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  1. Attempting to make ghost NPCs on ghost mounts. Some displayIDs come preloaded with ghost cosmetic auras. When one of these displayIDs is used as a mount for another NPC with a color-altering aura applied, the mount either partially or completely loses its own color aura. Some spells do affect both the rider and the mount, but rarely the intended way. Have tried this with multiple color auras and combinations of them and so far nothing has worked. As mentioned, some spells do affect the mount as well, but the most I've managed is: - a transparent spell giving the mount some transparency, but not adding any color or effects - Shadowform (and anything using the same effect) generally gives the mount color and effects, but this is the only one so far and I'm guessing it's only because Blizzard specifically made it so. But it does prove it's at least possible.
  2. Replacing the group leader, regardless of using [.gob replace] on just the group leader or [.gob mass replace] affecting the group leader caused groups to clear. Replacing objects that were in the group did not cause this to happen. Affecting the group leader in other ways, such as with retinting, moving, or rotating, did not cause this to happen. Relogging did not fix the groups. Easily replicable.
  3. Just making a list here of buildingtiles and whichever problems I'm having with them, will update whenever I find anything new. I'm looking up the names of the textures through {.lo tiletex <name>} and I'm typing the names of the diffuse textures, not the height textures. The only difference really is the {_s} or {_h} at the end. CORRUPT: MISSING: UNNAMED (name of tile is "filedata" instead of texture name): 8ash_dirt (FOUND: 885694) 8ash_grass_01 (FOUND: 885670) 8ash_grass_02 (FOUND: 885692) 8ash_road (FOUND: 885685) 8ash_rock (FOUND: 885684) 8ash_roots (FOUND: 885693) 8bar_dirt_01 (FOUND: 885691) 8bar_grass_01 (FOUND: 885690) 8bar_road (FOUND: 885688) 8bar_rock_01 (FOUND: 885687) 8bar_rock_02 (FOUND: 885686) 8bar_rock_03 (FOUND: 885673) 8bar_rock_04 (FOUND: 885671) 8des_redrock01 (FOUND: 924322) WEIRD: buildingtile_nazjatartaxi_130_3023112.m2 (928537) has a propeller sound effect buildingplane_wt_branch_03_1496203.m2 (915178) has a burning sound effect
  4. Collision on the railing for eps_7dl_cornerbuilding03.wmo is one-way. I can walk through the railing from the outside, while the balcony side will block me. However it's just between the purple rulers that this happens. The area with the green checkmark is fine. The other railings on the other corner buildings appear to be ok. It seems the exact start of the collision issue is on the marked corner. eps_7dl_cornerbuilding02.wmo's railing has a few small issues with how the railing texture repeats in a few places that the other railings don't have, but it's really minor.
  5. The stairs eps_7dl_stairs_shortthin.wmo are underwater. The area in which they're underwater is basically just the boundary surrounding them. When standing on the very tops of the uppermost pillars, your footsteps don't make any water sound effects, but any lower than that and you're starting to walk in water. The stairs can't be walked on because they're underwater. Moving the camera into the area I've outlined (just picture it as a cube around the object) gives you the underwater camera effect. These stairs also have a couple of corners from the banisters showing through the uppermost pillars on the inside edge. There's a visible seam in the middle of eps_7dl_stairs_tallwide.wmo. For the record, I'm just pointing out as much as I can possibly find so that whenever the actual problems are fixed, it's easy to pick and choose what else should be worked on. I'm not going to sit here and babyrage if every little thing isn't fixed.
  6. Ayo just looking at the new Dalaran wmos and collecting what I find here. krasuslanding buildings are missing collision on the floor on the left hand side when entering from the landing side entrance. But not on the right hand side. Right hand side has collision. At one point this actually caused me to DC twice in a row, but so far that hasn't happened again. Every version of building_small02 is missing a polygon on this one specific wood pillar base. (maybe that's just how Blizz did it though, idk) When a spell is used on an object, moving the camera away from the object enough to move off the object's move handle causes the spell to cease. So if an object is set to a glowy spell, the glowy spell disappears. That's nothing new. But when changing the saturation of the m2's, moving the camera away from them enough to move off the object's move handle causes the object to disappear entirely. (in the image i placed a warning light on the object's move handle to show where it is) This seems to happen with all of the m2's. Several wmos are not responding correctly to light The light from the skybox doesn't seem to register and only the front of the wmo (relative to the object handle) is allowed to be affected by the skybox's light source. Other light sources such as buffs that cast light like Bonfire Glow (282583) and cavelight objects can affect the other sides of wmos, but still don't seem to work correctly. This is all I've found o/
  7. I like to keep my chat tabs a little more orderly. So especially while I'm still learning all the commands and such, it would be great if I could stick the global chat in another tab so that it doesn't scroll a mile a minute while a friend tries to help me with figuring stuff out.
  8. Kawafwen

    Error 132

    So the weird thing is that I still get Error 132 popping up whenever I open the launcher, but the game opens just fine. Everything but Azarchius' Land is offline, but the game doesn't seem to be soft locked or anything. I can log in and everything, I just can't get into the game or get rid of the error window. Closing it or hitting "OK" closes the game.
  9. Kawafwen

    Error 132

    Okay! Well! An update. After that progress bar up in the corner finished... after about half an hour or so... the game just started on its own.
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    Error 132

    Starting the game for the first time after finally getting the firewall and everything else to accept it and I got this error as well, (#132, 0x85100084, process ID 1560 thread ID 976, instruction at 0x00007ff826548673 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000000), then after leaving that error window open for a while, WoW suddenly popped up another saying "World of Warcraft is performing initial setup of required data files." I also torrented the whole thing, so I don't know what this is about. Launcher says 8.3.0 build 34963.