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  1. Teaser number 1 For years, the people of the Kingdom of Lanestros have lived in peace and prosperity. But this has all changed with the death of the King. His son, Marvias Baelos is crowned King of Lanestros, but his twin brother claims the throne for his own. The Kingdom of Lanestros is divided, as the Lords and their bannermen rally to the Kings they support. The drums of War thunder once again. (Wanted to make this longer, but I'am headin off to sleep. Might edit tommorow)
  2. Hello everyone! Some of you might remember this guild from RPH or even from Divinity-X. Truly it's been a long time since we were last active, but we plan to bring this guild back on Epsilon. For those who are new, this is Kingdom -GoT/LoTR themed guild, set in it's own universe. Over the years, my friend and I have written down the story of the said guild and we will try to adopt the guild's events with it. For those have been part of the guild before, we can promise we have made some changes which we hope were for the best. Given the attention this post gets, I will reveal more things about the guild, such as the available races, classes, roles, the important parts of the story etc.
  3. Granted, but the horse kicks you endlessly to the ground. I wish I lived in King's Landing.
  4. *still looking for builders*
  5. Disclaimer : Rewrote stuff. Original idea was to built a city like King's Landing. The comment below will give some better insight. We've decided to first create areas where we will spend more time. The city itself can wait. As such, we're now looking for builders that can decorate the insides of a Keep.
  6. I mean, I too support this, but the server has gone too silent lately.
  7. Welcome to Epsilon! Hope you find your place in the server!
  8. I would like to add, that this building project isn't only for hosting, but also for a guild.
  9. @Romeo It would be more than amazing to see a phase filled with people. This is also one of the reasons I asked for builders. The project not only will serve for guild events etc, but also as a public area
  10. Alright, I'll give a hint. Our first plan is to build a city that looks like Constantinople (as presented in Attila Total War) or like King's Landing. By all means, we don't expect a copy of these, or a real life size recreation, but something that would serve as a city.
  11. Hello everyone! As the title suggests, My friend and I are looking to gather a group of builders for a project. For now, we are searching for people who can create large scales areas, such as cities or keeps. If anyone is interested, please send me a message. I will explain more there. Thanks in advance!
  12. @Romeo Yeap, another useful necro!