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  1. Hello! Anyone also have the problem that the addon just doesn't open on vulpera?
  2. Hello there! I would love to create a patch that make a flat chested draenei model possible. Does anyone have any pointer how to do that? I know how to use blender, wmv and all that but I'm not sure how to get the model and how to get it into Epsilon ? Thank you!
  3. Hello there! I do hope I'm right here. There is a little problem with the female draenei models. They have double nostrils! (I love my character but I can't get over that. It's on every face too!) LF Draenei don't seem to have this problem. Is there a way to get this fixed maybe? Thank you for reading! Edit: OMG Only the small chested draenei have double nostrils
  4. Hello there ? I would really love to use the freckles, does the file still exist?
  5. I recently managed to get my character her pet. But I cant really decide where it goes etc. Would it be possible to update the pet controls? Like telling them exactly where to go, like in retail? Npc commands dont really work for pets sadly.
  6. Heya! I would love more piercing options and seperate piercings. Like piercings for pandaren in vulpera would be super cool. Or seperate piercings so my goblin can only wear a septum on her nose and no extra lip piercings ? And I saw that female humans cant have the elf ears of the male. Would that be possible too?