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  1. Make sure the folder that is containing the launcher is not read only. Try as well deleting all the .json files that were generated by the launcher.
  2. Blizzard has a custom script that applies the correct "[DND] Ring" spell for your race + gender. This hasn't been implemented by Trinity Core. So you'll have to go through those spells and find one that nicely fits on your character.
  3. Once we figure out how to make tiles more efficiently. We want to be able to have one object you can set whatever texture for. Currently we have thousands of objects, bloating the system.
  4. Problem comes from the objects not using the correct geoBox. I don't know how our patch is made, but I know other servers patches use the geobox for stormwind for EVERY WMO and some random orc hut for EVERY M2. This will cause some large objects to either be seen too far, or disappear too short. It is difficult to predict the geoBox without looking at the model file for every game object.
  5. Spawn a wmo under the object and it will get its collision back.
  6. Using old character models are not recommended as some NPC skins are not available on the older models. So some peoples characters might not look the way they are supposed to.
  7. Michael


    I suggest having a .warp command. These will act like .teles but tied to a phase, and all players can make them, but since they are completely seperate things they will not interfere with .teles. This can also be achieved by being able to supply a phase id for .phase teleport $location [#phaseid] to use a teleport location from a phase without being in that phase.
  8. Are you sure the game is showing up in the task manager when opening the game and you don't see anything happen? Where is your game located? And do you have any antivirus programs? If so try creating a exception.
  9. Apon re-executing the query to try to respawn the few missing tiles from the start. It spawned half the tiles now... Trying to fix it.
  10. If you're talking about missing tiles from the mall, there's a few hudred missing from the start. The query to delete anything spawned on that map deleted some of the tiles it was spawning. Need to do the query separately.
  11. Yes what you are probably seeing is the addon's we tried to distribute (which don't seem to register) Give us an example of what you're seeing. Being 90% of the content that is being distributed was made by me, I could probably tell you what it is.
  12. I know you said you disabled your antivirus, but which antivirus DO you have? Try adding an exception, for that folder and/or exe.
  13. The tele should take you right to the phase, I have not been online to test it out.
  14. There is now a tele called tilemall!