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  1. Could we get a function to allow us to search through 50 results at a time similar to the regular look functions for .phase forge npc list? While .phase forge npc list <letters here> will display characters with that string of letters, this more as just an optional side bit to allow us to look through all of our 600+ NPCs without destroying our chat box. .phase forge npc list .phase forge npc next (or .look next can work with this)
  2. Type of Bug: Collision and visibility. Description Collision: When natived, you lose collision when entering another map. Visibility: When natived, you do not appear to other players who just got within proximity. They will only see you at certain angles inside .wmos Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Unable to produce proper evidence via screenshots or chat messages, only that I've had other players try it to confirm. Gif of the bug Steps to reproduce: Native into a thin human Teleport to another map You will fall immediately, turn fly on Relog to fix People just getting within player visibility proximity will not see you Expected result: null, other than collision/visbilty Observed result: also null Reproduction rate: 10/10, had a few others test it An additional note, I believe the visibility issue only happens when the thin human is inside a .wmo, and will only be visible at an angle that is also able to see out the exit of the .wmo. This was experienced inside the booty bay inn, to many people during a roleplay. Another additional note, the thin human appears to glitch through any form of terrain, .wmo, or .m2 when walking over it to others, while the user sees it just fine. Edit: Gif link didn't work, made another
  3. There exists a patch, however. I do not know where to get it.
  4. I thought the originally suggestion was to display all of the phases you own on your entire account, like so: .phase history Kalrihk(421) Inkerius(479) ExampleCharacter(1337) ExampleCharacter2(420) etc etc Wouldn't mind either. Some of us lose track of our own things.
  5. This patch fixes the pistol model to sit in your hand, instead of float a kilometer off. DOWNLOAD Put this into the directory, the same folder as your .exe. DM me on Discord at Kalrihk#5474 if you have any issues. I also take requests.
  6. As a member in another phase, it seems that you do not keep ownership or some sort of editting rights over NPCs that you've spawned, after the server crashes. I am a member in another phase, and I have spawned some gobjects and NPCs. I was able to edit both the objects and the NPCs prior a crash or restart, but since after the restart, I am now unable to edit the NPCs. I'm not an officer, who would likely be able to edit everything in the phase as free game, but just a member with more restrictions. If there is an ownership thing for NPCs in phases, I think after server restarts, ownership is transferred from the NPCs to the phase owner. Not sure how to explain it more clearly, but just as a member, I can't edit NPCs that I spawned before a server crash/DC. I'm attempting to move/delete/waypoint them as well as a few other things to try getting some result, but nothing. There is also nothing that says who spawned the NPC, only that it is in a phase. Leading me to further believe that ownership is transferred to the phase owner rather than staying with who spawned them.
  7. It's for crossbows, so that the actual bow doesn't go through your back, but sit flat on your back.
  8. y e s p l e a s e I'd like to be able to change my characters' faction or race on demand without having to ask and wait on a GM to flag my char.
  9. On that note, I also have a concentration camp for Elves in one of my phases. No problem.
  10. iT sToPs Us FrOm GeTtiNg DdOS'D as four more players get banned Mindscape slowly raises out from his bush UsE mY nEw AdDoN iT wIlL StOp YoU fRoM gEtTiNg BaNnEd
  11. We tried to fix the sails and windows. They disappear if you look at the ship at certain angles. See Kyliel's thread.
  12. With the sails and windows added back, as they were removed when submitted as emptywmo, have the Nation recolors of the ship, as well as other types such as pirate, cargo, forsaken, etc, with the sails, the windows, and the actual ships being recolored to match the nations or purpose. I would use the currently existing vanilla-legion ships for the recolors, as well as what was done on Div-X with the national ships. Side-note, have variants that include the nation symbols, then variants that are blank. (Sails and such.)
  13. I support this. This is a huge issue for people that want to use the ship model, but aren't so attracted to it. In addition to the sails, I'll make a separate patch suggestion board for this.
  14. This sounds easier on paper than it does in actually making it happen, but the Worgen male and female human forms lack a certain amount of hair colors and styles that regular humans have. If these can be unlocked for them, that would add to the...slight diversity to the customization that we could have.