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  2. (It was a very long while since I last made any posts, since I had kind of forgotten, but I've decided to pull together a part 2, to add more flesh to the elf I introduced, you can check my profile for the 1st part) The elf re-emerged in the bustling street after a somewhat long walk. She knew this place, her memory was fuzzy but from what she could recall she was here with a friend. She looked around, anxiety still present in her bones. The townspeople could be heard throughout the marketplace. Two humans walked past her, disappearing into the dark street behind her. Their faces were grizzly, and she couldn't help but feel a tinge of curiosity as to why they were going back there. With the dagger she had hidden in her pocket, she quietly followed behind, giving her full effort into being undetected. The humans continued turning throughout the empty back alley, and she began to realize the familiar footing. She was going right back to where she was before. She drew her dagger, and lunged. The first blow had struck clean and true, right into the heart. The poison on the dagger had managed to stay on, which had been lucky for her. She twisted the dagger as she quickly tried to yank it out, and it took a moment two long. The second human had managed to lift a brutish mace down on her left arm, causing her to scream in pain, but by how far they were in the alley, and how loud the marketplace was, nobody heard her scream. She had managed to yank out the dagger, and went for a quick jab into the second. It had hit, but it was on the very side of his chest, just barely hitting. She knew the poison was still on, but she very well knew a next attack could kill her. She ran away, sprinting as quickly as her feeble legs could carry her, cutting her foot on the cobblestone of the mostly abandoned alley, eventually making it back to the marketplace. She was more anxious now, full well knowing more of those humans could be coming. She rushed through the marketplace, though being careful not to shove anyone along the way. She didn't want to cause trouble. She had quickly made it back home, and locked her door. She heard a familiar meow. Oh no, she had been out there for who knows how long. Quickly, shame entered her heart. She had left the cat unfed for a day, or perhaps even more. Quickly, she rushed to look for the cat food. She opened several cabinets. Pans, no, no, not pans. Pots, no no no. Spoons and forks, no, that won't work. Knives, of course not. Cat food! She took out the food, and poured it into the boul. Perhaps it was a little much, but she didn't know the difference. She spoke gently, to the kitty. "Who's a good giiirl? That's right, you! You, Meowsieeesss!" She crouched down, petting the cat. A weightlessness in her pocket forced her to look inside. She had left the dagger back at the scene. She shrugged it off, not caring too much. That was over with, or so it seemed. There was new excitement in her heart, seeing that her kitty finally looked content. She went upstairs and into bed, to get much needed rest. As she fell asleep, she looked at a little birthday card she had received a long time ago. 'To Revenetha, from Ravenlocke'. That made her smile a bit. She liked that man, that Ravenlocke. Dreamy. A shame he died. She tried to sleep, but really couldn't, instead drifting off into a daydream of what was, and what could've been.
  3. That was indeed what I was intending, and I will most likely make a part two of this. EDIT: working on part two, gonna try to make this story longer than I usually do
  4. It was a lonely night, a young draenei shaman knelt down before the ravaged body of a bunny. It had been set on fire, but why? The draenei walked off towards a nearby cave, looking for answers. She had found an orc shaman on the way, seemingly going in the same direction. She said nothing, continuing to the cave. The orc followed close behind. As the two entered the cave, they suddenly felt a warm presence, stopping dead in their tracks. A fire elemental came from the ground, charging towards the orc. The draenei jumped in the way, absorbing the essence of the elemental. The draenei had made a terrible mistake. Horns of fire erupted from her forehead, her eyes turning from blue to a malevolent orange. "Leave." She said with an angry tone towards the orc. The orc walked away. "For now." The orc spoke, taking one last glance at the draenei.
  5. It was one night, the sound of leaves being stepped on startled a young night elf druid. The druid saw something in the dark. As she went to get a better look, whatever figure that was there ran off. The druid chased said figure. The druid finally got a better glance for mere moments by the smallest piece of moonlight, before being veiled by the trees once again. She had the glance long enough to assume it was an orc. She was shocked by the truth the moonlight had revealed, continuing to chase the orc, until suddenly it was nowhere to be seen. She looked around, realizing that she had gotten herself lost. She wandered throughout the forest for hours, until finding an orcish campfire. It was still lit. Orcs have been here recently. She had ran behind a nearby tree, waiting to see if an orc would show up. In fact, one had come. She was about to pounce on the orc, but she had quite quickly realized that said orc... was unarmed. Fighting this orc would mean nothing but blood on her hands. She had walked out of the cover of the tree, waiting to see the orc's reaction. The orc had looked up quite quickly, but as he saw the night elf, he wasn't as alarmed as he was before. "Lost, huh?" The orc had said to the elf. The elf had realized, this was the one that she had chased. "Yes, unfortunately." The orc muttered for a moment, before replying. "I got lost about a few hours ago aswell. If you want to come along, you can." The elf hadn't expected any kindness from an orc. She replied, her voice filled with doubt and uncertainly. "Sure." The next thing she knew, she woke up next to the campfire, it was morning. "You passed out." The orc said, assuring her that everything was fine. The elf sat up, looking towards the orc. "Why exactly have you come on this path, orc?" The elf said softly, no intent of anger in her voice, only subtle happiness. "I was trying to head to a friend's house out in the woods, I must have mistaken this forest for another." The orc said calmly. The orc set his hand on hers, "I did not expect you to be so kind." The orc attempted to change the subject dramatically. The night elf replied with disbelief. "Me neither."
