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  1. [145016] <The Amethyst Arcana> is now recruiting! Mages, magic users and magical beings are welcome to join our ranks! [Progressive RP] [Housing] [N & Exotics] Welcome! Phase website: https://arcanaamethyst.carrd.co/
  2. I'd like to suggest the command |phase enter ID Here| be moved to default commands instead of having to be a member as sometimes people are untrustworthy with the member rank also help shine light on the Addon TRP3 Extended with it's execute macro function to be placed into a custom usable item allowing the item to enter the phase at the currently location and then use a phase teleport. This will prevent being teleported to the starting area of that phase resulting in less loading screens. In my opinion I don't see any issues with it becoming a default command and only see a positive outcome. I'd love to hear back from the dev team or anyone that has thoughts about this command possibly being changed :)