Male Undead Female Install this patch by extracting the Character folder into the directory, where your EpsilonWoW.exe will be. DOWNLOAD
  9. This patch replaces the solid black haircolor that Lightforged Draenei have with instead a usable black hair texture. It isn't perfect, but it seems to work just fine. To install, simply drag and drop the Character folder into the directory of Epsilon WoW (The same folder the EpsilonWoW.exe is in) DOWNLOAD
  10. Can confirm. Tested this in numerous phases. People in the same guild as the tabard will only be able to see the tabard, and people joining with a member already present can possibly see it. (Seems like only members of guild can see it though)
  11. While this is not a bug, but rather an overwrite issue in the CDN, the textures for Undead Males seem to be the Chinese Undead, censoring out the tongue, the metal jaw, fingertips and toes having an ugly skin texture rather than being bone, metal, or flesh. I was unsure if I should have posted this in patch suggestions or in bug reports, but this category might get it more attention. What I'm talking about: And this one is supposed to be a metal jaw: This one is either bone or metal, as seen by the gap in the jowel: Feature/Facial 2 is also supposed to be a leather skin sewn over the mouth, but it is actually just plain like the first one. As it should be: