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  1. Dawnreaver

    Zandalari Trolls

    Pictures would be a bit nice?
  2. Is there not an object from the game that has everything? Although that might not be an emptywmo..
  3. Dawnreaver

    New items

    Hiya there, so I was thinking, would it be possible to add more.. cosmetic items? Seeing as Greymane's cloak was possible, I was thinking if maybe Sylvanas/Alexstrasza's cloak was doable, or Durotan's cloak? Also wondering if anyone has any idea if the Shalamayne blade is an item in Epsilon? If not, could it be made into one? Essentially asking if a bunch of more major-character's items or weapons just for the hell of it. What I also wondered about if was possible was if its possible seeing as we got dress-like items in the game, would skirts be a possibility too? Enjoy these bunch of suggestions as I am unsure if its doable or in progress by someone already but throwing it out here!
  4. Thats a good thought! Thanks for the idea!
  5. Hiya, just thought why not post up on the forums what I made. Or atleast attempted to make for the fun of it. Comparison is included. Enjoy!