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[Guide] Phase Forging NPCs

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The Guide to Phase Forging, Where you Forge your own Destiny.

Guide 1: Non-Player Characters!

Creating a custom NPC is as easy as 1 2 3.

1: Type .phase forge npc create DisplayID. DisplayID should be the default model you use to create the NPC. I suggest using natives if you're going full-blown custom.

2: "A template has been created for editing called: blahblah. Spawn it and use commands on it."
If that's not clear enough, here's the rundown. Spawn your new TempNamed NPC via the EntryID you were given (where blahblah is). You will now have a (probably naked) NPC. Target your new temporarily named NPC, this is where you get forging.

3: .ph forge npc name George the Jungle. Now you have a custom NPC named George the Jungle, you're done if you aren't outfitting them with weaponry.

Alright so there's more to it than 3. Bite me. Now we -outfit- this (wo)man.

.phase forge npc outfit [commands] - Root for the following below

editNote: Outfitting a custom NPC will require you to set its race, otherwise the items aren't going to show up, save for weapons.

race # - Sets the race of your targetted template. #1: Human, #2: Orc, #3: Dwarf, #4: Night Elf, #5: Undead, #6: Tauren, #7: Gnome, #8: Troll, #9: Goblin, #10: Blood Elf, #11: Draenei, #12: Fel Orc*, #13: Naga*, #14: Broken*, #15: Skeleton*, #16: Vrykul*, #17: Tuskarr*, #18: Forest Troll*, #19: Taunka*, #20 Northrend Skeleton*, #21: Ice Troll*, #22: Worgen and #24: Pandaren.

gender ___ - Sets the gender of your targetted template. Male, Female or Random*.

skin #* - Sets the skin-tone of your targetted template.
face #** - same as above
hair #* - same as above
haircolor #* - same as above
facialhair #* - same as above

equip #* - Equip the #EntryID or #-DisplayID* of an item onto NPC, location not necessary, auto-equips to proper region. #EntryID must be positive integer, #DisplayID must be negative integer. Can include BonusID at the end.

unequip ___** - Unequips a slotted item. Head, Shoulders, Body, Chest, Waist, Legs, Feet, Wrists, Hands, Back and Tabard

guild - Associates targetted template with current player-character guild. There is no current known way to reverse this, make sure you want the NPC to be part of the guild.

Now finally, weapons are done a little differently.

.phase forge npc weapons ID SlotID

ID should be the entryID of desired weapon, SlotID should be 0 for main, 1 for off or 2 for ranged.

NPCs will automatically update before your very eyes as you edit them, no cache clearing or crashes needed here.

As far as I'm currently aware, there's not a way to have multiple races with one outfit on a singular NPC.

Extra commands

.phase forge npc displays # # # # - Sets the displayIDs of target NPC to chosen values, up to four displays per NPC.
.phase forge npc malename ____ - Sets the male name for NPCs. Yes, it determines male and female properly.
.phase forge npc femalename ____ - Ditto
.phase forge npc subname ____ - Adds a title/subname to your name. Would show up like <The Argent Dawn>.
.phase forge npc delete EntryID - This deletes your custom NPC via it's EntryID, all NPCs spawned with this entry will also vanish.

*Broken as of writing this
**Always unequips Head slot too
*Values are one integer lower than the character creation screen values. I.E.: If you want face 4 from character creation, you would put face 3 on your NPC. 0 is 1 and so on.
*Retail items are a bit wonky, with Heroic being the only gear working via bonusID. Some retail items just outright don't work, currently custom armor doesn't appear to work. This I'm told will be fixed soonish.

This guide may be updated to look prettier in the future, maybe it'll serve as a standin until someone writes it better, this is just here for now. I mostly made this to not have to constantly explain the forge to my friends anymore, but there's no phase forging guides here from what I can tell and people are usually asking about it. Well, here you go for now. Feel free to blast me with information I missed, I feel I've covered all the important stuff though.

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slight change from update
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Thanks for this guide, as the current way of working this command is a little confusing. Hopefully with the helper AddOn this command will become a bit more intuitive to use. User Interfaces have a tendency to do that. :)



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Thank you for writing this! I'm sure it will help out anyone who's having difficulty using the commands. (:

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.phase forge npc displays # # # # - Sets the displayIDs of target NPC to chosen values, up to four displays per NPC.

This is currently broken. Whenever I attempt to add multiple display ids, the npcs turn invisible and if you try to spawn them, they turn into white untextured models until you revert them all back to the same display ID.

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Just tested it, it's not broken. Perhaps you have the race set. Displays should be used for typical NPCs, like wolves n' bears. It's possible this isn't working as intended, but that's currently how it is.

Setting the race seems to force a native onto the NPC (i dont know wtf it actually does) and they'll be forced to use that and only that from now on, if you're going to run the displays command, don't set the race of your NPC at all.

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