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  1. The Township of Southshore is looking for members to fill up our ranks. Whether your a farmer or an admiral we would like to see you fighting alongside our men. Interested? DM on Discord for MORE info and how to join at arcprime01 or reply here if you so wish. INFO for more info on closure dm me
  2. Howdy, Epic Pals and Party People! I'm Vulpex – your whimsical wizard of wonder and the maestro of merriment in the fantastical fiesta that is Project Requiem! Grab a seat, buckle up, and get ready for a wild ride into the realms of endless adventure, because we're about to dive into a world where the dice roll, the stats soar, and the laughter echoes like a well-timed fireball. The Guy Behind the Curtain: Yep, that's me, the guy orchestrating this symphony of silliness. I'm your Dungeon Master, your guide through the chaos, and your partner in crime as we craft stories that'll leave you grinning like a gnome in a candy store. More Than Just Pretend: We've Got Stats, Levels, and an Economy, Oh My! But wait, there's more! We're not just playing make-believe here. We've got stats – yup, actual numbers and stuff. Leveling? Absolutely! Your character's growth is as real as the coffee stains on my wizard robes. And as for an internal economy, well, let's just say we've got virtual gold flowing like mana in a magic fountain. A World for Everyone: Alliance, Horde, and Even the Lone Wolves: All you Alliance heroes, Horde champions, and you free-spirited neutrals, listen up – Project Requiem is your playground! Pick a faction, pick no faction – it's all good vibes and wild tales here. The adventure is knocking, and we're ready to answer the door! So, my fantastical friends, let's make magic together, roll some dice, and embark on a journey where joy is our compass and laughter is our spell of choice. See you in the realms of pure awesome, Vulpex - Your Chief Chaos Coordinator 🎉🔮🚀 More details at https://projectrequiem.freesite.host/
  3. [145016] <The Amethyst Arcana> is now recruiting! Mages, magic users and magical beings are welcome to join our ranks! [Progressive RP] [Housing] [N & Exotics] Welcome! Phase website: https://arcanaamethyst.carrd.co/
  4. Welcome to Elysium "Across the seas, forgotten long ago during the sundering of worlds -- a safe haven for all of Azeroth's life. Such is what I have named Elysium." --Raistraza Ever log into Epsilon and wonder what phase to join? Too many, too little? Not what you're looking for? Maybe you just want a stage to DM on -- maybe you just want something akin to world RP like you once had on Retail WoW. Well, that's what we're here to try and emulate! Elysium is a multi-phased, interconnected server on Epsilon that aims to give you a platform to roleplay in! Currently we have three major zones to explore, which can be accessed either through elysium-phases or by simply walking through gateways found throughout the kingdoms. These zones include NPCs, villages, towns, cities and castles! Each zone has its secrets and storylines that you can explore, discover and participate in, if you wish. Our aim is to provide a place for friends to chill out while not being too small -- giving them ample opportunities to play wherever, whenever, and whatever. Not feeling the swampy mood of Evershire? Head over the Plains! Want something creepier to RP in? The Shadow Realm is always waiting for you... Wanna be an exotic race without having to move to an entirely new server? Go for it. Elysium is set to be a mysterious, lost land that splintered off Kalimdor during the Sundering. Elysium follows the same timeline as World of Warcraft, but with certain expansion retcons that help make roleplay less confusing lore-wise and more consistent with the original Warcraft universe. With ancient Tauren, Humans, Dwarves and more -- you're in charge of the lands. Claim a house as your own, make guilds, host events, discover new friends, learn about the history of Elysium, and so much more. We literally have entire kingdoms. Current Administrative Team • @Magicka - Administrator • @Red_dwarf - Administrator • @Tychgen - Moderator • @Pyrrhos - Moderator Accepted Races: Elysium is very lenient on what races you can play. Exotics are encouraged, as well as classic races. We want to accommodate as many people as possible while also trying to keep to the lore of Warcraft. We have a list of playable races that can be found in #playable races. Rules: Elysium is moderated, so there is no need to worry about people harassing you. We have a report-a-player system in place and can always be reached about issues. For a full list of our rules, check out #rules or our Info Hub in-game! There are also greeter NPCs in each of our phases that feature all relevant information. So there is really no excuse for people to say they haven't read them. Elysium is considered a PG 13 to R rated phase in regards to maturity rating. If you are a minor please be aware that people may be partaking in content that is not suitable for your age. Where to Start: First please read all of our rules , then select-a-role . Once you're in, read up on our lore in lore-documents and please consider installing supported-patches ! Themes: [Housing, Pirates, Soldiers, Shops, NPCs, Tribes, Clans, Adventure, Exploration, Castles, Custom Lore, Taverns, Make-Your-Own-Events, Community Participation, Neutral, Alliance, Horde, Dragons, Exotics] https://discord.gg/PyCwMMMb7M
