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  1. Over the past two months, colonists who came from a multitude of backgrounds have toiled hard to develop Terra, as they call it now. From such humble beginnings in an unforgiving and hostile environment, they have seen the world change under their careful ministrations. Made many discoveries about their new home. More work is yet to be done, but the planet is no longer the empty husk it once was - and someday soon this first generation of Terrans will step outside their domes and be able to truly breathe the air around them.
  2. [Homeworld Bound] The battle against the Legion has just ended. Azeroth Herself is wounded by the deep thrust of Sargeras' sword. It's a grim time, and yet despite that the factions are already preparing for yet another war - one promising to outstrip all the rest in its bloodshed. For some, it was a wake up call. The last twenty years had been a parade of apocalyptic events, each one only requiring a single slip-up for everything to be over. For those people, enough was enough. They would find someplace else. From a handful of B.O.O.M. Project veterans, as well as skilled tinkers of several other races, Great Dark Beyond Incorporated was formed. Their mission statement: Finding a place to go that could be made into a worthwhile home, away from the constant dangers of Azeroth. They scoured Draenic star charts, reverse-engineered and innovated many technologies, and prepared a one-way mission aboard a massive colony ship named The Marigold. A planet was selected, one without a World-Soul, unlikely to draw the attention of cosmic powers seeking large sources of magic. Their target, Exoplanet X-2, was studied at great length while plans were drawn up to transform it from the barren rock it was into a paradise for future colonists. Despite the blueprint of their future, it would take a great deal of work - and a lot of hands. The vast void-traveling ship built and hanging silently in Azeroth's orbit, they began to seek out others who had a similar mindset about the world's constant peril, searching through applicants for those who would have the skills required to shape the new world they would call home. It was made abundantly clear: By the time The Marigold reached its destination, hundreds if not thousands of years would have passed on Azeroth. Even if it survived, returning was not an option. For some that was not a problem, and the rosters were filled. The cryopods filled and loaded, and before the Fourth War ended The Marigold drifted away from Azeroth into the depths of space... [OOC Information] <Homeworld Bound> is a guild-based roleplay centered around the colonization and terraforming of a planet far out in the Great Dark Beyond. It is a progressive mission-heavy constructive roleplay, where a dead world will slowly transform around the players through their own actions, until it becomes a lush paradise of their own making. Most communication will be handled through the discord, which can be found at https://discord.gg/8eYhzVYbBE The discord is for prospective and active guild members specifically. Discord required for membership. Most races will be permitted, with only few exceptions. Requests can be discussed with Derpy in the discord. Race restrictions largely will be around creatures either too big to fit in a pod, or from species that do not get along well with others. Classes that are restricted include Warlocks/Shadowcasters/Necromancers,, any corrupted magic users. Those who wield magics in general may find their agility to cast diminished at first. With no world soul, the planet being terraformed has no leylines, or great wealth of natural energy to draw upon. For some caster classes however (such as Druids, Shamans) their power will grow in time as things progress - and are highly valuable in their own way. Light Users are mostly unaffected. A number of important in-character positions are available. The phase will not be publicly hosted, however at a point there will be plenty of passive roleplay opportunities available between guildmembers.
  3. Waaaait, dont YOU play a lot of Demon Hunters? I hadn't even realized! Also playful sass aside, at this present moment all moderation is done with the fact in mind that I am presently hosting it on Epsilon, with the limitations and understand of what that can do to my attempts at moderation. All situations that might have resulted in moderative action are also weighed carefully with the Epsilon situation as a definitive factor in mind.
  4. I tinker with perspective, you dont have to change your scale at all. Everything else outside the dome is big. The experience IS best with .visibility far though, it's built around that setting.
  5. It is. This time we don't allow Demon Hunters. Unless I just completely fail to realize, and they didnt read the forum post
  6. The Miniaturium (Temporary Image) The Ethereals are a race of merchants, run by companies or consortiums that travel the Great Dark Beyond in search of exploitable opportunities. Older than the Draenei, haters of the Void, and lovers of profit. Like their much more small-minded goblin counterparts, there are various amounts of conflict between these ethereal corporations who eventually obtain their own identities through the goods, technology, or services that they provide. Their vast nexus-ships and transdimensional portal networks allow them to wander the universe after the loss of their planet, K'aresh to the void. Similarly to goblins, many ethereals have what - to many other races and societies - can be considered... malleable ethics. Corporeal life is simply too commonplace across the galaxy, and most of that life barely travels to more than one planet in its lifetime - if it's lucky. It makes it easy to ignore the customs of 'natives' on the planets that they extort. Occasionally with manipulation, occasionally with violence, sometimes with absolutely no contact at all as what they desire is taken. The ones who usually show the least restraint but the most instinct and savvy are the ones that rise to the top. The Nexus-Princes. We now move to Nexus-Prince J'hraaq, of the Thaumic Union. An ethereal who has made his own corporation on the concept of 'terraforming', seeding completely dead planets with life - to some amount of success. Whether as exploitable nature reservations, or luxurious resorts for those who can pay the price to lounge on