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  1. Remember to put it in a macro, if you just paste the code in /say it will give you an error.
  2. I was wondering if we could include the name of the npc in the ".npc info" command. It would be really helpful.
  3. For some reason it won't let me view the manual, just says "The connection has timed out".
  4. • Type of Bug: Command not working as intended • Description: When you equip a npc with the .ph forge npc weapon command the weapons doesn't show up before you delete the npc and spawn it again. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: Spawn a NPC and use the command .ph forge npc weapon • Expected result: The NPC equips the weapon • Observed result: The NPC does equip the weapon but it only shows up after you delete and respawn the NPC. • Reproduction rate: 10/10 • Additional information: The weapons also dissapeared from the npc after the server crashed.
  5. Smart, didn't know this. Would be nice if it was automatic though
  6. This is a minor suggestion and unless easily do-able should probably be low on the list. If possible either make it so you start with clean action bars or remove all class spells when you create a new character (so you start with a fresh spellbook only with required spells like leather, mail, plate etc.)
  7. Thanks, definitely helps! I'm planning on making lists for all the races' objects after I'm done with this.
  8. I wanted to make it easier to find objects so I started making a list of what all the abbreviations means. As of yet I've only gotten down the 3 latest expansions objects as they are the easiest to find. I frequently update this list as I find more. BFA: Legion: WoD:
  9. I did ".lo creature Raven" and it showed me this(attached screenshot) and I can't do ".lo next" even though it shows I can. EDIT: I tried ".lo obj" & ".lo i" and it worked fine but other ".lo creature" gives me the same response.
  10. Cain

    Tile Mall

    Would it ever be possible to make half tiles?
  11. Also how do you hide pictures, like with a "spoiler", can't seem to find it.
  12. Awesome, didn't know this. The phase id is 11640, I won't be online for at least the next week or two due to a concussion but you are very welcome to take a look, as is everyone else.
  13. How the hell do you make round things with building tiles
  14. For quite some time I have been slowly building on a huge project of mine, but as real life has taken over quite a bit and my creative process has come to a halt I never really get anything done on this build anymore. I would like to hear if anyone would like to help with this project. Mostly in need of ideas, finding gobjects and decorating. The project I've been working on is a giant human kingdom build on an island near Tol Barad. The lore for this place is far from finished and it's mostly a build made out of the passion of building rather than to be used for roleplaying, although that could happen in the future if finished. Other than what you can see here, the build includes a few other locations you can teleport to from the castle when Azar gets the TP feature working again. (This includes the huge tower in the background, a dungeon and maybe sewers) I have several places planned aswell which hasn't been built yet which includes a forest, docks and the whole upper level of the castle. (right now it's only 2.5 levels) As of now I've yet to run into the problem which has always haunted big builds like lag. My plan for this is to have some of the stuff you teleport to far away from the main build to reduce lag. To give you an idea of what this project is and the size of it, I've included some screenshots below. If you got any questions, ideas or feedback please write a comment or write to me personally on either discord (Cain#7526) or in-game (Cain or Viktor Tirisfal)