  5. The Voldunai The Voldunai, once a coalition of misfits and scavengers, joining arms against the armies of the Sethrak Empire, now after the fall of Emperor Korthek, have united further, even including the remaining Sethrak whom of which have renounced their loyalties to the fallen Emperor, and the Tortollan, for the future of the wasteland they call their home. ----------- The Voldunai has been running since late 2019, starting as a small settlement of Sethrak and Vulpera in Uldum, called Sethralia, who sought to expand their peoples into the rest of the world of Azeroth. However, during the invasion of N'Zoth, they returned to Vol'dun after their encampment was destroyed by the forces of the Old God. During this time, we made a temporary move to another server, to use Vol'dun. However, given circumstances, we returned to Epsilon and made our adventures in Vol'dun using Uldum as a stand in. The guild has grown massively since, both in players, stories, and phase additions, with 300+ players in the guild and discord. We do have additions to lore to make Vulpera and Sethrak more RPable, to give fuel for more interesting characters and stories, whilst trying to not escape the bounds of what is currently established by Blizzard too much. The guild is, naturally, centered around continuing the story of Vol'dun Post-BfA, our take on a window into what may have happened with it if Blizzard continued that story, yet other races are allowed as well, with the honour system of common sense. We encourage creative freedom, with common sense encouraged as the law of the land. As it stands, the phase is based in Shatterstone Harbour, rebuilt after the Alliance disbanded it after the Fourth War, but the entire phase is open, built, and filled to the brim with NPCs and interactable tidbits. ----------- Features: - Frequent host periods - DMed quests, events, world bosses, and world events! - Survival themes while steering away from being a full-on survival phase. - A welcoming community, striving to be free of judgment, drama, and bigotry. - Player housing within reason, through applications - Player markets, through Officer intervention - A constantly changing and progressive, open world, desert setting, obviously, nestled in Vol'dun. - Ability to acquire pets or mounts through RP or IC vendors. - A resource system. - Fast travel wagons to various destinations. - Shaman, Druid, and Mage class halls. - Joinable factions such as the Shatterstone Guards, the Elemental Circle, the Sethraliss Circle, and the Ministry of Magic. - A player ran council, lead by Chancellor Vathiss and Keeper Vorrik. - An IC historical museum detailing events occurring in Vol'dun since the end of BfA. - Encouraged exploration. - Sand ----------- Other Info - Timeline Info: Our phase exists in the present day timeline (10.0), and sits in a timeline where Talanji deemed Vol'dun its own nation, and retains a very close allyship with it. However, the Zandalari still send their criminals to Vol'dun. - We have a Discord, which is highly reccomended, if not required, due to it containing all the info you need to get started, rules, events, and community! Join it here: https://discord.gg/kDMxMvupct - We have a "living" document, that includes all the homebrew and tidbits we have added to make the worldbuilding feel more alive. Check it out here! Created by myself, Vathiss, and Equilibrium: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NAlzmhlV4DFEe8rR265Rtim0uKstUxd-8_xEyqzZRIo/edit#
  6. [Homeworld Bound] The battle against the Legion has just ended. Azeroth Herself is wounded by the deep thrust of Sargeras' sword. It's a grim time, and yet despite that the factions are already preparing for yet another war - one promising to outstrip all the rest in its bloodshed. For some, it was a wake up call. The last twenty years had been a parade of apocalyptic events, each one only requiring a single slip-up for everything to be over. For those people, enough was enough. They would find someplace else. From a handful of B.O.O.M. Project veterans, as well as skilled tinkers of several other races, Great Dark Beyond Incorporated was formed. Their mission statement: Finding a place to go that could be made into a worthwhile home, away from the constant dangers of Azeroth. They scoured Draenic star charts, reverse-engineered and innovated many technologies, and prepared a one-way mission aboard a massive colony ship named The Marigold. A planet was selected, one without a World-Soul, unlikely to draw the attention of cosmic powers seeking large sources of magic. Their target, Exoplanet X-2, was studied at great length while plans were drawn up to transform it from the barren rock it was into a paradise for future colonists. Despite the blueprint of their future, it would take a great deal of work - and a lot of hands. The vast void-traveling ship built and hanging silently in Azeroth's orbit, they began to seek out others who had a similar mindset about the world's constant peril, searching through applicants for those who would have the skills required to shape the new world they would call home. It was made abundantly clear: By the time The Marigold reached its destination, hundreds if not thousands of years would have passed on Azeroth. Even if it survived, returning was not an option. For some that was not a problem, and the rosters were filled. The cryopods filled and loaded, and before the Fourth War ended The Marigold drifted away from Azeroth into the depths of space... [OOC Information] <Homeworld Bound> is a guild-based roleplay centered around the colonization and terraforming of a planet far out in the Great Dark Beyond. It is a progressive mission-heavy constructive roleplay, where a dead world will slowly transform around the players through their own actions, until it becomes a lush paradise of their own making. Most communication will be handled through the discord, which can be found at https://discord.gg/8eYhzVYbBE The discord is for prospective and active guild members specifically. Discord required for membership. Most races will be permitted, with only few exceptions. Requests can be discussed with Derpy in the discord. Race restrictions largely will be around creatures either too big to fit in a pod, or from species that do not get along well with others. Classes that are restricted include Warlocks/Shadowcasters/Necromancers,, any corrupted magic users. Those who wield magics in general may find their agility to cast diminished at first. With no world soul, the planet being terraformed has no leylines, or great wealth of natural energy to draw upon. For some caster classes however (such as Druids, Shamans) their power will grow in time as things progress - and are highly valuable in their own way. Light Users are mostly unaffected. A number of important in-character positions are available. The phase will not be publicly hosted, however at a point there will be plenty of passive roleplay opportunities available between guildmembers.