such designer planets, it has seen J'hraaq blessed with overwhelming profit. His business making him have very definitive viewpoints on corporeal life, he holds both an extreme irreverence and astounding fascination for the struggles of lesser creatures. It had become his passion. And, his hobbies reflect these passions. As some wealthy Executives might have a fish tank filled with exotic fish, or a terrarium with a rare, endangered creature... J'hraaq's tastes are far more befitting someone of his excessive wealth and maniacal passions. Enter; The Miniaturium. A small Biodome which was multilayered for additional security, around the size of a holographic table, complete with its own very detailed and intensive monitoring systems. It holds atmospheric systems, ambient magic collectors and dispensaries, multiple biomes, security safeguards, and much more. A fantastic, no expense spared endeavor... for one purpose. Housing sentient life. Though certainly controversial, there are no laws against such things in space. The venture, considered eccentric at best by certain more personable corporations and an exciting prospect by others, is either considered amusing, enthralling, or uninteresting by the Ethereal populace at large. The Thaumic Union rarely does business with external races, so with care they selected specimens from worlds that do very little business on the galactic front and have even less interstellar experience. Backwater worlds, containing them in what is essentially a perfect minuscule prison. The most horrifying thing... nothing is expected of them. There are no experiments. No tests. No tampering. Their needs are cared for. Their desires attended to. Guests for life of a beautifully perfect cage of gold. And the only law is no harm must come to the dome... after that, there is complete freedom within its walls. Some might find this an opportunity. A way to escape the horrors of the worlds they were seemingly plucked from. Some who lived in poverty might find it a wonderful change. Others who brought old hatreds with them might find this simply a new venue, a new battlefront. Others might be unable to handle captivity, the helplessness and seek to break free of a seemingly impossible prison. There may be those who look to make the best of the situation. And those who see this as finally a chance to be free and unfettered from the laws of the societies they had come from, whether to commit violence or not. All of it lies within the purview of the Nexus-Prince, as he watches his little subjects with enraptured delight in a dancing drama unfolding before his very eyes. His exhibit. His little executive terrarium. His Miniaturium. OOC INFORMATION Each person who arrives in the dome is outfitted with an implant. This implant is wired into their body on a deep level, and is capable of mild to lethal shock, injection, tracking and monitoring of vitals. It is also capable of requisitions for supplies. Every living thing, including wildlife, is tagged with a similar implant of some description. Creatures with unique physiology would have adaptations to their implant in order for greatest effectiveness. Due to the nature of the situation, no demons, demon hunters, constructs - titanic or otherwise, or incorporeal creatures can be introduced to the Dome for story reasons. Due to issues in the past, no dragons or other giant/oversized creatures may be introduced to the Dome. Mogu are not permitted as well, due to consistent issue with them both IC and OOC. All specimens went through thorough analysis before entry, so such instances would have been discovered. However, due to the nature of the roleplay there are many races which may not normally be welcome that are. These races include: Uncursed and Cursed Arakkoa, Ogres, Kobolds, Gnolls, Naga, Murlocs, and MANY more. Please contact Caretaker if you have any concerns about the nature of your character's race. There is no OOC claiming of territory or buildings within the Miniaturium, all claims must be enforced IC. While player death is not something actively encouraged, as the phase is not an arena by its pure nature, player death within the Miniaturium must be accepted under proper circumstances. Magic is dry and restricted within the dome. Magical use that you are uncertain about should be confirmed with Caretaker, however some basic information is here: Arcane is weakened. Persistent arcane effects are constantly drained. Mana does not naturally restore itself, no leyline or ambient magic is available. However, mana rations are available from dispensaries located in each major settlement's Mage Tower. Teleportation and Portaling only functions within the dome. Attempts to transport outside of it result in an impact against the shield itself, with a premature drop out of the teleport. Chi requires a couple of days to get used to, presumably due to your new size, however upon becoming accustomed it functions as normal. The Light and the Shadow both function, however they are weakened due to the size of your characters. This does not affect very much when interacting with other creatures on your scale, however, so mechanically it is not dramatically different. However, these magics affect you at an EXCESSIVELY faster rate. Light magic bolsters you and makes you more vigorous. Shadow magic causes exhaustion, atrophy, and emotionlessness at a far faster rate as well. Void is despised by the Ethereals, and will result in immediate termination of a specimen implementing it. Due to size, and the weakening of your soul energy, Fel Magic is excessively self destructive. Within seconds of channeling a fel magic spell, the caster's soul would flare up and burn out of them - leaving them an empty husk. Summoning does not work here, due to the rift barrier the dome projects, but even if it did the smallest imp would still be gigantic in comparison to any inhabitant of the Dome.
  7. I dont even know fully how to code and I know that's not how it works. That's not how any of this works. You cant (or really shouldnt) be able to affect the server AT ALL. Cracked exe or not. Folks 'fixed' the exe real real fast. Like cracking DRM. This shouldnt be server DRM. I love me some internal patches but I cant approve of time spent to block it like Terry Crews unless there's actual real stuff goin on. It's silly to devote resources to that. Also, doesnt it not remove you from the CDN? Not sure for certain.
  8. DerpyDoo

