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  1. Matt

    State of the Community

    My point still stands whilst some of it is outdated, the majority of what I wrote in here is still frighteningly accurate.
  2. Hope you find your way in the server! As Romeo said, Light Harbor and Ironshore are the main hubs however there are a few smaller private groups out there too, I believe I recall seeing a few advertisements whilst building last night. A good way to keep tabs on what's what in regards to phases and groups is to look at the #roleplay-ads on the discord as well. Otherwise, feel free to ask around! If you have any other questions can always ask me, i'm always willing to lend a hand. Welcome to the server man!
  3. Matt

    guard armor

    There seems to be a handful of textures missing from the game, looking for some items like Champion Herod's equipment there used to be items for the set but since mogit was taken down most of the items have since vanished. I also recall us losing some Theramore guard sets as well. PLEASE bring them back!
  4. I'm more or less curious to know what you plan to provide for the story as far as the phase is concerned. It seems to all revolve around one concept and if that's the case it makes me question the longevity of the phase. Something to look into.l
  5. Sounds coolio to me, I'll keep my eye's out for it.
  6. So is this a Scarlet Crusade town?
  7. Matt

    Tales Of Faragen

    *Edit* Tales of Faragen Discord now open for people to join.
  8. Matt

    Tales Of Faragen

    Only if you make it a Black Futa Dragon that doesn't try to disguise itself whatsoever by using a half dragon disguise. @Rosebane
  9. Matt

    Tales Of Faragen

    *Edit* Added a map of the world, it's condensed and missing a few smaller locations, will make a full scale map of the world in due time.
  10. Matt

    Epsilon WoW

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrzl0oZfwlN2DrWsNur7BBg?view_as=subscriber Boiiii Iv'e been doing that way before you got here lmao
  11. Hey Janna, what did you use to make that map? It looks really nice.
  12. Ayyyy an actually original idea
  13. GLHF to whoever wants to throw their time at modeling that