  6. A single drop of water pierced the sudden sound of silence, which felt like eternity. "Are you awake, little elf?" A violent voice was heard, almost sounding like scraping against a wall. The lone blood elf, grunting as she was awoken by this sudden water drop. The first thing she noticed that her hands and feet were chained "Where am I?" She said with anger, glaring up at the human figure. "It is none of your concern, compared to what you did to them." The figure walked up to her, turning her head towards three drawings of an elf, one drawing of it alive and the other one of the elf dead, the third one of the elf turned on it's side. Suddenly, there was an immense burn on her chest, front and back. Red burn marks appeared on her chest. The young elf screamed in agony, the human chuckling in return. "What? Too much for you?" The young elf's scream of agony quickly turned into one of anger. "Ah, anger is something I'm familiar with." The human replied to the sudden change of tone. "Unfortunately, I have to go." The human said before walking off sleepily, dropping a knife out of sleep-deprived laziness. The elf smiled at this, the elf slowly crawling as far as she can, biting the blade of the knife, holding it in her mouth. She used it to cut her chains ever so slowly. The sound of the knife breaking the chains stopped the human in his tracks. "Oops." The human rushed towards the elf, slamming his fist into what he thought was her hand. The elf ever so quickly put the knife into her hand, stabbing it against the human's hand. "Sorry, but sleep-deprived humans aren't the best fighters." The human dropped to the ground. The human had forgot to clean the blade of the poison he had put on it. "Tick tock, there goes hope." The elf said, looking down at the human that looked down upon her. The elf walked away, fading into the dark.
  7. (I honestly can't believe myself I'm making a sequel, but I'm going to try it) Ironfist looked towards his new comrade as they both stepped out of the arena, "So... what is your name?" The comrade replied, "Gromok." Ironfist gasped. He had heard that name before, but where? That did not matter now, for the guards might notice their disappearance any moment now, he thought. Ironfist and Gromok sauntered off for an hour or two, before night yet again approached them. They got to work slicing down wood to built a temporary shelter. By the time they had finished, they were very sleepy. They woke up early in the morning to a twig snap nearby, and to their surprise, it was one of the guards. Why was this one going off it's patrol route? He took no chances, he had charged at the guard, and brutally slashed his axe into his head. The guard fell silent. Gromok said towards the young orc, "Don't be too rational, after all, this might be an ambush." Ironfist sighed, the young orc knew Gromok might be right. They sauntered off for a few more hours, before meeting the southern borders of Silverpine. Gromok let out a gasp for air, "Undercity is not far, perhaps from there we can make it to Silvermoon." Ironfist acknowledged Gromok carefully, but said nothing. They continued onwards, keeping their eyes looking for anything suspicious. They didn't find anything, but found the entrance of Undercity soon enough. "Cover your nose, brother. This isn't going to be a nice walk." Gromok had whispered towards Ironfist, nodding. They walked down into Undercity, luckily the fight for Lordaeron wasn't taking place yet. They had managed to find a translocation orb to Silvermoon, as Gromok had recently told Ironfist about. They used it and teleported into the magical city of Silvermoon. Now to find an Orgrimmar portal, Gromok thought to himself. They walked around Silvermoon for hours, until they had found their prize... a Orgrimmar portal. Gromok looked towards Ironfist, both nodding as they jumped through. They had finally reunited with their people. It was indeed a long journey, but at last they were able to reconnect with their orc brethren. They soon had found their way into the soldiers of the Horde, and their friendship continued as they clashed with the Alliance... side by side.
  8. I was intending the blades to be outside the hole, my mistake.
  9. Was just an old picture of an orc from RPH I had that I used as a picture to express what stuff he had on as he got out.
  10. This is the first story I have wrote, so sorry if it is a bit off. I look forward to improving on this, so please do leave feedback, it would be appreciated.
  11. It had been another loss for a young orc, who's name was Ironfist. After Sargeras impaling the world, society crumbled, and the young orc found himself trapped in an arena. Each day, he kept in mind there might be a way to escape, even though everyone had doubted him on this. He was being sent over to fight yet another gladiator, but something felt different. As the opposing gladiator charged, his instincts had finally kicked in. He had managed to dodge the first attack, and Ironfist used the time to cut off the hand of the opposing gladiator. The aggressor was unable to strike. For once, Ironfist had won. He had been sent back to his cell after dinner. He finally spotted a hole in the wall, and he spotted two blades. He glanced over to the guards on his door, they both were asleep. He grabbed the blades, and walked over to the sleeping guards. With a sudden rush, the young orc had thrusted his blades into the two guards and stole their keys. He used them to open the door, and tossed one of the keys and the other blade to his neighbor. Escape... at last. Was it a lie, or was it truth? This question had plagued his every thought. He savagely carved a hole in the wall, and escaped. However, the land would be much more difficult now more than anything he had faced inside the arena. Luckily, he had a friend alongside him, and together they would make their place in this new world.