    Phase Lists

    Please do understand the reality that Epsilon isn't competing against those servers. It's competing against RPH, and it's at the moment lacking in commands, population, motivation, systems... it should be clear why there's so few people. I want so badly to see Epsilon do well because quite honesty like many people I don't have a real option to go anywhere else anymore. And it was bad enough that there are those out there who are in the same place that have outright said they don't even want to bother with the RP scene anymore because of it. People chose nothing at all over Epsilon, because to them it's just about the same thing. No RP.
  9. DerpyDoo

    Phase Lists

    Everything the above has said. It's been proven to work already. And right now, it's my opinion it's contributed drastically to the state of things.
  10. DerpyDoo

    Phase Lists

    Also, as part of my disagreement, 'blindly walking into a phase' is actually 90% of publicly hosted phase attendance.
  11. DerpyDoo

    Phase Lists

    I guess this is true. Not many people enter phases. On a sidenote, it IS admittedly probably too late. However, some fashion of persistent phase list system WOULD be far far better than eventannounce. It's been shown and proven to be a reliable way of getting people to review phases that are currently hosting. I disagree one hundred percent with the approximation that it wont benefit phases. Only that it's maybe too late for most things to benefit phases.
  12. DerpyDoo

    Phase Lists

    Phase lists, please. Something. A stopgap while waiting. A way to possibly entice the few people around into a phase so the RP server can have some RP. Anything. Whatever needs to be done with that.
  13. Oh, I thought you were like, bringing things up and being like "Yeah, I understand the situation" not being an apologist. It's fine tho, I gotta go to sleep.
  14. Well, because of the small level of tension, it's not like people can console themselves in the wide-eyed knowledge that a wealthy flow of quality content is either available or *immediately* due for instant release. Atm, the server doesn't even fully match up command-wise with some other servers out there, cough. And doesn't outstrip it. Now, I do believe in the capacity of Azarchius and any other coders with the team to achieve such things. All i'm saying is that because of that situation, it's just a little wobbly. So what just happened, the hardline stamping out people criticizing how a mute was handled, that was a TERRIBLE way to do it. In a terrible time to do it. Certain members of staff are significantly better at resonating with the community. Some are... significantly better at inflaming it. This is a bad time to piss everyone off, that's all.