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Found 4 results

  1. Asking to know if is there any thoughts on adding the TRP extended to the Epsilon launcher? I use the extended objects sometimes but people are usually lazy to download it (we're lucky they use the TRP because it's already integrated in the complete Epsilon download) so I was wondering ? Would it be possible to add the extended too?
  2. Hi! I recently downloaded the Epsilon Launcher and placed it in a folder outside of Downloads (C:/Games/Epsilon). It had a button with a text updating, after a while turning into launch. As I pressed the Launch button, the text turned into launching and nothing happened after 15 minutes of waiting. Just in case, I deleted the folder, re-placed the launcher .exe and tried again, but the Launcher appears to be stuck at launching. The folder currently looks like this: It says version 8.3.0 and whilst I can even move through the menu as it is launching, the patches section is empty whilst the news section appears to have latest news, I tried to look in the fixed solutions archive, but my look didn't seem to produce any others who had the same problem and a solution. Thank you for reading my message!
  3. Hi. I wanted to join to u, but Windows Defender shows me it contains trojan called Win32/Prowloc.A!cl. Please help. I rly want to play. Regards.
  4. Good Evening, I am posting this because the usual fixes have not turned up results or changed the error message. Attempts at fixing have included: Running as administrator. Removing "Read Only" attribute. Changing ownership of folder and sub-folders and editing to "Full Control." This also includes using the Advanced settings to change folder ownership and permissions. Fresh Client install (as in, completely deleting the old Epsi folder and re-downloading the new client). Restarting the modem. Updating drivers. Changing "SET portal" in config.wtf to "play.epsilonwow.net" None of these have resolved the error or changed the text of the error itself. I'm confused on what's left to try; has anyone ever seen this particular type of CAS error before?