  7. ~Light's Reach~ Welcome to Light's Reach! An island in the southern hemisphere and untouched by war for decades under the vigilant protection of the War Clerics and the Archbishop. The people of the island appear wary of whomever passes through and suspicious, but do not turn them away. OOC INFO This is a bit of a project of mine that I have been wanting to get up and running, but frankly I'm not the best builder, neither am I the best guild leader either, so I'm looking for people who are willing to help me out in different aspects. Here's what I'm currently looking for! DM's Builders (Interiors, environment, city, or npcs. Any experience is welcome!) Officers Friends A bit of info about the theme of this phase, Light's Reach is a small civilization of highly faithful people, the faith is based off the light and does not break any main lore barriers but rather builds onto what we *do* know about it without going too far! In a way this is a military organization but isn't considered as one officially, but rather a way of life within Light's Reach. Even normal priests are a part of it! I'm open-minded to new ideas and to ways to make it better. Contact: Discord - Setuaro#3985 (Ping or PM me!) / Epsilon Forums (You're already here, why not?)
  8. Join the discord of the guild for more information! - https://discord.gg/AvXCqJMWBW Our requirements: -Know our lore -Be religous( to vrykul gods, titans) -Respect to hierarchy Background of the tribe. The Tribe has been founded by the two ancient humans who was the against of the King Ymiron’s decisions. 15,000 years before , the King Ymiron ordered to kill all human children. But Njord didn’t agree with the orders and decide to run away with his human twins, Freyr and Freyja. Njord was one of the best warriors of the King. All Dragonflayer clan alarmed to kill Njord and his twins. Njord and his two children stayed without food already days... The main reason was run away from the clan. Njord had seen kids are getting starving. He decided to hunt but first hided kids next to tall grasses. Njord went to hunt. He successfully hunted North Deer. Skinned it quickly and rolled its skin. Started to carry those things to his kids. He was close to place where did he left kids. Vrykul wolves have found them and alerted more clan members to come. Njord took out his axe and attacked to the wolf. Dire Wolf wounded his chest and tried to bite his throat. After 10 minutes the fight still was continiue. Njord knocked down while holding the wolf’s neck. Unluckly his belt blade removed by itself during wrestling with wolf. When Njord knocked down the belt blade entered his liver. Njord screamed as hell. He raged for a moment. Roared against the face of the dire wolf and took out the knife out of his liver and cur wolf’s head. He wrapped his stomach, took kids and started to run more away. Njord started to lose his power hour after hour... He moved under the tree lit the fire for keep kids warm. After an hour during the midnight wolf howls heard. Njord had no power to fight anymore. Howls started to be loud. One of the wolves appeared behind the shadows asinjuried. Njord helped the injuried wolf and shared food with him. After eating wolf slowly closed his eyes and slept. Njord kissed his kids and lean to the tree. He slowly lose his focus and slept...forever. The sun has risen for a new day. The wolf came slowly to Njord and sniffed him. Njord's skin was white, so his body glistened in the sunlight. The wolf realized that he was dead. After she checked her own wounds, she started walking towards the crying babies. They were defenseless and orphans. The wolf took the children and took them to her territory, as if it were the reward for the favor that was done to her. The mother wolf started raising Freyr, Freyja and their own children in one place. She was feeding the children from her own milk. One day, the mother wolf, who goes hunting, sees the frozen body of Njord. She comes up to him, starts to howl and makes sounds similar to crying sounds. Some Vrykul hunters, who have heard this nearby, come towards the sound. The sight they saw when they arrived surprised them. A great wolf was crying, lying across the frozen body of the Njord. Vrykul hunters began to follow the wolf. After entering a mountain-top cave, Vrykul hunters hid out of sight in the area. The Vrykul hunters were very surprised when they saw that a 2-3 year old male boy came out with the mother wolf from the cave. The mother was playing with the wolf-boy and treating him as if he was her own baby. His clothes were torn and worn. Vrykul hunters believed these children were the warriors who would prophesy to come to their rescue. They did not share this information with other clans and started bringing food in front of the cave every day. Before Njord ran away with the children, he had planted a note on the inside of their clothes with their names and who their father was, and for what reason escaped with them. Vrykul hunters had turned this cave into a temple. They were bringing food and praying