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  1. Lucas

    The Arkanford

    Damn This is Pretty Cool
  2. A lot of things happened that caused this idea to come to a halt. I'm throwing up another interest check for this, if it sounds like something people want, I'll give it a shot. If not, I'll scrap it and move forward from there. (The discord's still up if people are interested.)
  3. oh, would you look at that. i'm erect.
  4. Lucas


    Please roleplay with me.
  5. Lucas

    Rate that Music

    Super sick guitar work- sounds like something I could get behind learning. Even though I don't usually listen to hardcore music. 9/10
  6. Phase is finished. As the week starts up again, I am unavailable. It'll be up to the officers (on the discord) to host if they want to. AC is still busted so there's no hope for playing my PC without an overheat happening.
  7. Target missed. My AC has gone on the fritz, and roleplay was in abundance today. I will try for tomorrow. Apologies.
  8. i've done the first one. i'll try doing it in game and restarting my game. this is very strange. Edit: it didn't work, these poor undead are not yet free.
  9. for me at least. whenever they talk, or sit down. or do really anything but stand perfectly still.
  10. Marker hit. Expect hosting later today.
  11. New aim: Saturday. I've been putting a fair amount of work in, I think we can manage it. If not, oh well.