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Found 6 results

  1. Asking to know if is there any thoughts on adding the TRP extended to the Epsilon launcher? I use the extended objects sometimes but people are usually lazy to download it (we're lucky they use the TRP because it's already integrated in the complete Epsilon download) so I was wondering ? Would it be possible to add the extended too?
  2. I'm sure this has been already suggested (I've been searching, actually), but those are old topics from about 2-3 years ago and I'd like to just check on this, if it's a to-do thing yet, if it's an abandoned task, or whatever: The possibility of giving ??different permissions to each member/officer/anyone in a phase??. Extra: specifically, the possibility of giving ??different permissions to different gobs/grobs for a rank of mem/off in the phase, or a specific character??, etc. And even more, but I think this could be even easier than the above: ??separated permisssions from my other characters in the same account??. If I'm an officer with Blue Wyrd in a ph, I really don't like being automatically officer in the same ph with any other characters of mine (I use to separate my mod characters from my RP characters).
  3. I'm not sure if requesting a specific asset counts as a suggestion, but I did not see anywhere else to put this. I would personally like to see the Cathedral of Light, located in Stormwind's cathederal district, to be an independent model that can be placed in the game. As it stands now, it is part of sw_cathedraldistrict.wmo, which encompasses the entire district. cathedral.wmo is nice, but is in scarlet colors and lacks the side room and basement that would be nice to have. If that is not possible, a simple recolor of the cathedral.wmo would also be nice.
  4. Or perhaps ".command channel default $channel" A simple command that would make all, or perhaps all unassigned categories show up in a selected channel, without having to manually go through every category one by one. This allows you to receive pings for friends coming on and offline in a chat tab, without your chat tab being flooded with lookups and other feedback.
  5. Talked about this elsewhere, and was directed to here, but the idea was to create an addon to utilize the .npc and some of the .ph for npc commands in a UI, so that it would be easier for potential DMs to run events or manipulate NPCs in a scene in a much easier fashion.
  6. Currently .gob spawn requires an object ID in order to spawn something in. If .gob spawn could also work with the object Name then it would make spawning in variations of objects for malls incredibly easy. For example: I am currently spawning in an Epsilon Custom RockArch WMO's themed after Arathigrass. In order to spawn it in I must type, or have a macro using .gob spawn 10001353. There are 37 other Arathigrass RockArch WMOs with slightly differing names. Then there are about 50+ Variations of those 38 gobs (eg. Stormheimgrass, Wildhammergrass, Suramarredgrass) If I was able to spawn gobs in using " .gob spawn eps_rockarch2_arathigrass_shelf_02l.wmo " then I could write a script to spawn all 38 objects, then use a "find and replace function" to swap out "arathigrass" to "stormheimgrass" and spawn the next 38, and so on. There are many more variations of epsilon objects to spawn (the draconic stuff, plus whatever is added in future), so this functionality would be amazingly useful.