to their gods. Freyr and Freyja are now grown up under these conditions. Freyr and Freyja were very strong and large compared to other human children. Vrykul hunters attributed it to being the wolf's children. Freyr and Freyja continued to live in the cave. Old Vrykul hunters would come there every day and train them. The mother wolf was not aggressive towards them because they were feeding her too. Freyr and Freyja had found the note on their clothes. Now they knew their name and who their father was. But they thought their mother was still a wolf. This was partly because the Vrykul hunters worshiped them. Now Freyr and Freyja had become a very strong young warrior. The old Vrykul hunters were telling them about their civilization and what they had to be made to human children, but that they were different from other children. The elders believed they were the true children of the titans. One day, Freyr found the dead body of the old mother wolf in the cave. This upset them deeply. Together with the other wolf brothers, they buried the mother wolf's body. Days, months and years passed ... Freyr and Freyja twins founded their own tribe by taking the human children they found and the Vrykul brothers who wanted to be with them. This tribe was founded to unite against all danger to human children. Believing that Freyr and Freyja were the children of the titan wolf, the tribe grew day by day. They were detecting and attacking Vrykul villages that were suffering human children. The twins were trying to find out who their father was and who really were their ancestors. Many lives were given on this road, but still not found ... Their tribe was named the Titan Kin tribe. Those who heard their names were frightened, afraid ...
  9. Elun'dris Theme: After the shattering of the world during the great War of the Ancients, Kalo'dris Nightwind was designated to lead a company of Night Elves in defense of her people. Tasked with guarding their sacred lands for an eternal vigil. These women battled and trained harshly under the guidance of Commander Nightwind, solely dedicated to the Kaldorei people in service of High Priestess Tyrande. This company was named in honor of the first Kaldorei city, Eye of Elune or Elun'dris in their native tongue, partaking in various night elven conflicts: The War of the Satyr, War of the Shifting Sands and many other conflicts. Their isolated existence shattered during the third war, as the refugees of the Eastern Kingdoms invaded their lands. As the orcs invaded Ashenvale in their desperate need of resources, the Eye of Elune stood bravely under the guidance of Cenarius, but was forced onto retreat as Cenarius was taken down by Fel corrupted orcs. Dedicating their time to standing against the invading Scourge, Commander Kalo rejoined High Priestess Tyrande and the other sentinels in an attempt to waken the Druids. Commander Kalo'dris, was then reunited with her husband and son, whom along with a group of druids took part among the Eye of Elune sentinels to fight the undead Scourge. After the Third War, their ranks continued to grow heavily with the addition of a few outlanders of the Alliance and the Worgen. Watchers and Illidari also partook in their company after the Burning of Teldrassil, now bolstering a enlarged force and gathering their soldiers to combat the enemies of the Night Elven people. They restored the ruins of a temple that was once part of the great city of Elun'dris, taking the Teldrassil refugees into safety. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranks Jai'alator (Commander) The commanding officer of the Eye of Elune. The commander has ultimate command over all other roles, and decides the direction which the company will follow. They dictate the rules and were appointed directly by General Shandris to direct the company in the betterment of the Night Elven people. The commander will lead the forces into combat, their word is final. Elder Council (Admin) The council of Elders are the most prestigious members of the Eye of Elune. Advisors of the Jai'alator they aid in shaping up the company. Current second in command to Commander, in the absence of the Commander, the members of the Elder Council's words are absolute. OOC: They are administrators of the guild shaping up the guild and working towards the betterment of the guild. Captain (Mod) The Captain is the third in command of the company. Following the Elder Council (Admin) and Jai'alator commands, the Captain may lead troops into expeditions against the enemies of the Elun'dris. The captain has absolute rule if the Elder Council or the Commander are absent. OOC: Only one individual may have this role, he will be considered a moderator and ensures things are shaping up properly and rules are not being broken. Shan'do (DM) The honored teacher are the leading members of each conclave. Through display of absolute might and wisdom these leaders will shape their conclaves to prepare them for war. Leading them into dangerous expeditions, training their members and setting up their duties along Elun'dris. OOC: There may be more than one Shan'do per conclave leader, they are our dms and set up amazing events for everyone, their conclave in specific or various others. Shan'do Positions: War Conclave - Sentinel Lieutenant Sentinels - Warden Watchers - Demonslayer Illidari Life Conclave - Grandmaster Chi master - Archdruid Cenarion Circle - Senior Priestess Sisterhood of Elune Wisdom Conclave - Archmage Highborne Paragon The champions chosen by Goddess as the elite task force of Elun'dris. Masters of their skills, their duty is to carry out the will of the Elder Council (Admin) and the Jai'alator with their lunar fists. Guardians and honorable protectors of their people. Only those who display absolute will, fury and discipline may achieve this position. The perfect soldier. Life Conclave A junction of those who wield the powers of life. Druids, Priestesses of Elune and Monk masters. They are the guild's nurturers and their wisdom is unmatched, their skills only matched by the other conclaves. War Conclave The blades and arrows of Elun'dris, these battle-hardened warriors will do everything to protect their people. Striking deep into the enemy and striking true, or ensuring the biggest dangers of the Kaldorei people are dealt with swiftly. The drums of War is the only tune they play. Wisdom Conclave To these Highborne knowledge is power. Ensuring their people are continuously evolving and developing despite the ancient hatred, they are still most devoted to the Kaldorei people. Archivists and magical instructors under the guidance of the Archmage, they ensure the ancient knowledge of their people is passed on. Thero'shan Newly joined members that have passed their initial rites, these trainees will stop at nothing to achieve their goals and find themselves a place within Elun'dris. The Thero'shan is often kept behind the Conclaves, and are only summoned to expeditions that befit their skills until they achieve the right position. These members are fresh leaves of spring, but will be shaped up to join their conclaves and benefit the guild. Initiate Individuals who enlisted upon the Elun'dris company, these individuals must pass their rites through a test of skill and a ritual of blessing given to them by the Commander in order to become Thero'shan. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Lunar Scriptures Rules Races: Night Elf Worgen - Alliance (To some extent and with barriers from certain roles) Furbolg - Uncorrupted Harpy (Under Review) Alliance (To some extent and with barriers from certain roles) Dryads Green/Red Dragons (To some extent and with barriers from certain roles) Beasts and Animals (To some extent and with barriers from certain roles) Ancients (Bound to the Conclave of Life) Highborne Black Moon night Elves (ONLY NE/Any other race of these are not allowed) IC Laws 1. Respect the officers. This guild follows a militaristic mindset, disrespecting your officers will not be tolerated. 2. Respect your Gods, as night elves we do not endorse blasphemy. Any members who shows disrespect towards the Gods or the Ancients will be punished accordingly. 3. Horde Sympathizer, those whom sympathize with members of the Horde will be executed as traitors to the Kaldorei people. 4. Killing another member of the guild, will result in punishment or eternal imprisonment within the barrows of the Elun'dris watchers. (situational) 5. Harming other members of the company may result in temporary imprisonment. 6. Mockery of Teldrassil's burning will result in punishment depending on the officer's desire. 7. Verbal assaults will be dealt with accordingly, any misunderstand with another member is better brought with an officer rather than dealt with on your own or turning physical. The officers of the company will punish the individual if necessary. OOC Laws 1. Be respectful 2. Don't be racist or homophobic. 3. If you plan to be inactive contact an officer so you are not removed from the guild for inactivity. 4. Respect your officers, their word is final. 5. Respect your DM during events, Dungeon Masters when hosting the events are to akin to Gods that shape up events. Their word in events are final, if you have an issue with it contact a higher officer about it. IF An officer disrespects you or causes you uncomfortably contact an admin or the Guild Master. But if an admin causes you issues, please contact me so that I may evaluate the situation properly. (Screenshots go a long way!) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Combat System I am currently working on a combat system by usage of stats along with logic which will be determined by the DMs. I want to make sure people's characters progress and grow in power the higher the rank they reach. The more events you partake, and training with your Shan'do the stronger you will get, and this will be displayed in the events as well! We will be using DICEMASTER addon for our combat, as of right now, this part is still a work in progress and the combat system is rather dependent on the DMs decision! More information will come soon!