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    Heard nothing but good things. +1
  2. Hi Graxton, Please locate your most recent crash log in your Epsilon\Errors folder and send it to me via Discord: Ross#1832
  3. Cre

    .gob rotation

    This will generally happen with large WMOs or tiles. Make sure that you are facing north when placing these objects. .gps face north
  4. Hi @Empire_of_Red, Thank you for this bug report. I have now added this to our bug tracker.
  5. Hey @VernDagon, I personally dislike the idea of presenting a full "upcoming" set of patch notes. It's no secret that when things are teased or confirmed to be in the next patch that we are held to it. Sometimes quite viciously. Presenting a fully fledged set of patch notes with all of these promises would only result in backlash if something then went wrong. Whilst there are usually great technical reasons for why these things happen, it does not appease the people that like to remind us "remember when you said X would be added two years ago???" I would recommend that everyone keep an eye on the #dev-updates channel in Discord. You can see the commits that Azarchius makes to the Epsilon Core when bug fixing or adding features. As well as that, we release patch notes when the patch goes live. You can find those over at https://forums.epsilonwow.net/forum/42-changelogs/. That is just my opinion on the subject. One of the other developers may feel differently.
  6. I will call this a duplicate of your other post: I have added this to the tracker with the suggestion that /ignore be made account wide if possible. Thank you again Kitty.
  7. Hey Kitty, Phase blacklists are account wide. Or are suppose to be. I will test this and get back to you. Edit: Phase blacklist is indeed account wide already. The only step further would be phase blacklist IP for the player's IP address.
  8. I have added this to the tracker. Thank you both for letting us know.
  9. Still wrong, but I appreciate you for trying.
  10. Hm? I'm not quite following In terms of credit, anything shown in the dev blogs has been done by the developers speaking in the blog. Greymane Coat's Revisited was done by Tia, as was the Alleria armour. The lightsabers - of course - by ya nerdy boy here.
  11. That is what the post is if you just scroll to the bottom. This release of the blog was to highlight /why/ it has taken this long to get stuff going. I assure you that if you read the full thing and understand what we have said, you might see the difficulty we’ve had working with 7.3.5 and Blizzards new way of handling model files. As well as that, we only choose three things to show because we are still quite firm on the stance that we don’t feel the need to post pictures of everything we’re working on. That creates a pressure for us - who are doing this as a hobby in our free time - to release everything we show.
  12. Hey everyone! Welcome to the first issue of the Epsilon Dev Blog. Tia and I are here to discuss the current development cycle. Despite popular opinion, we do actually work on a lot of things. Often we don’t speak about them, tease them, or directly show them. However, for the sake of “transparency” - *uncontrollable shaking at the mere mention…* - we have decided to start this series. First, a few disclaimers. The Epsilon Dev Blogs are not on a schedule. This means that we will release future issues when and if we have the time to do so. Anything shown or teased in the dev blogs is NOT a confirmation that it will ever be released. This is designed to show you the trials and tribulations of the development team. Sometimes we experiment; sometimes the final product doesn’t work out. With that out of the way, we come to our first topic: Character models and conversions. To understand the full scope of the issue we have been facing, we must first explain the differences in character model (.M2 files) between patch 7.2.5 and patch 7.3+ In 7.2.5 and below, the character models referenced their counterpart animation, bone, and skin files in the .M2 file (model file). They done this by using file data IDs. File data IDs are the numbers that are assigned to a specific file. In 7.3, Blizzard introduced .SKEL (Skeleton) files into the game. Skeleton files - as far as we can tell - are a means of organisation. Blizzard removed the references to the character model's animation, bone, and skin files from the model (.M2) file and put them in the .SKEL file instead. This was, coincidentally, at the exact same time when the first allied races released. Producing an allied race is quick and easy since they are based off of the already existing base races. Animation and bones files can be reused. As you have likely figured out by reading up to this point, that is exactly what Blizzard have done. The allied races .SKEL file references the parent race's animation and bone files by using their file data ids. The illustration below should provide a better understanding. With all of the technical mumbo jumbo out of the way, we finally arrive at the point of this section: Greymane Coats & New Character Customisation. When Epsilon updated to 7.3 we lost our Greymane coats. Why? Greymane coats require editing the character model. You must physically attach the cloak to the character's model by using a software package like Blender. Our Greymane coats were added to the 7.2.5 character models. 7.2.5 character models require 7.2.5 animation, bone, and skin files. The allied races character models are 7.3.5. 7.3.5 character models require 7.3.5 animation, bone, and skin files. The end result of the 7.3.5 allied race character model referencing and using their parent race's 7.2.5 animation, bone, and skin files was horrifying. See for yourself We were left with three options: 1. Completely redo the Greymane coats on the 7.3.5 models. 2. Retire the Greymane coats entirely. 3. Make the parent and allied races use separate files instead of the same files. Many of you might be thinking to yourselves "Clearly option one is the best choice." Often when it comes to development, the most obvious choice is usually the least efficient. By completely redoing the coats on the 7.3.5 models, we would open ourselves up to the chore of having to redo the coats for every new patch. Option two wasn't really an option. The Greymane coats - love them or hate them - are a great customisation option. Several transmogs have been built around the coats. Retiring them if other options were available just wasn't going to happen. So we were left with option three. It wasn't impossible. Difficult, but not impossible. Thanks to our friends over at Kuretar (A massive thank you to Roccus) we have been able to modify the base race's .M2s to reference their own animation and skin files. Simply put: Base and allied races are completely separate. What's next? Finishing touches and testing. Testing? Testing! We may be looking for a few volunteers to come join us in testing our newly fixed models. They may also get a sneak peek at some of the other things that we have been working on. We'll announce more details about testing once we're happy with the models. That about wraps it up for this section of the development blog. If you have scrolled down to find a tl;dr then I'll leave you with this. Greymane coats are hopefully making a full return and we've got some amazing character customisation options ready to deploy in our next content patch. As a way of finishing this edition of the Epsilon development blog. We'll leave you with teaser of just a few of the things we're working on and planning to release. Enjoy. P.S. Please forgive any weird colouring, glitching, or artifacts around the models and items. In-game screenshots are hard to turn into graphical orgasms.
  13. Updated with brand new page 4: Bonus Item IDs. https://ross.support/downloads/Epsilon Command Guide.pdf (Make sure to do a force cache purge each time you view the PDF. You can do this by using keybind Ctrl + R in chrome and Ctrl + F5 in Firefox. This will make sure that your browser doesn't cache the PDF and that you always see the latest updates!)
  14. Issue resolved on 24/10/2018: